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60 Button Art Ideas for your handmade boutique

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Use your vintage and classic collection of buttons or colorful assorted buttons to create exception button art ideas and crafts that sell.

These days, buttons—tiny little gems that add flair to our clothes—are used for more than just stitching. After graduating, they rose to prominence as the art scene’s superstar. Button art is very popular, ranging from stylish jewelry designs to quirky button mosaic.

We’ll go over 50 insanely awesome button art concepts in this post that will blow your mind. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the limitless ingenuity of artists around the world.

Types of Buttons

There are so many types of buttons ranging from flat and wooden buttons to metal and leather buttons. Bone buttons and pearl buttons are also great choices for art ideas. Other unique options like vintage buttons, glass buttons, corozo are fun to try. You can also use ceramic broken plate crafts.

Think about button mosaic to create Landscape Mosaic Art.

How to make button art?

1) Plan a design for your beautiful button art.

It is always a great idea to print your design or draw on a paper to use as outline. A silhouette print of your design can work as perfect outline or you can trace it as well.

2) Choose a medium for art and size that is best for your space to hang.

Think where you want your final art piece to hang which will help you in choosing a size of your frame or canvas.

This might be a canvas, a wooden object, or even a fabric on embroidery hoop. Whatever makes you happy and provides a good exhibition for your buttons.

3) Gather your buttons and beads.

Choose buttons in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that will enhance the look of your final piece. Find unique one-of-a-kind gems at thrift stores, craft stores, or even by recycling used clothes.

4) Arrange your buttons on your pattern.

Sort and set your items on your art to see how it all looks displayed as your imagined. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement take a picture. This will ensure you have your arrangement to follow when you glue the pieces in place.

5) Glue and finalize.

Use adhesive and begin adhering buttons down while keeping your design in mind.

Hot glue gun is an excellent way to stick buttons on a frame or wooden board. You can also use gorilla wood glue for an intact piece. Sewing with a needle and thread is another fun way to adhere your artwork if you are working on a fabric or canvas.

Don’t worry about making it flawless; instead, take your time and savor the sensation of each button in your palm. The flaws are what give them their beauty.

Let it dry and hang your completed button artwork to enjoy.


Button Art Ideas

Nature inspired button projects

1) Vase with flower arrangement for Mother’s day canvas idea.

Vase with flower arrangement

2) Landscape button art pattern.


3) Hydrangeas and lilac bunch spring art.

Hydrangeas and lilac

4) Craft Decoration Pieces

Craft Decoration Pieces

Buttons in the field from Blossoms Button.

5) Sunset sky framed flower meadow garden from Etsy for a pastel floral themed decor.

Sunset sky framed flower meadow garden

6) Button Tree or family tree.

Paint a landscape on canvas and use buttons to embellish it. Button tree painting by Robin Stevens.

Button Tree


Button canvas art by Amanda.


Cute Button Art on Canvas

7) Silhouette boutique women art from Etsy.

Silhouette boutique women art

8) Farmhouse style rooster button art. Similarly, you can make horse, owl and barn.

Farmhouse style rooster button art

9) Birds in the garden art. Use this idea to make tulip fields for spring or pumpkin patch for Fall.

Birds in the garden art

10) Rainy day framed umbrella art for mudroom decor from Etsy. Use this idea to make balloon, hot air balloon, or rain boots.

Rainy day framed umbrella art

11) Button Art Featuring Simple Butterflies.

Choose your canvas first, then collect buttons in a rainbow of hues and sizes. Place them in the shape of tiny butterfly wings and use a small amount of adhesive to hold them in place.

Purple Butterfly Artwork of Dreams by Tanya Pekh.

Button Art Featuring Simple Butterflies

12) Button Artwork of your favorite Disney or cartoon character.

“Just finished this for my granddaughter’s bedroom!” By Angie Thompson.

Button Artwork of your favorite Disney character

13) Your pet cat or dog picture silhouette with buttons.

14) Rainbow themed art piece with buttons from Etsy.

Rainbow themed art piece

15) Buzzing Honey Bee.

Just imagine using buttons in sunny yellows and deep blacks to create cute little bee.

16) Bird Art like red buttons to make robin, cardinal, sparrow, mocking jay and any of your favorite flying friend.

Little bird on canvas from Etsy.

Bird Art like red buttons to make robin

17) Moon and Stars on Canvas

Tigard Public Library create this marvelous piece straight out of Galaxy using simple materials like acrylic stars.

