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28 DIY Water Feature Ideas for your yard

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Bring a touch of tranquility to your outdoor living space with water feature ideas for landscape. The calming sounds and peaceful atmosphere can not only benefit you, but also increase the value of your property. Your home can have the ideal water feature, whether it be a basic bird bath fountain or an elaborate pond or stream.

Find variety of possible options to DIY water feature and find a list of materials to assess your budget. Choose the best idea for your space based on work level. Once, you have chosen the idea gather the supplies we have recommended and get making your own with expert’s advise linked for your assistance.


Water feature ideas

The Different Styles of Water Features

A DIY water feature project can add value and beauty to your outdoor space. With the right materials and tools, many styles of water features can be created with a DIY approach in 2023, including:

  • Modern Water Feature: Create a sleek and contemporary look with a simple rectangular pool and a clean-lined fountain or water wall using materials such as glass, concrete, or stainless steel.
  • Natural Water Feature: Bring the beauty of nature to your backyard with a DIY pond or stream made from rocks, stone, and wood. Incorporate plants like water lilies and rushes to complete the natural look.
  • Rustic Water Feature: Give your outdoor space a charming, rustic feel with a DIY fountain or pond made from natural materials such as stone, wood, and copper. Add a waterfall or stream to complete the look.
  • Asian Water Feature: Evoke a peaceful, Zen-like atmosphere with a DIY water feature incorporating elements such as bamboo, stone lanterns, and koi fish. Build a koi pond or a tiered fountain with a stone base for a classic Asian look.
  • Mediterranean Water Feature: Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your outdoor space with a DIY wall fountain or small pool with a fountain made from terra-cotta pots and mosaic tiles.

DIY water features are a great way to save money while creating an outdoor space that is unique to your taste and style. However, it’s important to consider your skill level and resources before starting any DIY project. Hiring a professional may be necessary for certain aspects of the project.

List of Supplies for Water Garden Projects

Gather these key components for DIY Water Feature ideas:

  • Basin or Container: Select a pre-made basin or build one yourself
  • Circulating Pump: Essential for flowing water and controlling the flow
  • Connectors and Hoses: Connect the pump to the feature and circulate the water
  • Leak-Proof Liner: Ensure the water stays contained within the basin or container.
  • Natural Bedding: Use rocks, stones, or gravel to give a natural appearance
  • Live Plants: Add greenery to enhance the natural look of the feature
  • Illumination: Light up the feature for a beautiful visual display at night
  • Water Flow Enhancer: Choose from fountains, sprayers, or nozzles to control the water flow and create a desired visual effect
  • Electrical Supplies: Power the pump, lighting, and other electrical components.

Note: The required items may vary depending on the size, design, and complexity of your water feature project. This list of basic components will help you get started:

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Essential Tips

  • Choose a location with proper water and electrical access.
  • Select a pump with the appropriate flow rate for the size of your water feature.
  • Use a liner to prevent water from seeping into the ground and causing damage.
  • Incorporate rocks, plants, and other natural materials to create a harmonious design.
  • Consider using a filtration system to keep the water clean and clear.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

  • Water feature near trees or plants that might drop debris into the water.
  • Electrical equipment near the water without taking proper safety precautions.
  • Over-pump the water as this can cause it to become stagnant.
  • Forget to clean and maintain your water feature regularly to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.
  • Use of chemicals in the water that could harm plants, wildlife, or pets.

How to keep water clean in a water feature?

  • Use white vinegar to clean Algae
  • Some chlorine in summer
  • Use a good quality water pump
  • Change water once a month
  • Replace pump filters as recommended

What can I use for water feature ideas?

