What color to paint your furniture? (25 DIY Projects)

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Get ready to see some fabulous colors. You are going to be WOW-ed today! How often do you think, what color to paint? It’s hard to decide on a good color to paint your furniture.


So, today I am sharing 25 colors that will help you.


25 DIY Painted Projects




What color to paint your furniture?



A table refinished with black and gold paint.

Also find instructions to use textured paint to accomplish the look.

How to refinish a table!



Darling yellow! Bringing back the sunshine in your home.

The paint used here is chalk paint Arles by Annie Sloan.

Yellow painted furniture.



The blue dresser looks fabulous, with tease of green in the mirror frame.

Paint used is Aubusson blue chalk paint by Annie Sloan.

Aubusson blue painted furniture.



Blow my mind away!

See what you get by stripping paint of a furniture piece.

Some polish and primer rejuvenates the original look. Use stripes of wood to finish it.

Wooden polished furniture.



A beautiful distressed yellow dresser.

Paint used is Decisive yellow by Sherwin williams.

Yellow painted furniture.



A fabulous dresser makeover with textured shelf liner and chalk paint.

Use wood icing to line shelves with textured shelf liners. And chalk paint.

Paints used here are Duck egg blue and country grey by Annie Sloan.

Textured chalk paint furniture.



Love this half paint technique. At first it looks like a white dresser.

But hey it’s actually green. A very calming green.

Paint used is Benjamin Moore’s Prescott Green for the drawers. And Prescott green mixed with white for the sides.

White painted furniture.



An antique piece revived with turquoise.

Color name unknown.

Turquoise painted furniture.


Color to paint furniture



A boring piece of furniture transformed into a beauty. A tiffany blue raving beauty! : )

Color used to paint is “Pooh’s favorite things” by Behr.

Turquoise painted furniture.



This is a cute color for boys room? It will also go well in the porch.

What do you think? It’s a beautiful green.

Paint used here is Spring meadow green.

Green painted furniture.



A bold choice. I love the choice of red shade here.

Paint used is Red pepper milk by General finishes. It is available at Rockler.

Red painted furniture.



Purple a very unusual choice. But it sure looks cool here.

Paint used is Crushed purple in flat finish by Olympic.

Purple painted furniture.



Orange retro fun color.

Paint used is Pratt and Lambet 1849.

Orange painted furniture.



This one stole my heart.

Paint it with Shagbark olive by Columbia paints.

Olive painted furniture.



Revamp your furniture with metallic antique glaze.

Paint used is RustOleum metallic silver spray.

Metallic painted furniture



Black can become the heart of any space.

Revamp your furniture with Inky-black paint.

Black painted furniture


More great colors to paint furniture


green chalkboard painted furniture

Yet another score.

I love the blue and green painted dresser here. It is one perfect piece for many spaces.

Paints used are Antibes green and Aubusson blue.

Blue and green painted furniture



A green end table with antique glaze.

Paint used is Valspar Cliveden Pasture 6001-6C.

Painted, sanded and applied valspar antique glaze.

Green painted furniture



Gray dresser with orange knobs. Fun way to add bright color on neutrals.

The paint used here is BM Sweatshirt Gray.

Gray painted furniture.



A dark gray painted dresser.

Love the color but name unknown.

Gray painted furniture.



O so lovely! I love coral.

A coral dresser. Painted with Benjamin Moore’s Coral Gabbles.

Coral painted furniture



Paint a dresser brown. Fits in any room with fun colors.

This will be a great fit in boys room.

Brown painted furniture via pottery barn.



A beautiful blue dresser.

Paint used is Chalk paint Napoleonic blue by Annie Sloan.

Blue painted furniture.



Bold and chic color dresser.

Paint used is Benjamin Moore’s salsa.

Pink painted furniture.

(update: link broken)


What is the most popular color for painted furniture?

The versatility and popularity of white makes it the most popular color for painted furniture. White is used widely in two-tone effect and mixing it with other colors makes custom hues.


What is the paint color of the year?

According to HGTV, while living coral was the color for 2019 and the richness of classic blue steered us through 2020. Soft and soothing blue-green wins the year 2021 according to Benjamin Moore.


What is the best way to paint wood furniture?

A synthetic-bristle brush works best for latex paint while a natural-bristle brush is the optimal choice for oil-based paint. Use a 4-inch foam roller to apply furniture paint on flat surfaces. Take precaution to avoid drips of paint around the edges.


