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60 Affordable Raised Garden Bed Ideas that are Easy to Setup

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People of all ages now enjoy gardening, particularly with the development of sustainable living and the need to raise fresh food at home. Raised garden bed ideas are one of the greatest ways to grow plants and vegetables since they offer benefits like better drainage, greater control over the quality of the soil, less weed, and rot resistance. They offer simpler access to gardening duties without bending down making them ideal for people with back problems. They are also useful in keeping critters away. The fact that you have to build a raised garden bed before you can get started with planting is the only disadvantage to raised beds. Corrugated metal, concrete and wood are the most common materials used to make raised beds.

Before we get to on the budget backyard with cheap and easy DIY raised garden bed ideas it is important to understand the following crucial concepts.

What Is a Raised Garden Bed?

According to Wikipedia, “Raised-bed gardening is a form of gardening in which the soil is raised above ground level and usually enclosed in some way. Raised bed structures can be made of wood, rock, concrete or other materials, and can be of any size or shape. The soil is usually enriched with compost.”

Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds provide benefits compared to planting in traditional ground gardening such as:

  • Keeps critters out
  • Less weed
  • Better drainage
  • Allocated growing area
  • Soil stays warmer for longer season
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Easy access
  • Less compact soil from human steps
  • Better control on soil quality
  • Less soil erosion

How deep should a raised bed garden be?

Usually a 8-12 inches raised bed is sufficient for plants. If the ground soil is dry elevate the bed and fill with porous growing medium for better drainage. For a vegetable garden to be effective it has to be 12 – 18 inches deep.

Do you need drainage holes in a raised garden bed?

Good drainage system is crucial to prevent plant diseases like root rot due to overwatering and underwatering.

Soil Building

One of the key features of raised garden beds is that it provides better control on the quality of soil. Soil building helps flourish your plants in areas with clay, rocks and sand. Instead of filling a typical 18 – 24 inches deep garden bed with rich soil which can be very costly, we work in layers. This way different materials are used to fill the raised bed and high-quality soil is used only for the top 12 inches of the bed.

Bottom Layer: This layer decomposes over time. What do I put on the bottom of a raised garden bed? Use small twigs, branches, barks, wood scraps, newspaper, or manure to fill about one-third deep. You can also use cardboard or weed barrier material in this layer. Force this layer down with bricks or pegs.

Middle Layer: Think of this layer as ground level of the bed. Prepare this layer by adding less expensive soil like old potting soil or compost from your pile. Use organic materials such as straw, fallen leaves, grass clippings, and wood chips to fill the garden bed. Make sure that it clean from weed, mould and pest infestation.

Top Layer: Fill the top 6-12 inches of raised garden bed with rich soil. You may need to add more as the soil settles and you water the crops.

Keep in mind since you are growing crops it is important to layer with organic, non-toxic and petroleum-free materials.

Tips for Building a Raised Garden Bed

Before making a raised garden bed, it is important to plan the following:

  1. Place: You need a sunny area to grow your plants unless your choice of plants thrive in shade.
  2. Size: Decide on the size based on your garden space. Keep in mind that longer raised garden beds are easy to access and a comfortable accessing width is about three feet.
  3. Material: While wood is the most common choice with affordable, light and durable features. Recycling wooden pallets and corrugated metal are good for inexpensive options. While cinder blocks and concrete are great choices for more permanent solution.
  4. Crop: These vegetable garden tips are helpful for planning what to grow in your raised bed planter. Once, you have decided what you want to grow it is easier to decide what type of raised garden bed will be ideal for your space.
  5. Quantity: Some crops are ideal for growing in groups while others thrive on their own. One large bed is more cost-effective than many smaller beds, however, smaller beds are easier to maintain.


In this article, you will find 60 raised garden bed design ideas for inspiration. Grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs with common favorites like cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries and carrots. Use these for your large backyard landscaping ideas or small space garden ideas in porch or patio. With every skill level, space size, time frame and budget these are also suitable for front yard DIY garden projects. Choose the design that is most beneficial for your outdoor area and affordable on your budget.

