DIY Wall Mirrors – Thirty Best Home Decor Projects

Learn to make custom frames and decorative mirrors with DIY Wall Mirrors. These 30 best home decor mirror projects are great to make any home look expensive and stylish. Mirrors are a great way to make a home look extraordinary with elegance and sophistication. Whether you like modern, rustic, vintage (antique) or unique wall mirrors, these ideas will help you decide what you want. Find ideas to revamp a simple mirror into a classic piece of art that can artistically fit in any home decor. There are many creative ways to decorate and design any mirror border. Sunburst and starburst mirrors are one of my favorite.You can use some marbles, stones, shells, small mirrors, wooden pieces or even flowers. There are also ideas if you are going to try upcycling like plastic spoons, egg carton flowers, toilet paper roll or straws etc.

DIY wall mirrors home decor projects

DIY wall mirrors

DIY painted mirror project DIY wall mirrors

Use stencil and paint to create a beautiful painted wall mirror.

Copper pipe DIY mirror

Add a mirror to custom designed wood frame with copper pipes.

Copper pipe pineapple mirror diy

DIY mirror jewelry storage

A functional multi-purpose mirror with hidden storage. Great for jewelry, makeup and bathroom amenities.

Jewelry storage mirror diy

 Creative repurposed mirrors

diy plastic spoons mirror

Amazing mirror revamp with spray painted spoons and more spoon mirror crafts.

DIY spoon mirror

DIY mirror wall decor

Make a stunning masterpiece out of a simple mirror.

DIY mirror wall art

sunburst mirror DIY

 DIY paint stick sunburst mirror

beach inspired mirror

Beach Inspired Rustic Mirror DIY

 How to make an impressove driftwood mirror

DIY standing mirrors

DIY wood framed mirror

Stain a piece of wood and stick a mirror to it. Easier than it seems and beautiful to have at home.

DIY wood framed mirror

DIY hollywood mirror with lights DIY wall mirrors

A great mirror frame with usefulness we all ask for!

DIY Hollywood style mirror with lights

How to build a trumeau mirror sign

Build a trumeau mirror

Unique mirror ideas

Paint metal tin mirror diy

Paint metal tin mirror diy

Mirror with lights

Mirror with lights


Use mirror squares from dollar store to create this simple and elegant piece for decoration.

DIY mirror decor


Turn a simple plate into a beautiful mirror with painted polka dots on the side and a circular mirror glued to the center. DIY plate mirror via Blitsy Crafts.


wood slice mirror diy

DIY Wood Slice Mirror Tutorial

coastal mirror decore

 Coastal Sunburst Mirror

DIY wall mirrors with excellence

An artistic mirror work of excellence by Codor Designs inspired me to share this project.

Spray paint and glue beautiful pottery or plastic pieces to create this mirror at home.

Beautiful DIY Mirror

DIY rope mirror

A great mirror to have for a vacation home, coastal beach cottage or a theme room.

 Nautical Rope Mirror

How To Make Mirror bowls

 How To create Mirror Bowls via apartment therapy

decorative mirror with wood shims

How To decorate Mirror with wood shims?

how to make mirror wall art

Use makeup mirrors to make this brilliant mirror art.

A Brilliant Mirror Art Idea

mirror DIY idea DIY wall mirrors

 DIY Mirror frame gold dipped

pvc pipe decorated mirror

 PVC Pipe Decorated Mirror

DIY mosaic mirror

Impressive DIY mosaic projects that you will be amazed to see!

DIY CD mirror

Tiled mirror DIY wall mirrors

Glue tiles of your choice and turn any mirror into a beautiful work of art.

DIY tiled mirror

diy acorn mirror

Beautiful crafts created with acorn.

DIY acorn mirror

DIY mirror hangers

Use mirrors as accessories holder around the house.

DIY mirror hangers

Mirrors are a great way to make any space look bigger, brighter and are functional as the same time. So stop drooling over those highly priced mirrors and make yourself one with these cool and stylish ideas. Update: Some links were broken and therefore removed. If you find original source please leave a comment.

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DIY wall mirrors tutorials and great ideas to decorate your home on a budget with stylish and luxuriously gorgeous looking mirrors to make statement in your house


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