30 Unique Handmade Gift Ideas that show you CARE

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With Mother’s Day on the way, I am sharing some handmade gift ideas. Since Mothers are so special, we should give them special gifts. What will be better than pampering us with a beautiful handmade gifts. A gift that suits her well.

So if you have a crafts, baking, food, relaxation and garden lover. We have got you covered! These ideas are great also make great handmade gift ideas for friends and unique handmade gift ideas for grandmothers, coworkers, doctors, teachers and other important women in our life.

30 Handmade Gift Ideas

handmade gift ideas

These gifts are great for Birthdays, anniversaries, house warming and so many more wonderful occasions.

handmade gift baking kit

1. Baking Kit

Give a gift of baking supplies with cupcake liners, sprinkles, a favorite baking book and more.

Carefully selected items for a handmade baking kit. Packed in a box. Now that is special!

homemade gift DIY soaps

2. DIY lavender soap

Make handmade soaps and wrap them with burlap and lavender. So beautiful!

handmade gift ideas3. Homemade scrub

Make a lemon and salt scrub with essential oil for scent. You can add any herbs or essentials oils to make your salt scrub.

homemade gift cookie jar

4. Cookies in a jar

Add layers of ingredients for cookies recipe in a jar. Great handmade gift idea.

homemade gift clay mask

5. Homemade Clay Mask

Make homemade natural rhassoul red clay mask and place it in a jar. Natural skin care gift idea.

homemade gift ideas bread jar

6. Handmade gift in a jar

Who doesn’t love the smell of baking in the house. Chocolate chip and oatmeal quick bread recipe in a mason jar. I love the idea of adding the instructions label at the back of the bottle.

homemade gift body scrub7. Homemade scrub

You only need four ingredients to make these moisturizing exfoliants for skin. Salt (or sugar cane), oil carrier, essential oil and food coloring.

handmade gift ideas sugar cubes8. Handmade sugar cubes

Great idea! Make sugar cubes (white or brown sugar) with water in ice cube trays.

handmade gift tea wreath

9. Tea wreath

I bet my family would love this handmade gift idea. Make a wreath with cardboard and clothespin. Hang flavored tea on it! Personalized and reusable.

handmade gift tea tubs

10. Handmade tub tea

Nothing soothes the soul like a long soak in the tub, especially with calming scents. Make your own heat-sealable tub tea bags with different scents. And pack them in a box  Makes good gifts.

handmade gift sugar scrub

11. Homemade sugar scrub

I have tried this sugar scrub and it feels amazing. Just mix your favorite hand renewal lotion and sugar keeping the consistency like a scrub.

handmade gift ideas soaps

12. DIY handmade soaps

Make DIY soaps at home by mixing different essential oils and spices in glycerin. Baking molds and cutters make the most interesting shapes.

handmade gift ideas soap

handmade gift ideas

13. Cold process homemade soaps

Dust after rain and seaberry ocean are the two scented handmade soaps, pictured above. Made with palm and coconut oil with scents. I love these, you will too. Sold at Etsy.

handmade gift stationery kit

14. Stationery kit

The handmade stationery box is great for kids. The memory game and little things that excite them.

Or you can make a carefully selected stationery gift for office. That will be special for Father’s day.

handmade gift spa basket

15. Bath/ Spa Basket

A specially choose handmade spa basket. With pretty soaps, votive candles, towels, lotions, hairbrush, scents or a chef’s basket.

handmade gift salt scrub

16. Citrus hand scrub

Make homemade citrus hand scrub. Scrubs make a wonderful mother’s day gift. If you are looking forward to spend that day with your Mother, you both can enjoy and relax.

homemade gift ideas lip balm

17. Homemade lip balm

Chocolate and mint homemade lip balm. The mint makes it super refreshing!

handmade gift lavender sachets

18. Handmade Lavender pouch

The scent from lavender pouch is so relaxing. Freshen up the car. The heart shape makes a cute gift.

handmade gift in mug

19. DIY Monogrammed Mugs

The monogrammed mugs are around for long, I know. But it’s a great idea to replace mason jars. I love the hot cocoa pack in the mugs. May be with a special printable. Use sharpie and stencils to write your heart out.

handmade gift homemade cookies

20. Recipe in a jar

Another pretty cookie recipe in a jar. You can switch it with a (favorite family) marinade, freshly cut salad, candies, fruits…. It can be the receiver’s favorite recipe of yours in a jar.

handmade gift herb kit

21. Handmade Garden kit

Love this idea for Mother’s day. Since the weather is wonderful for Gardening. A gift of herb garden kit in a pot will be perfect.

handmade gift herb gift bag

22. Homemade herb dipping oil

Homemade herb and garlic dipping oil with bread. And may be include a recipe card with it!

I love the cute bow around the bucket. This is good for salad, pasta and even sauteing meats and veggies.

handmade gift garden set

23. Handmade Garden Basket/ Chef Basket

Another pretty garden kit with net and a flower at the top. Include a pair of garden clogs, gloves, an apron, pruning snips and shears. Some seed packets and plant labels. Round up the selection with a small plant or flower pot. Include measuring spoons, spatulas. It can be items selected for a recipe. This will also make a great house warming gift.

handmade gift ideas

24. Homemade spice mix

This is a great idea! Prepare a dry rub spice mix that can be used for seasoning meat. This recipe has all the delicious ingredients. You may also like spice storage solutions.

handmade gift crystal light balm

25. Handmade lip balm

Make different flavors of lip balm at home with crystal light and Vaseline. I have to try this one!

handmade gift crafts kit

26. Handmade Crafts Kit

Now we are talking. This would be the ultimate gift for a creative person. Make a basket of craft supplies or create an activity craft kit. It can be a project your crafty loved one is wanting to try. Involve in an activity for a special evening with them. Another perfect for Mother’s day. You can also include a printable craft tips card with it.

handmade gift cocoa mocha

27. Handmade coffee mix

Make a special coffee mix for your coffee lover. This mocha cocoa recipe is mouth watering.

handmade gift breakfast

28. Breakfast with flowers

Great for Mother’s Day. Make tissue paper posies for your mom. Display them in a vase with handmade breakfast you made for your mom.

handmade gift ideas

29. Handmade Spa Scrubbie and Soak

A gift of relaxation. Make a handmade spa experience. With spa scrubbie and tropical bath tea soak.

handmade gift ideas

30. Handmade Bath frizzes

Make bath frizzes in ice cube trays. And present them in a jar with fun labels.

handmade gift skin remedies

31. Natural skin care kit

Finally these will make super pampering gifts for your Mother.

Make a natural skin care kit and include the printable directions with it.

A handmade beauty gift idea she will love.

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