Water features refer to various structures or elements designed to incorporate water into a landscaped area. Some common types of water features include:

  1. Fountains: Decorative structures that produce a continuous flow of water.
  2. Ponds: Man-made water basins that can range in size from small, shallow containers to large, multi-tiered pools.
  3. Waterfalls: Features that mimic the flow of cascading water, often incorporated into a pond or fountain.
  4. Streams: A flowing water feature created by a pump and channel system.
  5. Bubble fountains: Fountains create a stream of bubbles that rise to the surface.
  6. Spray features: Structures that produce a mist or spray of water, such as a spray fountain or misting fountain.
  7. Spa and hot tubs: Small, personal water features designed for relaxation and hydrotherapy.
  8. Cascading pools: Tiered pools that mimic the flow of a natural waterfall.
  9. Rain chains: Decorative chains or cups that direct rainwater from a roof to a basin or pond.
  10. Rill: A narrow channel or trench that carries water from a higher to a lower point.
  11. Grotto: A cave-like structure that incorporates a waterfall or fountain into its design.
  12. Interactive water features: Water features incorporate elements such as jets, sprays, and nozzles for interactive play.
  13. LED-lit fountains: Fountains that incorporate LED lights for a unique visual display, especially at night.
  14. Water walls: Vertical structures that incorporate a continuous flow of water, creating a calming sound and visual display.
  15. Koi ponds: Ponds designed specifically for keeping and viewing koi fish, often incorporating a viewing platform or window.
  16. Solar-powered fountains: Fountains that use solar energy to power their pumps and operate during daylight hours.

DIY Water Feature Ideas

Find water feature ideas with materials and tools linked for ease of purpose as you build them. Please note some links are common in these projects and therefore not repeated. The intention is to help you assess the best options to make your water feature on the right budget. Once you read how the water feature is made you will realize the same method is valid for all and hence the products can be substituted to fit different budgets.

Easy maintenance water features

1. Simple Low Maintenance Water Feature by Bunnings.

  • Solar pump kit from Etsy $36
  • Solar fountain Kit from Amazon $125
  • Basin
  • 1L water based bitumen paint from Amazon
  • Landscape natural stones
  • Waterproof caulk and seal from Amazon
  • Lightweight concrete cylinder planter from Amazon $53


2. Large Ceramic Pot Splashy Water Garden by Lowes.

  • 19-in Glazed Ceramic Pot from Amazon $15
  • Solar fountain Kit from Amazon $125
  • 4 Rubber Hole Plugs
  • Marine Grade Clear Silicone Adhesive Sealant from Amazon $13
  • Two 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets


3. Two tier Patio Water Fountain by Lowes.

  • 15-in ceramic planter from Amazon $40
  • 10-in ceramic planter, buy from Amazon $40
  • Water feature bubble pond kit with pump from Amazon $12
  • 7 or 8 in Plastic flowerpot
  • 15-in black plastic plant saucer


4. Design a DIY Staircase Water Fountain by An Extraordinary Day.

  • Large Water-Tight Container/Pot
  • Smart Pond Container Fountain Kit
  • Power Drill and flat boring Drill Bit
  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Black flower pots in 2 sizes
  • Ceramic Fish
  • Water and a nearby grounded Power Source


5. Urn or Pot Spillway Bowl Water Feature by Heart the Devine.

  • Large clay pot
  • Small clay pot
  • Plastic pot for height or nursery pot
  • Craft paints
  • Potting soil
  • Plants
  • Glue or tape
  • Foam sealant
  • Solar fountain inserts from Amazon $17


6. Invisible Stacking Stones Water Rain Fountain by instructables.

  • Pump
  • Copper Pipe
  • Waterproof Basin
  • Stones
  • Small Rocks
  • Compression Female Adapter
  • Ball Valve
  • Screen
  • Composite Decking
  • Drainage Gravel


7. Solar Powered Staircase Birdbath Fountain by interior frugalista.

  • Set of 2 flower pots from Amazon
  • Flower pot saucer from Amazon
  • Plastic pail
  • River Rocks
  • Solar power birdbath fountain from Amazon OR Solar powered Submersible Pump from Amazon $134.


