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10 Smart Home Projects on a budget

I had so much fun going through the party last week  I found 10 smart home projects.

And the good news is that they are low on your budget.


smart home projects


10 Smart Home Projects


Let’s have a look at these:


DIY craft room desk tutorial

Make a craft desk with cabinets and wood boards.

DIY craft room wood table via lets get crafty


DIY decorated planter tutorial

Decoupage newspaper on pots. And use rod to make this decorative planter. I love the use of ribbon on it too!

DIY paper decorated planter tutorial


DIY embellished gemstones scarf

Hot glue gemstones on a scarf. So cute!

DIY embellished gemstone scarf


DIY easy laundry room makeover

I love how this girl used a curtain to hide the racks! And all the cute details are so eye catching.

DIY easy laundry room organization


DIY stained painted canvas tutorial

Stencil and stain a wooden canvas with your favorite quote.

DIY stained painted canvas tutorial


how to make paper flowers

Use decorative paper punches to make these beautiful flowers.

DIY colorful paper flowers


smart home projects

I love this tutorial to use gel medium to transfer any printed image to wood. So many creative possibilities.

How to transfer image to wood?


rubb and buff old items

Turn not so pretty thrift store findings into pretty decorative pieces with rub and buff.

Rub and buff old decoration items


spring twig washi tape tree

Spray paint twigs and decorate them with washi tape. Such a cute idea!

Washi tape spring twig tree via lemon tree dwelling


how to install stone patio tutorial

I am loving this stone patio so much. There is a detailed and easy tutorial to make this by Taryn.

How to install stone patio? via design dining diapers


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5 responses to “10 Smart Home Projects on a budget”

  1. Thalita @ The Learner Observer says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my brass project!!

  2. Alese says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my “You Are My Sunshine” sign!

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