Corrugated Metal

1. Metal Garden Box: Metal garden boxes are compact, space-saving, metal containers which are suitable to grow plants, flowers, veggies, and herbs. They are a preferred option for outdoor gardening because they are strong, resilient, and long-lasting. You can find plans to make this corrugated metal bed on Etsy.

The wood frame and metal provide a nice contrast. You can even stain the wood or paint the metal for landscape appeal.


2. Round Metal Garden Bed: Round Metal garden beds are becoming increasingly popular due to their strength and longevity, and are easy to install and maintain.


3. Metal Fence Raised Garden Bed: A raised garden bed with a metal fence is a particular kind of garden bed that is built using metal fencing components like steel or aluminum. Assembling the fence panels into a rectangular or square shape, which raises the bed a few inches or a few feet off the ground, is normally how the fence panels are made.


Is metal better than wood for raised garden beds?

Wood is a natural insulator and a better choice than cold frames like galvanized steel especially for winter gardening.

Cinder Block

4. Cinder Blocks and Succulents Raised Garden bed: A gardening concept for a raised garden bed with succulents and cinder blocks entails building the bed out of cinder blocks and filling it with succulent plants.

What is the cheapest way to make raised garden beds?

The concept of raised beds is to elevate the garden bed from the ground up to grow plants. Therefore, you can use any material you already have to raise the garden beds. Be resourceful and creative with thrift store finds, recycle pallets, or even repurpose bricks and pavers. Restoration and forestry centers are also great options for finding unused materials that can be put to purpose.

Can I use cinder blocks for a raised garden bed?

Concrete blocks and cinder blocks are a cost-effective option and can save you money. They are long-lasting and resistant to water decay. Even though wood is the most common choice, cinder block is a great substitute.


5. Concrete Block Raised Garden Bed: A concrete block is an excellent option for building tough and permanent garden construction. It is an inexpensive and low-maintenance option to develop a lovely and fruitful garden. You can also use bricks.


6. Concrete Pavers: Concrete pavers are the main building material for raised garden beds. They are made of rectangular or square-shaped concrete pavers and elevated off the ground to improve drainage and make it simpler to reach for gardening tasks.


Wood Raised Garden Bed with Fence

Is it safe to use pressure-treated wood for raised beds?

New pressure-treat wood is considered safe but not recommended. It is mainly because the chemicals from the PT wood can be exposed to roots and contaminate the food. Use a waterproof liner between the wood and the soil to prevent the release of preservatives in the soil if you do plan to use pressure-treated wood.

7. Fence line raised garden bed: Raised garden beds along fence lines use the vertical framework of a fence or wall to support climbing plants and act as a boundary for the raised garden bed. Here is how you can make a raised garden bed against a fence.


8. Trellis and Raised Garden Box Combo: Create garden beds supported by metal trellises as well; they will serve as a significant garden area focal point.  It is enclosed by metal farm panels and a trellis designed in the dome style. Here is to how you can build raised garden bed with trellis.


Inexpensive Raised Garden Beds

9. Square Foot Raised Garden Beds: This design features a grid system, dividing the bed into square foot sections for easy planting and maintenance. Build a square-foot gardening design if you like calculated spaces.

10. Raised Garden bed from bales of straw: This raised garden bed, which is made of straw bales, will be the most natural one ever! Simply arrange the straw bales to make a rectangular shape to create a raised garden bed, fill the center with potting soil, and begin planting your preferred herbs, fruits, and veggies there. You can buy straw bales from Etsy.


11. Metal Table Raised Garden Bed: Not merely for serving beverages on your patio, galvanized planter tables are useful too. It is a cheap raised garden bed. By transforming yours into a garden bed, which is ideal for succulents and Irish moss, you may completely change the appearance of your garden.


Modern Raised Garden Bed Ideas

12. Raised Garden Bed with Bench: This design includes a built-in bench, providing a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your garden. How you can build benches with your garden bed.


