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25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make

Today I am sharing 25 new things made with cardboard that are useful and creative. Cardboard boxes can be used to craft projects for kids, home or even organizers. These DIY cardboard box projects are easy, durable and safe to have around the house for kids. Some of these projects are unusual and extraordinary to create to be used for outdoor ease and decoration at home. The best thing about these cardboard crafts is that they are cheap and excite kids during the creation time and playtime till their little hearts are filled. As we know, they get excited and bored too quick so these ideas are just what every cardboard box collector parent wants to know!


Cardboard Crafts

DIY cardboard box projects

DIY Cardboard Box

DIY lighted buildings

DIY lighted buildings

I made these light boxes for my son’s superhero birthday party. Make these for summer backyard night fun or kid’s tent.

It’s also fun to make these for a party surprise or for a festive cake entrance in the room with only the building’s light.


DIY cardboard box playhouse

DIY cardboard playhouse

On my to-do-list for this summer. Easy, safe and fun to make DIY cardboard box playhouse.


DIY cardboard box puppet show

Cardboard box puppet show

Kids love to present a show. So many possibilities using this easy idea!


Cardboard box clock

Cardboard box clock and more class cardboard box ideas from a book “Cardboard Creatures”.

DIY cardboard organizers

DIY thread spool organizer
Cardboard box farmhouse planter

Cardboard box farmhouse planter


DIY cardboard fun for kids

Constructing an epic cardboard box kitchen

Constructing an epic cardboard box kitchen

All the little details made me fall in love with this one.


Cardboard box slide
Cardboard box easel

Make a cardboard box easel that is easy to stand using duct tape and velcro.

Best part about this easel is that is can be flatten down and stored.


Cardboard box ramps race for cars
cardboard box projects
cardboard furniture DIY

 Cardboard box furniture tutorial

This project is great for parks, beach and so much more.


cardboard wegon making

DIY Cardboard Floral Wagon

Unknown Source


cardboard upcycling ideas

Beautiful containers made with cardboard box, decorated with stickers and lace pieces. And spray painted for final touch.

What a magnificence piece of art! I can hardly believe it’s cardboard!

Unknown Source


cardboard projector
mini table DIY

 Mini foosball table made with cardboard box is a fun project for kids.


cardboard shelf DIY

 DIY cardboard shelf

I love this idea especially for kid’s room. It is safe and easy to construct.

Add in some crafty details with paint or decoupaged fabric and it will become a part of kid’s space beautifully.


cardboard guitars

 Make guitars with cardboard box

Great for kid’s school project or fun time.


cardboard car toy
cardboard tree idea
DIY Container box

Cardboard box basket and more great ideas to make bins, baskets and boxes for less than five dollars.


Cardboard box vehicles

Cardboard box vehicles


DIY light box for photography at night

Cardboard box photo box

Cardboard photo box

An easy tutorial to make a light box to take better pictures with good light at any time during the day or night.


Cardboard lightbox tutorial
Cardboard box room

Cardboard box room great for people who are always on the move.


DIY cardboard box suncatcher

Cardboard box sun catcher


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New cardboard box projects

I hope you liked these DIY cardboard box ideas, be sure to leave a comment and let me know.




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2 responses to “25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make”

  1. Steve says:

    Just wondering where I could get so many boxes. I was thinking Ikea have them pretty cheap, but have you had any luck going to a local shop and asking there? I suppose they throw away a lot everyday

    • Hani Shabbir says:

      I think using a good coupon at Michaels can help you with a unique set of boxes, also rarely I’ve seen nice boxes at dollarama. I have seen them at wholesale craft stores too. I hope this helps!

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25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make

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