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Enchanting Minecraft Room Ideas Bedroom Reveal

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I have mentioned many times but if you are new here, I am decorating my first ever home that we bought 1 year ago. The first project in this house is our kids bedroom. Today, I am so excited to share with you the enchanting minecraft room ideas with Minecraft bedroom reveal. Boys think this is the best Minecraft bedroom and is super cool.


Minecraft Room Ideas

It all started with a blank white canvas. We added Ikea single beds and tropical bedsheets. These bedsheets are custom stitched using fabric. The vertical lines net blue curtains are made in Pakistan. That’s how it was practically ready for use.

Now let’s look at the Minecraft room coming together step-by-step.

I like to start a room by planning it on a paper. So, I drew a rough sketch of the dimensions and had a meeting with kids about their requirements and ideas to incorporate in Minecraft Room Design. Here’s a VIDEO showing Minecraft room design creativity from beginning to the final reveal.

Minecraft Bedroom Video

Minecraft room ideas


Minecraft Cloudy Sky

They asked for a cloudy sky so I made a Cloud Wall Light. We decided on a very breezy Behr Ocean Boulevard for the sky color. In order to ensure the wall is not messed up by glue we used posters paper to make an app operated Cloud that uses LED lights for cool colors and patterns even thunder clouds, lightning clouds and so much more. My inspiration for this project was the trendy cloud wall for game room.


Lego Minecraft Wall Display

The idea for wall art was to incorporate kid’s personality and have them participate in the making of their room. They chose the Minecraft poster from Walmart. Searched on Amazon and Toys R Us to choose lego Minecraft sets to their liking and some drawings of famous Minecraft characters.

All this was incorporated to make a Minecraft wall display of Lego Minecraft. Minecraft wall art online are all very trendy and temporary but this floating cube shelves wall can grow with kids.


Craft Minecraft Drawing Art

Minecraft Wall Art

I found beautiful Minecraft printable art creeper, craft table and grass art printables on Etsy and printed them from Staples. The square frames are from Michaels, I could not find square frames elsewhere.

Other Minecraft Interior Products and Design Details


Minecraft achievement wall

Kid’s achievement wall with dust proof martial art display and hooks for hanging medals.


Pixelated Minecraft Ottoman



Minecraft Grass Rug



Minecraft enchanting wall with plants and torch lamp.



Tropical Minecraft Curtains and Bedsheets

Instead of printed bed covers we incorporated the plant theme of the game to add tropical minecraft bed and bring cool minecraft bed ideas to life.



Minecraft poster and bookshelf

The lightning rod minecraft was replacing with geometric patterned lamp.

Minecraft bedroom ideas and Ikea kids bedroom furniture

This room has the following products:

  • Twin beds from Ikea
  • Book Shelf from Ikea
  • Center drawer shelf from Ikea
  • Chest of drawers for kids clothing from Ikea
  • Kid’s study table and picture ledge from Ikea
  • High Pile Green Minecraft grass rug from Ikea
  • Floating cube shelves from Amazon (all products in this post)
  • Behr Ocean Boulevard Paint from Home Depot
  • Minecraft wall art from Etsy
  • Pixelated cube ottoman from Target
  • Blue lamp from Target
  • Beige table lamp from Ikea
  • Houseplants from Home Depot
  • Minecraft bedsheet set custom made
  • Minecraft curtains custom made
  • Minecraft poster from Walmart
  • Poster frame from Amazon


Minecraft bedroom full reveal

minecraft-room-bedroom-ideas minecraft-wall-art-printable-room-frames minecraft-themed-bedroom-at-home

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