13. Landscaping Timbers Raised Garden Bed: is made with landscaping timbers is durable, decay-resistant, and easy to manage, and can be used to cultivate plants, enhance drainage, raise soil temperature, and promote accessibility for those with mobility challenges. How to build raised garden beds with landscaping timbers.


14. Greenhouse Raised Garden Bed: This greenhouse-style raised garden bed with a dome roof is ideal for growing herbs and out-of-season veggies. For greenhouse-raised garden beds from Amazon.


15. Trellis and Raised Garden Box Combo: Create garden beds supported by metal trellises as well; they will serve as a significant garden area focal point.  It is enclosed by metal farm panels and a trellis designed in the dome style. You can buy this product from Amazon.


16. Raised Garden bed with Pond: It combines a raised vegetable bed with a pond. The raised bed serves as the planting area, while the pond gives the garden an attractive aspect. To create a large raised garden bed with a pond, the raised bed should be filled with soil and the pond can be filled with water and aquatic plants like water lilies. To link the two components of the garden, situate the raised bed near the pond or construct a bridge or walkway across it. You can see how to build a raised garden bed with a pond.


17. Geometric Design Raised Garden bed: Nobody stated that garden beds ought to be square or uniform. Choose a five, six, or eight-sided form to provide some variety. Just be careful not to use a design that is excessively big and difficult to access in the middle. Have a look at making the crazy raised garden bed in geometric design.


Pallet Raised Garden Bed Ideas

18. Pallet Pyramid-Raised Garden Bed: Making a pallet pyramid-raised garden bed is a creative way to use old wooden pallets to build a vertical garden structure. The goal is to stack multiple pallets on top of one another to form a pyramid-shaped structure.


19. Pallet Wall Raised Planter: Wall-mounted pallet planters are popular garden décor and building ideas, and are easy to construct and require little upkeep. Upcycle and acquire free pallets to create them.


20. Pallet Crate Raised Garden Bed: Using wooden pallets or crates as plant containers is a gardening technique known as a pallet crate raised garden bed. For those who do not want to overspend on supplies, this is a fantastic solution. Have a look at how you can build a raised garden bed with pallets.


21. Raised Pallet Garden Bed: Wooden pallets are recycled and made into raised garden beds. Plants are cultivated in the raised bed that have been filled with soil, manure, and other organic material. You can see how to build a raised pallet garden bed.


Reclaimed Material

22. Used tire raised garden bed: One type of raised garden bed is created from old tires. They can be used to create raised vegetable beds by cutting them in half and filling them with soil. How to build a used tire-raised garden bed.


23. Kiddie pool Raised Garden Bed: A kiddie pool can be used as a garden planter to reuse a family splash pool, allowing herbs and vegetables with shallow roots to be planted. Here is how you can make a raised garden bed with a kiddie pool.


24. Wagon Wheel Raised Garden Bed: Used wagon wheels are used as the framework for a wagon wheel raised garden bed, which is an original and aesthetically pleasing approach to building a raised garden bed. Make sure the wheels are level and evenly spaced before arranging them in a circle at the appropriate spot.

Repurposed Raised Garden Bed Ideas

25. Bucket Raised Garden Bed: A gardening method known as a “bucket raised garden bed” includes using buckets as plant containers. A small raised garden bed for small yards or low soil quality is a fantastic solution.


26. Plastic Tubs Raised Garden Bed: Be inventive with household things you already have lying around to create a raised garden bed without having to invest a lot of money! This concept turns plastic tubs into small raised garden beds.


27. Wine Box Raised Garden Bed: A gardening technique called a “wine box raised garden bed” uses wooden wine boxes as plant containers. For those looking to build a simple raised garden bed on a tight budget, this is a great alternative. How to make wine box raised garden bed.


28. Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Bed: A gardening container made from reused plastic materials that have been treated and molded into a raised bed shape is known as a recycled plastic raised garden bed. Gardeners can grow flowers, plants, veggies, herbs, or other things in the bed without having to dig in the ground because it normally stands on the ground’s surface and is filled with soil. Available in different shapes in set of 2 at Amazon.


