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25 DIY Garden Projects Anyone Can Make

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Making DIY garden projects for an inviting outdoor space is fun.  I love to sit outside in the evening, especially when the weather is good.  This time of the year is ideal for outdoor activities.  So, today I am sharing easy to construct garden projects that anyone can make.


These projects are also great for any size backyard.  Some of them are just perfect for a small space as well as a big yard. There are so many DIY garden projects you can make for your outdoor space.


What garden projects to make for outdoor space?

Some ideas in this post include:

1. Raised garden beds

2. Build a tree bench

3. Decorative bird cage

4. Scented candles

5. Air conditioner fence

6. DIY bird bath

7. Rain waiter barrel

8. Garden bench

9. Garden chandelier

10. Stone garden pathway

11. Garden potting tip

12. DIY greenhouse

13. Wooden garden swing

14. Pallet garden table

15. Garden walkway using pallets

16. Pallet garden tools organizer

17. Square foot planting templates

18. Seed containers

19. Make a pond

20. Make a wind chime or wind bell

21. DIY garden markers

22. Stone border for landscaping

23. Garden bed edging

24. DIY Indoor planter box


Let’s get started with the must have outdoor space DIY garden projects.



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DIY garden projects


Raised garden beds

I just love how perfect the raised garden beds look!

Here’s a beautiful image tutorial to making your own.



How to make a DIY raised garden bed? This infographic has all the details you will need to make a perfect raised garden bed.



Build a tree bench

Have a tree in your backyard? Make a bench around it to add feature to your outdoor space.

This will be great for you!

How to build a tree bench?



Decorative birdcage

I love these birdcages made with burlap, sticks and artificial leaves. Make artificial decorative accents to hang in your outdoor space.



Scented candles

Put a vanilla scented tea light in a bowl filled with coffee beans.

The warmth from the tea light will heat the coffee beans.  And have your house smell like French vanilla coffee.

DIY coffee bean tea lights (link no longer available).



Air conditioner fence

Don’t let that air conditioner ruin your entrance.  Hide it behind fencing and shrubs. Make sure to give enough room to allow for passage of air and ensure no overheating takes place.

How to conceal the air conditioner?



DIY bird bath

Wow to the brightness.  Spray paint urn and pot and screw them together.

Makes an adorable bird bath in your flower pot.

DIY easy bird bath via mami talks.


DIY Garden projects


Rain water barrel

Place a barrel or a plastic drum near the downspout.  Use the rain water later for watering your plants later.

How to build a rain water barrel?



DIY Garden projects – bench

I love how pretty this colorful bench looks!

DIY painted garden bench, unknown source.



Garden chandelier

Use a hanging basket and crystals to make this beautiful chandelier.

Hang it on your porch or tree with a chain.  And use candles or solar lights for outdoor lighting.

Make an outdoor garden chandelier



Garden stone pathway

DIY pathways using stones and tiles look so neat and perfect. Use gravel to cover the dirt and soil and viola a professional pathway is installed.



Garden potting tip

Bury milk jugs in the bottom of large planters.  Great idea to make the pots lighter and to make lifting and moving possible. This idea is also good for saving potting soil.



DIY greenhouse

I love this recycled bricks and window greenhouse. So different from the traditional ones we keep seeing all the time. Make a mini DIY greenhouse. unknown source



Wooden garden swing

Adding a swing to the garden adds to the beauty of the place. It makes it so inviting and relaxing.

DIY wooden garden swing


DIY garden projects


Pallet garden table

The plant column in the center of the table is an amazing idea.  With stones it makes a beautiful statement. You can also add a planter or a container in the center of a table by cutting out a piece to it’s size. This will ensure no damage is done to the wood when you water the plants.

DIY pallet garden table tutorial via today’s nest.



Garden pathway using pallets

An inexpensive way to make a bold entrance. Have pallets to dump?

DIY pallet garden walkway



Pallet garden tools organizer

I love everything about this organizer.  From hanging on the wall to saving space!

DIY pallet garden tools organizer



Square foot planting template

Use a square sheet of plywood and spools with wood glue to make planting templates.

DIY square foot garden planting templates.



DIY garden projects – Seed containers

Repurpose, reuse and recycle.

How cute! Use tic-tac containers for saving seeds.



Make a pond

Recycle an old tire into making a pond.



Make a wind bell or wind chime

Make a wind chime for your garden.

DIY wind chime tutorials



DIY garden projects – garden markers

Use duct tape to make plant markers for your garden.

DIY garden markers tutorial



DIY garden projects – Stone border

Arrange stones around your plants to give them a proper border.



Garden bed edging

Make square bed edges with steel for an urbanized garden design.

DIY easy and modern Garden design



DIY indoor planter box idea with IKEA plant stand flower box

Make an indoor planter box using wood that doubles as an outdoor flower box. Get details to making this beginner project using IKEA frame and wood from Home Depot.


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