Small garden water feature ideas

8. Natural Small Backyard Pond Box by Family Handyman.

  • 15 feet of 1×8 Cedar boards
  • Handsaw or circular saw
  • Drill
  • Wood screws
  • Scrap wood
  • Water sealant
  • Waterproof Liner from Amazon $40
  • Water plants
  • Potting soil
  • Pea gravel or landscape rocks
  • Gazing ball or other ornaments from Amazon $40


9. Include Garden Pot Water feature next to fire pit by bhg.

  • 24″ Container
  • Pump and fountain from Amazon $12
  • Premixed quick-dry cement
  • Liquid water sealant
  • Bricks
  • Outlet with ground fault circuit interrupter


10. Small Rustic Metal Tub Wall Water Feature by rustic refined.

  • Low Water Shut Off Fountain Pump from Amazon $12
  • Water Trough/Stock tank
  • Corrugated metal sheet
  • 12 gallon kitchen garbage can
  • 40 pound bags of Potting Soil
  • Garden Watering Can from thrift store
  • Scrap Lumber
  • Scrap Metal Frame
  • Common Plumbing parts (pipe elbows, flange, washers and wing nuts)
  • Antique Metal Coffee Filter from an old commercial coffee pot
  • 6 to 8 Bricks (optional)

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11. Traditional Walkway Rock Water feature by Garden Therapy.

  • Level
  • Large Aqua Basin Sand Bag
  • Hand truck
  • 3 Basalt fountains
  • Pump 2000 GPH
  • AquaScape Kink Free Pipe
  • Electrical Outlet
  • AquaScape LED Garden and Pond 3 Light Kit from Amazon $140
  • Various large landscape rocks
  • Bulk River Stones


Unusual landscaping water garden ideas

12. Japanese Pondless Waterfalls Curtain by the owner builder network.

  • Pressure treated lumber
  • copper pipe from Amazon $18
  • 1 ¼” copper elbows from Amazon $13
  • Blow torch and copper solder or copper epoxy
  • Plastic tubing and two 1 ½” elbows buy from Amazon $9
  • Toro Blue Stripe Drip Tubing
  • Waterfall pump from Amazon $221
  • 1 ½” PVC Ball Valve from Amazon $15
  • Drill
  • Router
  • Miter Saw
  • Oscillating multi tool or wood chisel
  • Level
  • Exterior wood stain from Amazon $200
  • Fast Set Concrete
  • Post hole digger or shovel
  • Plastic storage container from Home Depot
  • 40 mil pvc pond liner 5’ x 8’ from Amazon $40
  • Landscape Timber lag screws
  • 200 lbs Black Mexican Beach Pebbles


13. Cascading Waterfall Stream Yard Feature by Family Handyman.

  • Ball valve and clamps
  • Decorative boulders
  • Pond liner from Amazon $40
  • Field boulders
  • Gravel
  • Hose kit and connections
  • Large waterfall pump from Amazon $12
  • PVC primer and cement
  • Sewage basin and lid
  • Two hole saw bits
  • Weed barrier landscaping fabric from Amazon $120
  • Waterfall foam sealant from Amazon $35


14. Swimming pool waterfall by HGTV.

  • Self-contained waterfall kit from Amazon $1000
  • White gravel
  • Assorted plants
  • EMT (electrical metallic tubing) plastic conduit
  • Four EMT (electrical metallic tubing) elbows
  • Two wet location boxes
  • 50′ electrical snake
  • Shovels
  • Cordless drill with screwdriver attachment


15. Build a Traditional Koi Pond with Outdoor Kitchen by The Spruce.

  • Pond liner from Amazon $40
  • 4″ flexible hose pipe
  • 4″ drain
  • Decorative stones
  • Settling chamber
  • Mechanical surface skimmer
  • Biological filters


16. Above ground barrels waterfall for pool by Don Wynn.

  • 40 gal Stock Tank
  • two full sized wine barrels
  • Plunger Valve from Amazon $40
  • garden hose


Backyard Centerpiece Water Features for focal point

17. Tabletop Indoor Upcycled water fountain using LED and water bottles by Rustc Kraft.

  • 7 Plastic bottles of various size.
  • 3 to 4 spoonful of white cement
  • 2 rolls of bandage and cloth pieces
  • Waterproof RGB Remote Controlled LED strip from Amazon $40
  • Submersible pump from Amazon $10
  • Hot Glue Gun


