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New Home Improvement ideas with paint and patterns

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Are you getting in the mood for home improvement? I have some new home improvement ideas to share with you today that are simple to do on a budget for outside as well as cheap DIY to whip up indoors. Think What color to paint your furniture?, or stencil furniture for a change. Replace hardware, refresh cabinets, or use toy storage ideas to bring new sophisticated vibe in your home. Play with patterns like stripes, herringbone, chevron and earth-tones that are evergreen.

Think about luxury, comfort, and accessorization, how about styling bookshelves, setup modern kids bedroom or a showstopper DIY coffee bar? Home renovation, repair, and improvements can indeed be a big ticket. But a new area rug, trendy cushions, window treatment, or plants bring instant update for less. Invest in practical storage spaces to make your home more efficient, these bathroom organization ideas and home organization tips will assist you with ignored areas.

If you are looking to upgrade and add value to your home consider garage floor epoxy and backyard lighting ideas this year. My most admired home improvements from last year are garage walls and breakfast nook. This year I aim to create a functional homework station and DIY fire pit. I might also organize books till I brainstorm library project.


New Home Improvement Ideas

If you are looking for a focal point for your home improvements, then I hope this list can help you choose any ideas to kick-start your home renovation process:

  • Repaint and refresh areas of your home.
  • Swap window treatments by installing new curtains, automated blinds, shades, or drapes.
  • Update cabinets by filling the gaps, or broken areas with a suitable wood filler and repaint.
  • Update lighting
  • Create an accent board and batten wall with flat panels for modern or trims for Victorian style.
  • Replace handles and door knobs
  • Replace bathroom hardware like shower faucets, sink fixtures, fixing gaps in tiles, and polishing the hardware.
  • Upgrade flooring such as wooden or vinyl flooring that is durable and add a contemporary finish to your home.
  • Create custom storage areas.
  • Invest in low maintenance smart home projects
  • Improve landscaping by planting native and exotic plants, installing a composting corner, or building raised garden beds. Solar-powered landscape lights, and redoing pathways can do wonders for your house without costing a fortune.

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Don’t be overwhelmed by this look if it seems extensive to you. Embark on one project at a time and allocate a suitable budget and time to each project for the best outcomes. Renovating each room will be fun and better than the previous one. It will increase ROI and add value to your home.

You will benefit from FAQs at the end of the article.

DIY home improvement projects

From giving a second life to your damaged doors, windows, and cabinets to DIY accent walls, kitchen decor ideas, cheap living room decor, installing light and wooden accents, and ceiling renovation ideas, this list will surely help you achieve something remarkable over the weekend!

Home decor accents:

Home decor accents add personality, sophistication, character, and drama to a living space. Adding contemporary accents to different parts of the house can highlight any piece of furniture, architectural detailing, or artwork by following a simple color theory. Here are some amazing accent decor interiors that can cost-effectively transform the look and vibe of your rooms.

1. Add wainscotting and crown molding to your accent walls to give an ideal makeover to your feature walls like The Boardroom Accent Walls.


2. Don’t have budget for expensive wallpapers, try using stencils to level up your wall painting like Holly Taylor.


3. Art Escriativasdaluh displays remarkable skills by painting a blank wall to display the beauty of colors.

painting a blank wall to display the beauty of colors

4. Mirrors are excellent home decorating accents that add charisma to a living space via optical illusion. Here is a budget-friendly Industrial Mirror DIY by The Sorry Girls that can elevate your dining room by a hundred points.

DIY Industrial Mirror

5. Gold foil wall makeover by IG Interiors to elevate a corner wall, quoin or a miniature feature.

Gold foil wall makeover

6. Using home accents for fireplace makeover by Handyman Felipe.

fireplace makeover

DIY designs for walls

7. Use leftover tiles from finished projects to transform your entrance wall by following DIY by That Yellow Trunk.

transform your entrance wall by following DIY

House painting ideas

8. DIY storage shelves to declutter your house by Holly Taylor.


9. Changing bathroom tiles can be expensive however, painting them can improve your bathroom by Angie Ivie did it.


10. Bring new life to your old furniture. Paint your furniture black and distress it. Totally loving how the dining table turned out. Black distressed dining table makeover and more options for What color to paint your furniture?

black distressed furniture

11. This spectacular kitchen makeover. The black and white cabinets look fabulous.

kitchen black and white makeover

Window Upgrade Ideas

Windows are one of a house’s most prominent features. Therefore, timely and necessary updates and fixtures can significantly boost the curb appeal of the house using amazing DIYs.

