How to make a dried flower bouquet into arrangement for free?

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Hello friends, normally you find me sharing crafts and ideas that involve some form of material and instructions. However, today’s idea is a bit different. I turned a floral bouquet into a dried floral arrangement and it was almost like doing nothing.

I have this dried flower bouquet setup at home that everyone admires and it has been over 6 months that it is perfectly intact. Let’s be honest when you have a thing for real flowers you end up putting in more money for decoration of an event than utilizing unrealistic materials. The sad part is most of us end up throwing these beautiful and lively arrangements away after getting done with the event.

However, I want to preserve and keep my beautiful flowers.

– First, because I love plants and I can’t throw them away.

– Two I knew they are perfect for a dried floral arrangement.


dried flowers bouquet uplifts table decor

Dried flower bouquet

If you are new to dried flowers for crafting you would benefit from what to do with dried flowers? I also made a vintage decor with pressed flowers in frame that is fun to do as well.


I simply am in owe with these beautiful gold and white floral arrangements from Hana florals. After the event, I simply bring them home and place them on my table. I don’t water them or do anything at all. After 3-4 weeks they dry. I remove flowers like carnations and roses because they seem to dry with a yellowish tone on the sides and I personally don’t like it.

Once they completely dry I spray the arrangement with an acrylic sealer spray. It was perfect to avoid withering of delicate flowers like baby breath and damage to the arrangement.


Since, the fuller look of fresh flowers also vanishes with drying process, I end up converting two arrangements into one large and round arrangement. It looks perfect in my hallway.


Tips: You can use gold and white spray paints to paint evergreens. This is already done in this arrangement.

The setup has a table on which a bowl with floral foam and arrangement is place. A floor lamp that makes the arrangement come to life when it lights up. And a lantern on the floor with candle.



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