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40 DIY tulle fabric projects to make and sell from home

Tulle fabric (also known as tulle netting) is a soft, fine silk, cotton, or nylon material like net, used to make veils and dresses traditionally. But today, DIY tulle fabric has become a popular craft medium to make handmade projects. You can use tulle to craft, sew, and what not! It has also been incorporated into great nursery, home and girl bedroom decor ideas. Tulle for wedding dresses in never out of trend. And what about disney princesses inspired gowns and frocks. There are so many things you can create with tulle. But instead of bombarding this list with millions, I am going to share the most inspiring DIY tulle fabric tutorials in my eyes.

DIY tulle fabric projects

DIY tulle fabric projects to make and sell


1. Tulle Flowers, Pom Poms & Poofs

Tulle flowers can be made in a variety of ways. Here are just a few:

tulle flowers pom pom
tulle rosette making
tulle rosette making
tulle floeer making
tulle pom pom making

Cute tulle pom poms make adorable baby mobile, garland, and even a hair clip.

DIY Tulle Pom Pom Ball Tutorial


Make tulle pom pom balls
tulle poof party hat

A super large tulle poof is all you need to look party ready!

Tulle poof party hat

2. Tulle Bows

Tulle bow wedding chair

An easy and adorable idea to throw a luxurious party on a budget.

Tulle bow party chair

Best DIY tulle bow

Make this beautiful ruffled tulle bow – unknown source.

Cute hair bow tutorial

Hair bow tutorial

3. Tulle dresses (tutu) for babies and girls

Tutus, princess dresses, ballerina skirts and bridal gowns. We have all seen how fabulous a girl looks in these glamorous tulle fabric stitched clothes!

Ribbon trimmed tutu tutorial

A tutu made with ribbon border all around the edges. I am thinking about sewing a pom pom trim, glitter trim or even an embroidered ribbon to make a tutu!

Ribbon trimmed tutu tutorial

Ballet dress - how to sew tulle skirt tshirt?
tulle tutu making
Tulle knot and puff headband and tutu

An adorable tulle puff and knot headband and tutu tutorial for baby girl.

DIY tulle dress

4. Tulle pillows

DIY tulle pillow

A simple layer of tulle on a regular pillow has so much charm!

DIY tulle pillow

tulle rose pillow

Beautiful circular decorative pillows made using tulle – unknown source.

More decorative pillow tutorials, here.

5. Tulle sewing tips and tricks

Tutu sizing guide chart
tulle sewing terms and conditions
sewing with tulle

 Tips For Sewing Tulle

6. Tulle wreaths

Best tulle wreath

There are numerous tulle wreath ideas. But this one is my most favourite out there today. Why? Just look at those adorable colors and that cute bow.

Best tulle wreath for sale by the occasional wreath.

7. Tulle princess (Disney inspired)

Tulle princess handbags
tulle fairy wings
tulle butterfly making
tulle bed skirt making
Tutu tablecloth
DIY tulle hammock outdoor serenity space

Create a serene mosquito free space for relaxation outdoors using tulle (mosquito netting) over hammock.

unknown source

DIY tulle canopy on the bed

Here’s a new take on the traditional canopy bed. An idea inspired by Cinderella.

This one is made with chiffon but it can easily be created using tulle fabric.

DIY tulle canopy

8. Tulle accessories

Tutu princess cape

Easy and cute pretend play DIY Anna and Elsa princess cape that doesn’t require sewing expertise.

DIY tutu cape

DIY tulle crafts
DIY tulle and sequin crowns

Adorable crown hair clips made with tulle and sequins.

DIY crown via instagram.

9. Tulle Party Ideas

DIY tulle balloon
DIY tulle petticoat

Make your own funky multi-layered petticoat (tulle skirt).

DIY tulle petticoat

Tulle table runner
Tulle backdrop idea for parties

An instant beautiful backdrop for parties and weddings using tulle fabric can be made a part of any theme anytime.

DIY tulle backdrop

10. DIY tulle projects

DIY tulle tent

Make this simple tulle tent personal space for kids to play and read.

Another fun idea is to add string lights for a fairy tale experience.

DIY tulle tent

burlap and tulle curtains

Burlap and tulle contains make the most elegant looking wedding decor. I also love this idea for home decor.

Tulle curtains

DIY tulle wall art

DIY ballerina tulle princess dress wall art is a great project for girl’s bedroom decor.

DIY tulle wall art for sale by Flora Shop.

DIY tulle lamp revamp

Glue tulle frill (cut a strip of tulle, stitch in the middle, and gather to make tulle ruffles) on the top and bottom edges of the lamp shade.

DIY tulle lamp

Tulle tutu vase centerpiece idea

Turn a simple mason jar into beautiful centerpiece with tulle

DIY tutu vase via Etsy

I hope you enjoyed these inspirational DIY tulle fabric (tutu) ideas that are handmade and wanted. Some links were missing original source, if you come across them please leave us a comment so we can add.

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DIY tulle fabric projects to make and sell


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40 DIY tulle fabric projects to make and sell from home

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