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27 Stencil Furniture Makeovers

These are the best stencil furniture makeovers.

You will love how creative these furniture makeovers are!

There are DIY techniques and tips to easily spray paint using vinyl.

And a little more detail-orientated ones also.

Like using paint brushes for final touches.


These fabulous furniture makeovers may make you stencil your furniture.

Let’s get started with these tutorials:


27 DIY Stenciled Furniture.


stencil furniture makeovers


Stencil Furniture Makeovers


stencil furniture makeovers

1. Black dresser makeover using painter’s tape.

2.  DIY stencil bookcase

3. Stenciled desk with chalk paint.

4. Artistic furniture makeover with different stenciled patterns on each drawer.


best stencil furniture makeovers

5. Damask stencil dresser

6. DIY honeycomb table using painter’s tape.

7. Grey stencil furniture

8. DIY caning furniture, spray paint cane pattern on a dresser.


top furniture makeovers

9. Stencil number furniture, great for keeping things organized and easy to access by everyone.

10. Fern stencil dresser with hand painted details.

11. Green stencil furniture

12. Metallic herringbone table using white paint pen.


best furniture makeovers

13. Cute furniture makeover for nursery  girl’s bedroom in pink.

14. Stencil polkadots dresser using needle point hoops.

15. Stencil armoire

16. Dressed up dresser, fun pattern for kids room.


DIY stencil furniture makeovers

17. Red stencil furniture, a bright kitchen island makeover.

18. Chalk paint stencil table with hand painted details.

19. DIY side table makeover using vinyl and spray paint.

20. Stencil nightstand makeover


stencil furniture makeovers tutorials
great stencil furniture makeovers

25. DIY stencil dresser

26. Turquoise stencil dresser with herringbone pattern, drawn using white paint pen.

27. Stencil flowers furniture with silhouette cut vinyl and paint brushes.


I would love to know which one is your favorite?

My favorite is the turquoise dresser with herringbone pattern.


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27 Stencil Furniture Makeovers

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