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20 things that will SPARKLE with Mercury Glass – Mirror Paint

Mercury glass is an excellent effect you get with mirror paint. The sparkling shine you get on glass projects with this paint is outstanding. Mirror paint is found in many fun metallic colors now. And the best part about it is that you can get done in a flash by spraying the paint on your glass project. I especially love the scratched mercury glass technique, it gives it a vintage class. Which only requires rubbing the paint off the surface, with vinegar and water wet cloth. There are lots of things you can transform and DIY with mirror paint. I am sharing some of the most beautiful projects today.


Mercury Glass – Mirror Paint


Mercury mirror glass paint ideas


You can get extraordinary and unique mercury paint decorative accents at home stores like pottery barn. But they can cost you loads! But these simple ideas can help you make your own one of a kind mirror paint project for much less. Lets have a look at different things you can transform:


Candle Votives


DIY faux mercury glass vases

Faux mercury glass vases

Get this simple look with krylon looking glass mirror like spray paint. The trick is to spray water on the vases before the paint.

It gives it the mist effect.


DIY mercury glass candle votives

Gold mercury glass votives

Beautiful menorah made with candle votives and glass-looking paint.


Decoration Pieces


Mercury glass decoration piece
DIY mercury glass owl

Cute spray painted Mercury glass owl.

You can transform any decorative glass accent especially the ones from thrift store into exorbitant looking items with mirror paint.


DIY Projects


DIY Mirror paint lamp
DIY mercury glass cutlery holder

Make your silverware holders stand out rather than blending in, with mercury glass painted jars.


how to make mercury glass mason jars

Step by step DIY mason jars with mirror-like metallic paint.




make mercury glass plates

How to make mirrored plates


Glass Towers


Mirror paint apothecary jars

DIY Mercury glass candlestick jars

Organize your bathroom supplies in style with these apothecary jars.


Beautiful Mirror paint centerpiece

Beautiful wedding/ party table centerpiece made with mercury painted glasses and fresh flowers via Belle




DIY mercury glass vases
How to make Mercury glass patterns on vase

DIY Mercury Glass Vase

This project is something different. Instead of just spray painting the vase, she made a pattern on the glass. I love how she used school glue to achieve such brilliance! 


Lighted Projects


DIY mirror paint led globe

A spectacular LED light orb

This can be made by spray a mist of water before spray painting a fish bowl with mirror paint. Once dry, put string lights inside and you are done!


Mirror paint snow globe from mason jar

Mercury glass snow globe

Transform a mason jar into a cute handmade gift with mirror glass paint.


Plant and Flower arrangement


Succulent planter using mirror paint

Succulent in a jar

Make a cute and affordable plant gift that will look adorable as well. All you need is a glass jar, mirror paint and succulent/ plants.


Mirror paint vases tutorial

DIY faux mercury glass

Make these beautiful mirror-like vases. Instead of painting inside the glass vases, she painted on the outside. And dabbed it with water and vinegar mixture when it dried. This gives it a smudged look. The end result is outstanding.


Recycle and transform projects


Transform light fixtures with mirror paint

Magnificent light fixtures via Candelabra.


DIY mirror paint tray for jewelry

Transform a simple frame into jewelry organizer that looks elegant and chic with mercury mirror glass paint.


Wine bottles as decorative accents using mercury glass

Recycle wine bottles into romantic outdoor lighting using mirror-looking paint and candles.


antique mercury glass candle holders

Antique mercury glass pillar holders via pottery barn.


DIY mercury glass/ mirror paint projects at craftionary.net


I hope you enjoyed these simple ideas that can bring sparkle to your dull glassware in a flash.


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3 responses to “20 things that will SPARKLE with Mercury Glass – Mirror Paint”

  1. JUDY says:

    When I washed a mercury glass vase, the faux mercury came off. So be careful using mercury glass as a vase.

    • Hani says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Try apply a primer to secure the mercury screen on the vase.

  2. Paul Brian says:

    Mercury Glass – Mirror Paint this is awesome! Those 20 things that will SPARKLE with Mercury Glass were really good to look at, and its beauty is one of those stars that you see when you looked outside the door.

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20 things that will SPARKLE with Mercury Glass – Mirror Paint

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