12. Try fixing the minor cracks in the window trims using wood fillers and paints, as demonstrated by Royce Renovations.

Fixing Damaged Window Trim

Sliding dressing table:

13. If you struggle with limited space in a home or have a lot of windows, try this unique bedroom decor idea by Earthy Shades. A sliding dressing table with the window adds a contemporary upgrade to your room without costing a fortune.


14. Try updating the window sash like Our severn house for a budget-friendly window renovation project.


Wooden Paneling ideas

Wooden panels are the most trending aesthetic update for any residential or commercial building. By creating centralized focal points, they incorporate an aura of sophistication and elegance in any room. Here are some amazing wooden paneling ideas that can be achieved on a budget.

15. Corner Wooden panels with LEDs by CB loves interiors for an elevated look for a boy’s bedroom.

Corner Wooden panels with LEDs

16. Paneling Perfect shares innovative ideas for an exact fit with a luxurious finish.

innovative ideas for an exact fit with a luxurious finish.

17. Use slats, laminated wooden panels, and LED lights to enhance your game room experience by Alexander Renee Design.

Use slats, laminate panels, and LEDs to enhance your game room experience

18. Monochromatic paneled wall by Elite Home Designs.

Monochromatic paneled wall

19. CB loves interiors uses timber D-moldings and neutral colors for revamping her son’s wardrobe.

timber D-moldings and neutral colors for revamping wardrobe.

20. Install a hidden door that blends in with the paneled wall to Give your house a modern makeover. Mr and Mrs DIY provide a step-by-step guide on achieving this fantastic look on a budget.

Hidden Door DIY

Bedroom renovation ideas:

21. If you’re considering increasing your bedroom’s sitting space, try incorporating a cozy wooden window seating section by Design Harvest for a chic look.

cozy wooden window seating section

22. Loft 208 remodeled their bedroom from no desk space to integrating one with the wardrobe.

remodeled the bedroom from no desk space to integrating one with the wardrobe.

DIY Bathroom renovations

23. A time-saving, easy and affordable bathroom makeover using paints and panels by Jessica Studer.

easy and affordable bathroom makeover

24. Add unique detailing to your bathroom by adding LED shower curb as Winni designs did.

We built an LED Shower Curb.

25. DIY heated floors in the bathroom by following the idea by Golden Key Design.

How to Install a Heated Floor

DIY ceiling improvement ideas:

26. Enhance your cinematic experience by following this DIY by craftionary using synthetic stuffing, double-sided tape, spray adhesive, and LEDs to craft this majestic cloud ceiling.


27. Upgrade your plain ceiling with new chandeliers. Here’s a DIY by Ustalar Akademi.

Upgrade your plain ceiling with new chandeliers

28. An eye-catching ceiling improvement idea for the theater room by Collins County by installing ceiling accent lights.

ceiling accent lights

29. Place your crown moldings a foot lower than the ceiling and incorporate LEDs by Decorator Mag Dale to create ambiance in your room.


Kitchen improvement ideas on a budget

30. Repainting old kitchen cabinets can add an aura of elegance and sophistication to a house. Maple drive design elevates the look of her kitchen cabinets by painting them in white and replacing the hardware in shiny gold ones.

Repainting old kitchen cabinets

31. Lyndsey Roby takes a creative gib by giving a faux countertop in her farmhouse’s kitchen.

takes a creative gib by giving a faux countertop in her farmhouse’s kitchen.

32. Kitchen and laundry door makeover inspiration by Farmhouseish reusing kitchen door frame, acrylic sheet, and vinyl tape.

Kitchen and laundry door makeover inspiration

Outdoor home renovation ideas

33. Try adding a magnificent DIY backyard river to your home by Its Me Wilson using rocks and lights.

magnificent DIY backyard river

34. Try an inexpensive landscape edging idea by Crystel Montenegro Home DIYs garden curbing for less.


35. Garden steps stones add a sense of movement and rhythm to the outdoor spaces. Try adding them using this DIY by Plank and Pillow.