29. Log-raised Garden bed: Recycled raised garden bed with log stumps can be built by piling logs or tree trunks on top of one another to make a log-raised garden bed. The popularity of this gardening technique, which has been around for millennia, can be attributed to the advantages it offers over conventional in-ground planting. How you can build a raised garden bed with logs.


Raised Garden Beds for Deck

30. Double-Decker Raised Garden Bed: Double-decker raised garden beds are gaining popularity due to their advantages such as greater drainage, soil quality, and planting area. Tier raised garden bed from Amazon.


31. DIY tiered raised garden bed: Make this easy tiered raised garden bed with cedar fencing and construction lumber. It is perfect for small garden, patio and deck.


DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

32. Enclosure Raised Garden Bed: this is a container that is elevated above the ground and enclosed with walls to prevent soil erosion, retain moisture, and protect plants from pests. You can get the guide to make this DIY project from Etsy.


33. Wooden Ladder Raised Garden Bed: Put a garden bed and some potted plants on a wooden ladder that you no longer have to use to spruce it up. For those who like arrangements with a rustic feel, it is a striking arrangement. You can buy this kit from Etsy.


34. Symmetrical look raised garden bed: To keep your garden beds looking uniform, stick with pairs that have the same pattern. Try positioning raised beds too close together or on the opposing ends of your space, suggests one gardening expert, since this will provide the impression of balance across the garden. This is a good idea for a backyard raised garden bed.


35. Herbs Raised Garden Bed: A raised garden bed designed specifically for growing herbs. Grow different herbs in raised garden beds with compartments, containers, or wooden separators. Get this garden bed kit from Etsy.


36. Terra Cotta Pipes Raised Garden Bed: Use terra cotta pipes to make a raised bed for planting flowers, herbs, or vegetables as part of your gardening project. This technique entails building the raised bed’s walls out of vertical sections of terra cotta pipes.



Corner Raised Garden Bed

37. Curved Corner raised garden bed: A curved corner raised garden bed gives the garden a special aesthetic appeal. It is more effective to use and creates a focal point for flowers or other plants.


Easy Raised Garden Bed Ideas

38. Square Foot Raised Garden Beds: This design features a grid system, dividing the bed into square foot sections for easy planting and maintenance. Have a look at how to build a square-foot raised garden bed.


39. Hanging Raised Garden Beds: A simple raised garden bed which is ideal for people with limited space or those who want to add a unique design element to their garden, these beds hang from a structure or wall. Get similar ones from Amazon.


40. Raised Garden beds for kids: Teach kids the value of growing their food by providing them with a raised garden bed. Here is how you can build a raised garden bed for kids.


41. Fabric Raised garden bed: A landscape fabric-raised garden bed is made of polypropylene, which is UV-resistant, water-resistant, and breathable. Fabric-raised garden bed from Amazon.


Is landscaping fabric safe for vegetable gardens?

With enough space for the crops to grow and easy passage of air, water, and nutrients in the soil, landscaping fabric is safe to use for vegetable gardens. Landscaping fabric is beneficial for weed control underneath the garden bed, however, if you choose to use it above the ground it will torn overtime.

Should I line my raised garden bed with plastic?

It is better to avoid using plastic as it can cause root rot due to poor drainage and drown your plants. Metal mesh, cardboard, and hardware cloth like landscaping fabric are useful if you want to control weed or pest.


Tall and Elevated Raised Garden Bed Ideas

42. Raised Garden Bed with Storage: It is similar to the waist-high raised garden bed. This design includes built-in storage compartments, perfect for storing gardening tools or supplies. Raised Garden bed with storage at Amazon.


43. Pyramid-Shaped Raised Garden Beds: These designs are perfect for growing a variety of plants and adding a visually stunning element to your garden. You can see how to build a pyramid-shaped raised bed.