Moon and Stars on Canvas

18) 3D Art

Gather your orange and green buttons, artificial leaves, and ropes, and let your creativity soar as you craft these adorable carrot masterpiece by Sustain My Craft Habit.

adorable carrot masterpiece

19) Cute Cupcake art

Button Craft Ideas

Creative Garden ideas with buttons

20) Bright colored beads and button garden stakes

garden stakes

21) DIY easy crochet button flowers with 5 petals from Etsy.

crochet button flowers with 5 petals

crochet button flowers with 5 petals 2

crochet button flowers with 5 petals 3

22) Button bouquet from vicky bar one as vase filler ideas.

Button bouquet

Button bouquet1

23) Mini Button Aquarium by Chaz.

Mini Button Aquarium

24) Chasing rainbows I found home embroidery hoop button art.

embroidery hoop button art.

Easy and cool button crafts to sell

25) Sewing buttons on a fabric patch.

Sewing buttons on a fabric patch

26) Button string holder eyeglasses strap.

Button string holder eyeglasses strap

27) Super cool jean pocket artwork with buttons.

Super cool jean pocket artwork

28) Hand sew buttons using fishing line and replace laces with grosgrain to personalize your chuck taylor shoes.

replace laces with grosgrain to personalize your chuck taylor shoes

29) Beads and buttons on sweater sleeves.

Beads and buttons on sweater sleeves

30) Vintage frame button art or a pincushion with old picture frame.

Vintage frame button art

32) Revamp a handmade bag or purse with your collection of buttons.

Revamp a handmade bag or purse

33) Add intricate details to your linens with button fruits.

linens with button fruits

34) Thank you quote unique floral tree art from Etsy.

Thank you quote unique floral tree art

35) Use buttons to fill in a tray with epoxy resin.

36) Take your buttons and express your creativity with artwork initials and frames like this one from Button Art by Amy.

express your creativity with artwork initial

37) Button Doll Keychains by Hikari DIY and Art.

Button Doll Keychains

38) DIY Button Dish to hold keys, jewelry, or other small items.

Craft one using balloon and glue buttons for structure by Hometalk.

DIY Button Dish to hold keys, jewelry, or other small items.

39) DIY Button Flower Magnets

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your kitchen or want a handmade gift for friends.

Blooming beauty on wood slices from Sophia Michelle.

Blooming beauty on wood slices

40) Button-adorned Handmade Cards

Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or just because, these button greeting cards are sure to bring joy to their recipients.

Button-adorned Handmade Cards1

Button-adorned Handmade Cards2

Button-adorned Handmade Cards3

41) Upcycled Vintage Button Wreath from Etsy.

Upcycled Vintage Button Wreath

42) Customize your home with button-adorned candles, adding charm and personality to any room!

43) DIY Coasters with Buttons and Beads.

44) Photo Frame decoration from titi crafty.

button frame

45) Make a cute headband with buttons for little girls.

46) Lampshade adorned with buttons.

Take your first step into the world of button crafting and explore your creativity by adding a unique touch to every project.

A lampshade I made using some of the buttons from my collection by Pandy Autry.

lampshade made using some of the buttons

47) Decorate a pillow with buttons.

button pillow tutorials

48) Embellish a mobile phone case with buttons.

Christmas Button Artwork

49) Tree Decorations

Christmas trees on canvas from re fabbed.

Christmas trees on canvas

Vintage Button Tree Fairies by sew buzy.

Vintage Button Tree Fairies

Rainbow Christmas Trees for hanging from Etsy.

Rainbow Christmas Trees for hanging

50) Handmade Ornaments

Flower Ornaments from Etsy.

Flower Ornaments

Make cool star ornaments using wooden cutouts, yellow buttons, seed beads. First up, slather those wooden stars with Mod Podge, then stick on the buttons and beads in a nice pattern. Let them dry, and then add a ribbon loop on the back with some hot glue for hanging.

Jewelry Button Designs

51) DIY Stunning Earrings using Button Craft.

Learn to create these gorgeous earrings made with buttons using tiny beads and wires and create a unique look for any occasion by Merry Craft.

DIY Stunning Earrings

Seed bead earrings by Accessory-MU.

DIY Stunning Earrings1

52) Funky Statement Necklaces by Panda Hall.

Funky Statement Necklaces

53) Button Bracelets by Beebee Craft.

Button Bracelets

Happy Button-ing

Written by: Sabah Waqas

Please note some of the images have unknown source. If the idea belongs to you please leave us down in the comments so we can give you the credits for it.

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