I hope these colors helped you decide what fits your needs. While trends and colors keep changing over years, some classic colors are never going anywhere. Hence, making them the safe choices to go with any color decor or theme in your home.


Which one or two are your favorite? I would love to know if this list helped you envision your choice!

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Great colours! But I can’t decide which one I should choose for my room. I think I still have to think about it.

  2. michele says:

    i’m so honored you like my little olive dresser!! thank you so much for including my project on your list!!

    1. Vanessia says:

      Where did you get your paint? I love the color.

  3. Anne says:

    I’m the painter of the purple buffet and just wanted to say thanks for featuring the piece! I did it for a friend/client, and in total honesty, was kind of worried/awestruck/appalled when she picked that color, but I’m so glad she did because it turned out so beautifully! She loves it, and I was inspired to try adding more bold color to my repertoire. Great feature. I’ll be following you from now on. 🙂
    Peace & Painting,

  4. gina parker says:

    I am in the process of redesigning my home with an updated (albeit trendy) color palette of coral, navy, mustard yellow, cool mint green(turquoise) and warm gold. So of course I LOVE the coral piece. And the charcoal dresser with the mustard yellow accents has me thinking I do NOT need to repaint the charcoal grey walls in my half bath!
    Our home is a split with an open floor plan, the main areas of the home – both floors – all connected. When we moved in, I painted those walls all Pearl White by Pratt&Lambert – actually a LIGHT grey with green undertones – which effectively kept the look cohesive and yet the lighting in each “room” changes the tone enough to keep it all from being too much of the same.
    Question: I am now in love with the crisper Scandinavian influenced look of white walls with brightly colored art – but I am still a modern cottage girl at heart and don’t want it to look too sterile/modern – so any chance you’ve done a post on finding the perfect shade of white? ( It took me two months of scouring flickr looking for the perfect grey)

  5. Wow! These are all so lovely! I can’t wait until I have a new piece of furniture to work on.

  6. Patty says:

    When using acrylic paints, should they be flat or eggshell or does it matter? Also, when you use a glaze, do you polyurethane over top or wax?

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      It would be great to use a smooth coat of acrylic paint before using textured paint like eggshell. So you have a proper base coat to work on. You may also want to use a colorless protective coat of rustoleum before and after you are finished painting.

      And you asked about glaze. Sorry I don’t have any experience using it.

      Hope this helps!
      Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Marcie says:

    I am wondering what the brand and name of the black paint is. Thank you.

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Inky black by benjamin moore.. Happy painting! 🙂

  8. Katie Price says:

    Could you tell me if using chalk paint would be easier to use for a newby? I absolutely love the purple console you did and would like to try to do the same with a white console I have. Please give me as many pointers as you’d like.

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Painting with chalkboard paint is very easy for any newbie. You will enjoy using it. A few tips if you plan to stencil you may want to read this post: How to stencil a decorative tray at craftionary.

      And I love these painting tips, you may find helpful:

      Let me know if I can assist anymore. 🙂 Happy painting!

  9. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m getting ready to tackle a dining room set, and thinking I’ll probably use 2 colors at least.

  10. Carol Tesh says:

    Just finished stripping old paint from a maple dresser. The top and drawer fronts are pretty, so I am putting polyurethane on them. The sides needed repairing and were stained, so I am painting the sides and front. I am trying to decided whether to paint the wooden knobs the same or polyurethane them. The knobs don’t have a pretty grain.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Hi Carol imagining the dresser as you describe my suggestion would be to paint the knobs too. It will give the knobs a fresh look along with the dresser. Good luck!

  11. Resi says:

    I have a couple of old tables that need painting. I want to use them as bedside tables. My bedroom furniture if mahogany. My walls are medium blue gray (more blue than gray) with white woodwork. Do you have any suggestions as to a wonderful color to paint the tables. I’m at a lost. Thanks.

    1. Hani says:

      Not exactly sure how your room looks like but based on my understanding of the colours you shared, you can try to match the tables with white woodwork on the walls and go white on the bedside tables!

  12. Ava Wilson says:

    Just wow! Grateful for your post. It is really hard to choose given the wide spectrum of colors available, I just don’t know which to use. You did great Hani! Thank you for this, I personally love the yellow cabinets.

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