44. Raised Garden Beds on Wheels: Ideal for people who want to move their garden beds around or have limited space, these raised beds have wheels attached to the bottom. You can buy this product from Amazon.


45. Raised Garden Bed with Watering System: This design features a built-in watering system, making it easy to keep your plants hydrated. How to build a raised garden bed with drip irrigation. More ideas for Self watering planters.


Wood Raised Garden Bed Ideas

46. Wooden Planter Box Raised Garden Bed: Square bed is ideal for moving around and limited small yard space. Small raised planter box raised garden bed from Etsy.


47. Wood raised garden bed planter: Make this wooden planter to fit any corner. It is perfect for growing plants in small spaces.


48. L-Shaped Raised Garden Beds: These beds form an L-shape, creating a unique and visually appealing garden space. Here is how you can build this raised garden bed.


49. U-Shaped Raised Garden Beds: This design forms a U-shape, providing ample space for growing different types of plants with accessibility. Get the cedar raised bed garden design building plan from Etsy.


50. Square Raised Garden Beds: A classic design that is easy to build and perfect for growing a variety of plants. You can buy these with multiple configuration options from Amazon.


51. Rectangular Raised Garden Beds: These designs are ideal for maximizing space and growing different types of plants. Rectangular Raised Garden Beds from Etsy.


52. Hexagonal Raised Garden Beds: These beds add a unique and modern design element to your garden space. These types of raised garden beds are from Etsy.


Circular or Round Raised Garden Bed Ideas

53. Keyhole Raised Garden Beds: This design features a circular raised bed with a keyhole-shaped opening in the middle providing easy access for gardening tasks.


Galvanized Steel

54. Water Trough Raised Garden Bed: A raised garden bed uses a galvanized steel water trough from amazon as the primary framework. Insert plants directly into the soil after filling the water trough with soil and compost. You can see, how to make water through raised garden bed.


Courtyard Raised Garden Bed Ideas

55. Raised Vegetable Garden Bed: Raised beds open up the possibility of growing on concrete and tiles flooring. Find ideas to grow vegetables with raised garden beds.

Productive vegetable garden

56. Affordable Raised Garden Beds: A gardening structure that allows you to grow plants without a large outdoor space. It is ideal for urban or suburban areas with limited space and cost. Here is how to build a cheap and easy raised garden bed.


57. Sunny Setup Raised Garden Bed: Aim to balance design and beauty with the amount of sunlight the area receives. Remember that the majority of herbs and vegetables need full sun. Here is how to have a successful garden with more sunlight.


Mulch-Edge Raised Garden Bed Ideas

58. Brick edge raised garden bed: One of the best boundary edges available is brick, particularly used as raised garden bed ideas for flowers. They have a rural, English countryside, and cottage-like feel. Here is, how to put edges in the raised garden bed.


59. Faux Stone Edge Raised Garden bed: Stone garden edging helps to highlight plants, trees, and flowers and separate them from the grass. You can build this popular faux stone edge in a raised garden bed from amazon.


60. Metal Edge Raised Garden Bed: Steel and aluminum are the best choices for garden edging materials, as they can last for 20 years with proper upkeep. Here is to have this product on Etsy.


61. Rubber Edge Raised Garden Bed: Rubber is an inexpensive alternative to brick and concrete due to its variety of hues and forms. How to put rubber edge in a raised garden bed.


Tiered or Multi-Level Raised Garden Bed Ideas

62. Stacked Raised Garden Bed: A stacked garden bed is a great way to add visual interest to your garden. You can stack multiple beds on top of each other, creating a unique and eye-catching design. Stacked raised garden bed from Etsy.


63. L-shaped two-tier Raised Garden Bed: Gardeners can grow more plants in a smaller area with two levels of raised garden beds arranged in the shape of an “L”. The two tier helps maximizing the space usage.


64. Rustic Raised Bed Vegetable Planter Box: These beds are made from natural materials such as wood or stone. They add a rustic charm to your garden space. How to build a rustic look raised garden bed.


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