Garden steps stones add a sense of movement and rhythm to the outdoor spaces

36. Uplift your kitchen by installing backsplash by Home Reno Vision DIY.


37. DIY vertical wooden planters using old and discarded crates by craftionary to kick-start your organic garden.


38. Try adding these simple rock and wire frame outdoor planters to your landscape, pathways, and stair by DIY Decoration by Adisa.

simple rock and wire frame outdoor planters

39. This landscaping hack for convenient outdoor planting with weed protection layer by Home Sweet Grove.

landscaping hack for convenient outdoor planting

40. My House This Month made a stunning addition to their house by designing and building its own pergola on a budget.

pergola on a budget

41. DIY an impressive planter pot table for your outdoor decor by joining recycled planters by Geneva Vanderzeil.

planter pot table for outdoor decor

DIY impressive features in the house:

42. If your floor is crying for a makeover, choose affordable and durable vinyl flooring that is easy to install and requires low maintenance. The Home Depot provides a complete overview of achieving this process like a pro.

How to Install Vinyl Flooring

43. Turn your empty wall into a self-sufficient working space by following Remodel Handz inspiration.

Turn your empty wall into a self-sufficient working space

44. Incorporate a convertible storage shelf and table by Acasadobeto into your house. Accessorize it with minimal decoration and a solid accent color for an appealing finish.

Incorporate a convertible storage shelf and table

45. Add a floating shelf for extra storage space by Sypsie Designs.

Add a floating shelf for extra storage space

46. One can also enhance storage space in the walk-in closets by adding more shelves in it as Nikandliv DIY shows.

walk-in closets

47. Replace your lights with ceiling fans for better lighting and improved ventilation by handiwork by NYC.


48. Upgrade your old cupboards by changing old and damaged door knobs by Angie Ivie.


49. Ditch the traditional curtain rods by switching to channels for a sophisticated look by Bella Bielefeld.

Ditch the traditional curtain rods by switching to channels

50. Bring cool vibes by choosing the right wallpaper and LED lights like this idea by Being blooms.

Bring cool vibes by choosing the right wallpaper and LED lights

51. Give an ideal makeover to your house entrance by painting your front door in bold paint like The Reno Dad.

ideal makeover to your house entrance

52. Installing smart blinds is an excellent way to protect yourself from UV radiation while increasing the value of your house. Chrystalking modernizes her home using smart blinds.

smart blinds diy

53. Add a hidden TV feature to your house for a neat appearance as Gvawood usa do.

dd a hidden TV feature to your house for a neat appearance

What things should be considered before renovating your home?

Home renovation is a heavy task requiring significant time and money. The research from Harvard University indicates that citizens of the USA spend nearly $500 billion every year on home renovation projects to create healthy and energy-efficient living spaces. A renovation project must be selected based on the following features:

  • Your geographical location: It is important to embark on remodeling and renovation projects suitable to your regional settings. In addition, home improvements above the average for neighborhood houses should be avoided.
  • Selecting appropriate financial instruments: Consider selecting less risk-aversive mortgage interest to reduce financial burden.
  • Return on Investments: Renovation adds value to a home however, it is important to conduct in-depth research and analysis of the local market demand to get the best value of ROI.

If you are willing to undertake any of the major remodeling projects, three things must be considered before taking this big step:

  • Local market conditions
  • Quality of the performed work
  • The condition of the real estate market when the property is sold

What home improvement projects add the most value in terms of ROI?

According to the statistics published by The Real Estate Witch, nearly 95% of the house residents plan to incorporate significant home improvement projects in the coming five years eventually leading to spending more than their estimates on remodeling projects. While every home has its own requirements, it is important to use money wisely to bring the most value in terms of ROI.

The home renovation projects with the highest ROI in the USA include replacing wooden and vinyl windows, mid range bathroom remodeling including replacing countertops, tiles, and fixtures, entry and garage door replacement, HVAC electrification, kitchen remodeling, roof replacement, and Manufactured Stone Veneer.

What decreases property value the most?

Certain home renovations and improvements may or may not add value to your house. For example, spending on extensive landscaping without improving the actual living space may cause a financial burden for renovation and maintenance. Similarly, adding renewable energy sources such as solar panels is an excellent idea for home improvements; however, it is important to select the best available technology according to your geographical region and availability of light.

Some of the most common mistakes that reduce property value the most are

  • Gaps between flooring and walls
  • Neglected maintenance
  • Exposed wiring
  • Outdated bathrooms and kitchens
  • Damaged roof
  • Sloppy home improvement projects

While choosing valuable projects for home renovation is important, certain Do-it-your-self projects such as updating simple fixtures, installing new fans, lights, knobs, and pulls, painting walls, refinishing hardwood floors, replacing and revamping kitchen cabinets and adding smart features to your house can boost the value of your house.

Written by: Nageen Sohail

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