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Kitchen Breakfast Nook Ideas – Small Indoor Garden

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Bring hygge at home with a small indoor garden in kitchen nook. Breakfast nook ideas for well-being with pure air and mental health benefits.

I believe every home should have an indoor garden area. If you have been following along, I recently started an initiative to share my home spaces on the blog. Usually, my idea of a home is a tasteful space with thoughtful additions. A place that is made with practical movement of family and friends as well as fulfillment of a feel you need in your home.


Indoor Garden Kitchen Nook Ideas

A longing I have for a long time is a need for indoor garden space. A green corner where one can feel like sitting in a garden surrounded by houseplants. This is especially important since living in Canada means having inaccessible backyard for more months.

One can feel the winter and lack of sunlight almost changing the mood and energy levels drastically. Studies show that even fake plants are beneficial to our well-being. They show that just looking at the color green benefits us.

So, even if you are worried about keeping your plants alive you can start with artificial ones. But trust me houseplants are not that much of a task. They require watering once a week and you are good to go. Self watering planters are ideal for proper watering of plants as well. Occasional plant food (my favorite) like once a month and you are good to go as long as your plants are by the sunny side window.

Breakfast nook ideas

In fact, I will advocate that every home should have a dedicated green space in the house whether small or large. It not only helps with mental health but is ideal for naturally purifying the air.

A garden by the kitchen is multi-purpose. You can use this space for breakfast, a coffee break, work-from-home space, or even a hobby space. Since, it is in your practical working area it allows you to keep a track of time and make time for your hobby such as painting in my case.


You can also use this space for playing board games, hosting brunch, lunch and even high tea. Its a different vibe.

Use natural elements

I started by setting large planter boxes. The wood feel brings an outdoor touch in your indoor space. The nook is surrounded by east facing windows all around bringing beautiful light. The addition of natural material batik baskets on the narrow wall add to the vibe as well as allows crawling houseplants like pothos and English ivy to climb up the wall. Learn more about the hanging woven basket plant wall.

Choose furniture that compliments your space

A kitchen nook is normally designed with a table and chairs/ bench to use as a breakfast space. However, once can easily turn a breakfast nook into a garden. This will allow you to breathe fresh air, and enjoy your breakfast in a beautiful serene environment. You will realize how efficient it is in making your day more energetic and productive.


If you have a small kitchen nook like mine there are so many options to use foldable furniture. One such favorite patio set is from ikea. This outdoor stained foldable table and chairs that is collapsible is perfect for a small space garden. You can open it from both sides or single side as needed. I love to use it out on my patio during summer as well.


When you put your heart and soul into your garden it comes to life. Creativity is endless when it comes to decorating your garden.

Compliment with accent pieces to bring forest magic

You will find use of decorative mushroom candle holders and gel candles. These are relatively easy to make. Consider hanging beautiful painted art pieces like owl rock art wood slices.


Similarly, consider adding wood stools to use as plant stands, different collected pots, and other fun items. Consider making your own water feature, painted birdhouse, or even fairy garden. Add decorative garden accent pieces from Michaels, dollar tree and other local stores.


Tabletop water feature from amazon.

Make your indoor garden special and unique with touches that speak to your heart. The best part is indoor gardens are easier to maintain compared to outdoor.


Start with easy houseplants

In this garden you will find the following houseplants that are low maintaince easy to grow for beginners:

  • Bougainvillea
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Baby Monstera Deliciosa
  • Fern
  • Succulents
  • Snake plant (sansevieria)
  • Arrow head vine
  • Pothos vine
  • Chinese money tree
  • Dragon (Dracaena draco)
  • Spider plant
  • Polka dots (Hypoestes phyllostachya)
  • English Ivy vine
  • Prayer plant
  • Moth orchid
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Coleus
  • Croton petra
  • Anthurium
  • Alocasia
  • Schefflera (Umbrella Plant)



Kitchen side wall of the indoor garden.


Living room side wall of the garden inside the house.



This is the view from the living room.



View from the kitchen



View from the kitchen nook garden.

Here’s how the garden looked over the years:


A collection of houseplants in 2021.


A modern indoor garden in 2022 with minimalism in mind.


A multi-purpose breakfast nook with garden in 2023. Get the swivel faux leather bar stools from amazon.


I hope you enjoy these pictures from my garden. Till next time!

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