Make luxurious topiary garden to decorate on budget with greenery

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Today I am sharing how to make luxurious topiary garden to decorate on budget with greenery. This is an easy crafts project that requires no expertise. DIY dollar tree artificial topiary balls and planters for expensive look for less.


Some neutral color schemes like classic black, grey, white and pop of green for plants in a space is all that makes a huge difference in your space. Adding height to your decoration on budget changes the home decor game completely. This is achievable with use of candle holder which are available in all shapes and sizes at dollar tree and dollar store.


DIY topiary using dollar tree finds decorating on budget

DIY Topiary Trees.


Make luxurious topiary garden to decorate on budget

I got inspired by high-end topiaries that you usually find at the stores or online but they are a little over my budget. So, I decided to recreate the look for less using some home decor items from dollar store and stuff around the house. These topiary trees are great to have around the house as they work for all seasons. Since, I wanted to display them on the console table I decided to recreate a double topiary tree.


Video tutorial DIY topiary

Here’s a quick video showing how to make DIY topiary with double topiary balls. Link will be posted next week!


things material to make topiary trees decorating on budget

Material for topiary garden.


Material to decorate on budget with DIY Dollar tree topiary

Decorate on budget with dollar store finds and make an impressive table top decoration for your home. You will need the following material:


How to make a topiary tree?

I love topiary balls they are so much fun to add to any space for a quick pop of life. DIY topiary tree using greenery balls that look like boxwood topiary shaped with trimming.


Making topiary trees to decorate on budget is not a difficult task because the items are so readily available for a cheaper price if you search around. Facebook marketplace is also a great place to score some good deals.


1. Start by cutting floral foam to the size of your planter. You may need to insert more foam blocks to cover the entire area.


make topiary garden decoration for less

Topiary decoration on budget.


Tip: This step keeps the planters less heavy and easy to move around. If your planter is not that heavy you can insert decorative stones around the floral foam instead to give it some weight.


2. Now use some acrylic paint to color the wooden dowels and candlestick.


How to paint an antique candle holder?

Paint a vintage candlestick holder all white using a paint brush and acrylic paint. Now let it dry completely. Once it dries, use a foam brush to dab a lighter grey tone over it. Make sure to skip a few parts randomly. Let it dry completely as well. Now apply a final coat of black acrylic paint with a paint brush roughly such that the entire surface is not covered. Leaving parts of candle untouched between the three coats brings the true effect.


Video tutorial painting antique candlestick

Here’s a quick video showing how to paint an antique candlestick using acrylic paints, paint brush and foam brush. Link will be updated next week!


Tip: A complete dry between each coat is crucial to avoid mixing of colors and get the desired results.


How to paint antique candlestick candle holder vintage

How to paint antique candle holder?


3. Insert the dried wooden dowel into the ceramic planter. Fill the clay planter with decorative stones. I used black stones.


4. Use hot glue around the dowel where you want to arrange the topiary balls. This ensures they keep in place. Now insert the topiary ball from the top of the dowel and bring it down to it’s place. Do the same for the top one.


5. Generously splatter gorilla wood glue on the candlestick and place the ceramic planter on top. The weight in the pot acts to press the surfaces together. Let it dry overnight.


You can also use different sizes of topiary balls from dollar tree. Consider inserting twigs from backyard to give it a natural look. They look perfect for spring and summer.


Topiary trees arrangement with greenery

make topiary trees with toiary balls decorating on budget

Topiary trees and topiary balls to decorate on budget.


Arrange it on a tile tray or console table as per your liking. Botanical casting art will add to the luxurious look of it that too is a project for decorating on budget. I hope you enjoyed this project.


Ways to style topiary trees at home

There are a variety of ways to use double topiary trees to decorate on budget. They are versatile and can become a welcoming addition to any home style or home decor. Here are a few ideas for your consideration:

  • Add them along with mercury glass on a table.
  • Decorate your double vanity bathroom with topiaries and bathroom supplies in a tray.
  • Balance a featured lamp on one side with topiaries on other.
  • These days greenery is trending. Accent these topiaries with a jungle wallpaper or dark background.
  • Display on the kitchen island for a new look that freshens up the kitchen.
  • They will also become a welcoming addition to the dining room table as a centerpiece.
  • Arrange them behind the sofa table with sheer curtains or window treatment to add a touch a greenery in your living room.
  • Place them besides the fireplace on the floor. Accent with a rug or hardwood floors.
  • The height of these topiaries will add elegance and luxury in any space.


dollar tree double topiary tree for cheap

Make luxurious topiary garden.


Find tips to decorate on budget that are easy to implement along with this project for a full room makeover.


Easy tips to decorate on budget

When it comes to decorating on a fixed budget there are lots of things you can do. Let me share some ideas that will be useful:



The easiest thing to refresh a place is to paint a wall or a project. Here I have shared the simplest tips to paint a room.



Art doesn’t have to be always expensive. Invest your time in finding excellent pieces of artwork at local art programs, flea markets, goodwill, thrift stores and dollar stores. You can frame a beautiful image from your travel or even a favorite scarf or fabric to hang on the wall. I have shared 30 ways to make abstract art and bas relief botanical art. These art are an excellent way to make your home look classic and expensive while you can find ideas to display art.


Change accent pieces

Throw pillows are a great way to update a place. Changing accent pieces on your console table that require a keen eye such as these topiaries is awesome too. You can snag great finds that require some touch of love to make it stand out.


Create atmosphere

This is a great way to decorate on budget. I have shared 9 excellent ideas to create a cozy atmosphere. Moreover, add candles for a soft and dim light environment. Introduce greenery and scent to set the mood. Bringing life plants and arranging them with faux plants at places where real plants won’t thrive is a great way to make your home feel welcoming. Use beautiful planters and containers to set the space just right!


Plan and organize to decorate on budget


Sometimes simple things like rearranging the furniture pieces and reorganizing accent pieces can make the room brand new again. Integrate art, boxes and mementos while you reorganize books on your bookshelves.



Another great way to decorate on budget is to declutter your space. You might find a sudden drift in the openness that it brings to your clutter free space. Make your surface areas neat, display flowers in a vase and add art for final touches.


Shop your home

Sometimes we buy things and never get a hang of things to get that idea executed. Look around your home for pieces that you stored for some day and you might land on an excellent project that you had forgotten about!


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