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How to paint a room wall perfect the first time?

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How to paint a room wall perfect the first time?

I painted the wall in my bedroom and it was perfect following these paint tips and tricks.


Hello friends, I am so excited today! I finally painted a wall in my house. It might not be a big deal for most but for me it is! Painting a wall has been out there for years! There are highly qualified and professional people sharing their best work and teaching great ways to paint a wall and use various techniques to make unique artwork or DIY with wainscoting, board and batten, paneling and so much more!


However, for me painting a wall with my family was not only fun and teamwork but therapeutic too!


I didn’t really look up for any tutorials or videos because painting a wall is just plain simple. There is no science behind it!


However, I do have some great tips to get your paint job done perfect the first time! This is my foolproof way because if I can paint the wall perfect using this technique anyone can!


So let’s get going on how to paint a room!


This is my first home project and we are making a minecraft themed boy’s bedroom. The blue color that we chose is Ocean Boulevard by Behr. Beautiful blue color that we can’t get our eyes off! Next we will work on it to make LED clouds! So excited stay tuned!


how to paint a room wall first time

How to paint the wall?

Here’s how to paint a room wall with material, paint and personal tips that brought excellent paint results:



  • Old bedsheets/ newspapers or plastic rolls.
  • Duster (I used Swiffer hand held duster.)
  • Painters tape (I used scotch blue tape from home depot. It is the original multi-surface painter’s tape.)
  • Paint brush (A simple $2 paint brush from Dollarama does the job. Perfect for one time use and throw away.)
  • Foam rollers (I bought mine from Costco. Simms is the brand that makes professional quality for fine lint-free finishes. This box comes with 6 paint rollers, 1 roller frame, 1 plastic tray and 3 tray liners. We threw away the foam roller after the paint job was complete. The handle and tray are reusable.)
  • Ladder (Mine is from Canadian Tire. Use it to reach the top to paint.)
  • Screw driver (For removing outlets and air vent grill.)
  • Finally paint (Behr Ocean Boulevard)



When it comes to choosing my material I like to think wisely, save money and yet not compromise on the quality. So, the choices above were my best choices after doing my homework.


However, when it comes to paint and company there are so many options! Since this was my very first try I wanted to go with the best brand at Home Depot. Behr seems to reserve that spot there!


On my first visit, I bought all the swatches and sample colors they had to offer on display. I sat in a relaxed spot at home and enjoyed going through the selections they offered. This was my first knowledge base for learning about paints.


Once, I focused on indoor paints I knew my choices. We narrowed it down to two colors. Ocean Boulevard and Breezeway by Behr. Breezeway was beautiful and it happens to be color of the year 2022. But it was not meant for cloudy sky.


On my next trip to home depot, the lady was amazing to guide me with some information. She recommended I buy sample size for both the colors and try it on the wall to finalize my color.


The samples were $6 each! Not bad! The leftover choice can be used on a small craft project so no issues there!


The samples contain one coat prime quality paint only. However, when you buy a quartz or gallon you have many choices. Now these choices are based on prices. The higher the quality the more you pay.


For a paint job in a bedroom there is no need for one coat prime paint which is the most expensive. The reason being simply it’s not exposed to much changes.


I went with Behr premium plus that comes with lifetime warranty. It is low odour zero voc and paint and primer in one. For the first timers, it minimizes the surface imperfections so that’s there for the perfect paint in a room. This product is also certified for low chemical emissions, making it best choice for a bedroom where you sleep.

Behr premium plus low odour zero voc paint primer


It was suggested that we coat it at least 3 times but the result was there in one coat on the sides with paint brush and for neatness sake we applied a second coat of paint with paint roller.


The drying time of this paint was super quick. It dried in 30 minutes.


However, for the purpose of learning about paints, I feel next time I will try Glidden and Sharwin Williams for comparison.


Painting tips on how to paint a room?

Some tips that I recommend for painting job!


1. Cover the floor: Make sure to cover the floor with anything you have handy. We had some old bedsheets that we used to cover the floor. Worked like a charm especially because we could easily push it with feet to gather at the base of the wall we were painting with all the ladder and other things moving around. You can also use plastic sheets, paper sheets or newspapers.


2. Dust the wall: Start by dusting the walls of for any dust particles which may get trapped under the paint coat. This step is crucial for even coat and neatness.


3. Tape the wall sides: When taping the sides and corners always ensure you keep the tape straight and use your finger to score as you go! This makes the job quick and easy!


Paint tip: Even if you tape it wrong you can remove and tape it again, it doesn’t take away the effectiveness of the tape against paint seeping in!


4. Cover the paint tray: Use a plastic bag or garbage bag to cover the paint tray. This way you can use the tray for many projects and throw away the plastic bag after every use.

reuse paint tray tip


5. Pour the paint: Pour your paint in the tray and use painter’s tape or masking tape to stick a wire vertically as shown in the picture. Use this wire to take off the excess paint from the paint brush.


How to remove excess paint from paint brush?

To do this simply dip the paint brush in the paint and brush it against the wire on both sides of the paint brush.


This technique is great for using good quantity of paint on paint brush. This ensures the paint doesn’t drip and make a mess. It also ensures the paint is not in excess and the chance of paint seeping through the tape is drastically reduced.

drip free wall painting tip


6. Paint the sides with paint brush: Once done taping, you can paint the sides of the wall with a paint brush first or in the end. Either way doesn’t make a difference. It’s just a preference.


7. Keep a wet towel handy: If you touch the adjacent side wall or ceiling with paint accidentally quickly wipe it off with a wet paper towel. Keep a wet paper towel handy before starting to paint for this reason only!


This was a life saver in our case because we had kids involved in the process as well.


8. Paint with foam roller: Now use a foam roller to paint the wall. Keep you direction vertical and straight to reduce uneven results. Make vertical strokes of paint using foam roller as you go!


9. Apply the second paint coat: Let the paint dry and apply a second coat.


10. Remove the painter’s tape: I read somewhere that removing the painter’s tape while the paint is wet reduces chances of bleeding and uneven results.


However, in our case the paint dried so quickly that we only got the chance to remove the painter’s tape afterwards.


The results were awesome no worries there.


11. How to wash paint brush? You can also wash the paint brush between paint job if the paint coat on the paint brush is too thick making it less effective! This improves the efficiency.


When washing the paint brush, simply run it through warm water in the sink. Then leave it dipped in a soapy mixture in a disposable glass while you use foam roller on the wall.


When it’s time to use it again, simple take it out rinse it and dry it with a paper towel. Your paint brush is ready to use again!

wash clean paint brush tip


So there’s that my process and tips for a perfect paint job on the bedroom wall. If you would like to see a video of the painting in progress check it out on my instagram. I love to hear from you!


Stay tuned for the LED clouds which we are super excited to make!


Till next time! Enjoy these ideas.


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