18. Oudoor Brick Water Blade Feature by HGTV.

  • 37-gallon heavy duty trash can with lid from Amazon $140
  • Tumbled stone bricks
  • Pump with 1-1/4-inch hose
  • Pvc pipe
  • Plastic flower box
  • Pond liner from Amazon $40
  • Aluminum flashing
  • Silicone sealant


19. Centerpiece Vertical Terra Cotta Water Feature by instructables and more bird bath ideas.

  • Terra Cotta Pot and Bowls
  • Solar Fountains from Amazon $17


20. Courtyard Decorative Water Feature in focus by Family Handyman.

  • Bucket
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Dust mask
  • Hearing protection
  • Pliers
  • Putty knife
  • Safety glasses
  • Sawhorses
  • Straightedge
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife


21. Vortex Water fountain that spins by Adapt.

  • Acrylic cylinder (Recommended: 8″ diameter) from Amazon $16
  • Water pump (Recommended: 400 GPH / 1500 L/h submersible pump) from Amazon $10
  • Pipe or hose (Recommended: 1/2″ clear hose) from Amazon $27
  • Watertight base (Recommended: 16″ resin planter)
  • Plant saucer (Recommended: 16″ plant saucer)
  • Sandpaper
  • Power drill, with drill bits
  • Sealant gun, with silicone sealant


Frontyard Water Feature Ideas

22. DIY Simple Pond with lights and statue by Lolo Bay.

  • Pond Liner from Amazon $40
  • Pond water Pump from Amazon $20
  • Pipe or hose


23. Grow a Pondless Water Garden by pretty purple door.

  • Submersible Fountain Pump from Amazon $10
  • Plastic Tubing
  • Water basin
  • Grate to cover water basin or Hardware cloth
  • Outdoor Extension Cord
  • Pond Nozzle Kit
  • Rocks
  • Shovel, dirt, hose, etc.


24. Frontyard Rustic Mixed Materials Water Feature by Shannon Quimby.

  • Rustic Steel Wheelbarrow set of 2 from Amazon $63
  • Heavy-duty work gloves
  • Wire feed welder
  • 26 feet of metal pipe
  • 2 feet of flat bar
  • Welding mask
  • Three tool heads to decorate tops of support pipe sections (we used a rake, shovel and pitchfork)
  • Pond pump
  • Black electrical tape
  • Pond plants
  • Extension cord (optional)


Balcony water garden ideas

25. Wall Mounted Relaxing Rain Chain Feature by gardeners oasis.

  • Flexible copper tubing from Amazon $38
  • Copper sheet metal from Amazon $60
  • Copper hobby wire
  • Broom handle or other long round object
  • Bench vise
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Metal cutting reciprocating saw blade
  • Pliers
  • Jig saw
  • Thin Metal Jig Saw Blade
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit for drilling metal


26. Illusion of Floating Tap Water Feature by Creativity Hero.

  • Galvanized Rustic Metal Bucket from Etsy $50
  • Water faucet from Etsy $100
  • Rigid acrylic
  • Water pump from Amazon $20
  • White pebbles
  • Cordless drill
  • Drill bit set
  • Glue gun
  • 5 min epoxy from Amazon $7


27. Artistic DIY Bamboo Stick Water Feature by Rustic Kraft.

  • Bamboo Stakes from Amazon $9
  • PVC pipe
  • Pinch valve
  • Plastic water line
  • Pond pump from Amazon $12
  • Drill/driver
  • Hacksaw
  • Utility knife


28. Flowy Zen Water Garden by nurseries online.

  • Bamboo Stacks from Amazon $9-20
  • Drill
  • Small nails or silicon
  • Plastic tubing
  • Plunger Valve
  • Garden hose


With the help of this guide, you can build your own water feature. The variety of options available encourages unrestricted imagination. We wish you luck with your project and look forward to seeing the unique water feature ideas you design.

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