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I’m a mom of 2 decorating and soulfully designing our home. I love to share crafts and simple ideas for home and garden.

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DIY projects

These are handmade and created with supplies and materials at home. You will find step by step instructions and tutorials to build DIY projects for home, garden and kids. The projects are broadly belong to DIY home decor and DIY craft projects.

Do it yourself projects include DIY crafting ideas like acrylic pour painting ideas and uses for old picture frames. DIY dollar store decor ideas and DIY dollar store organization and storage ideas. Easy painting on canvas ideas like black and white stripes and paint pouring ideas are fun to try. They add to beautiful home decor. Make projects like pallet bed and headboard ideas using our tutorials.

Make crafting ideas

Easy craft projects like bas relief botanical casting art, macrame plant hanger and macrame wall hanging are my recent shares. You will find raised garden beds ideas inexpensive and budget friendly in the garden category as well.

Home decor ideas like what color to paint your furniture? and stunning epoxy resin projects DIY are the best. You will also find fun ideas like stencil furniture makeovers and ways to make tent. Ways to make abstract art projects are interesting too.

Along with seasonal home decor like DIY mothers day gifts in jar and special gifts for mothers day. Making paper flowers is so much fun. DIY paper flowers like paper tulips craft and origami paper flowers using paper are great. Pack simple mothers day gifts like mothers day flower bouquet, mothers day chocolate basket and mothers day gifts in a basket.

DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas home decor and crafting for Christmas has always been the most popular. Find craft ideas to DIY Christmas gifts, DIY Christmas ornaments, and Christmas wreath ideas. DIY outdoor Christmas decorations, crafts for Christmas, and crafts for Christmas. DIY outdoor christmas decor and DIY home decor and craft ideas.

Expensive looking craft projects

Hence, the above is the jist of widely spread ideas in this category. A few fun ideas you will find here includes enchanting minecraft room ideas, and what to do with dried flowers? Make luxurious topiary garden to decorate on budget with greenery. Learn how to make led cloud wall light that changes color. You will also benefit from how to paint a wall perfect the first time. Make a coloruful coir large doormat for a welcoming entrance for Christmas door decoration.

Projects for every home decor style

Moreover, fascinating ideas like mercury glass mirror paint to add sparkle to easy home decor ideas. Learn how to make a cozy home these home decor tips are perfect for any home decor style. You style be boho, traditional, modern or farmhouse. It can also be contemporary, eccentric, green or industrial home decor style. If you love plants make a plant propagation station. You will love this planter box tutorial I made using IKEA flower box. A smart project that saves you money with instructions to make a planter box using wood. It utilizes IKEA flower box instead of making an overpriced project from scratch.

Easy craft and home decor projects

You will also find new things you can make with cardboard boxes, impressive mosaic projects and outdoor lights simple and easy ideas. If you are new you will benefit from garden projects anyone can make. Some projects like tulle fabric projects, DIY candle making tutorials, and soap making projects are great to make and sell from home. Make mirrors, and creative rope projects to decorate tasteful home. Wooden log or wood slices home decor ideas for adding value to your indoor space.

Organization with home style decor ideas

Organization is the key to having a well decorated home. Find modern kids bedroom organization ideas, and baking organization along with baking supplies tips and tricks. DIY bins, boxes, baskets under five dollars and find best ideas to display kids art at home. Spice storage solutions and fridge storage solutions along with home organization ideas are found in this category.

Finally, the focus is also on smartly thought home projects, interesting handmade DIY projects, and small home projects that make a big impact. Clever ideas for home on a budget and home improvement with paint and patterns.