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30 Fridge Storage Solutions for busy moms

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In every home Kitchen is the most important space. It can be small or large, but always has storage problems due to lack of area to organize. Utilize square footage area and make use of limited space inside a fridge (refrigerator, freezer, or cold storage) with this 30 Fridge Storage Solutions guide. You will find organization ideas with tips and tricks. These ideas include chart, food guide, drawers, hacks, cheap storage shelves, and organizers. It also includes dollar store baskets and cheat sheets to keep your refrigerator mess free, neat and clean for long time.

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Busy Mom’s Guide to Fridge Storage Solutions

tips to organize your refregerator

Tips To Organize Your Refrigerator

Via Shabby Creek.

She shares insights into keeping a section for leftovers in the refrigerator. Consider cleaning refrigerator once a week. Keeping all items for a meal on one shelf helps locating food. Label and use drawers for organizing what they are met to hold. Keep a running grocery list in a convenient location and keep like items together. For better visibility keep taller items on the back and shorter items in the front of the fridge. Label leftovers with date and move shelves up and down as needed.

how to organize refrigerator

Ways to make groceries last as long as possible

Learn how to store food in the smartest spots via Life Hack.

  • Keep it cool by setting the temperature to 45°F (5°C) or below. Any warmer and you risk growing harmful food bacteria.
  • Check humidity settings on produce, crisper and deli drawers. In order to maintain freshness, each needs to be the correct setting.
  • Store leftovers for up to 4 days in clear glass containers. You end up eating them sooner when you can see what food is left over.
  • Don’t mix fruits, vegetables, and meat in the same crisper. Contamination leads to spoilage and food waste.
  • Store milk in a safe zone on the middle shelf. Do not place your milk or quick-to-expire perishables in your fridge doors where temperature can fluctuate.
  • Store raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelf to prevent drips from contaminating food below. Wrap meat products properly.
  • Air circulation around food is important to keep it cool. An overly crowded or stocked fridge can create warm spots and cool spaces, leading to spoilage.
  • Don’t slice food until you are ready to consume it or unless you are freezing the lot. Chopped meat, fruit, and veggies spoil faster than whole items.
  • Before every grocery trip, move older foods hiding in the back of your fridge forward. You’ll see what’s in stock.
  • Wipe spills and messes when fresh to keep your fridge tidy and clean. Remove expired items to save space for fresh leftovers and food you’ll want to eat.

refrigerator organizing ideas

Organize your Refrigerator with storage containers

Via Four Generations One Roof.

Organize Refregerator shelfs and drawers

How To organize refrigerator drawers and shelves?

Via Real Simple.

organize your refrigerator and fridge

Organize your Refrigerator on the cheap

using baskets and containers via Mom 4 Real.

refrigerator storage ideas and tips

Refrigerator Storage Chart

via Home Storage Solutions.

Here’s an illustration showing the best spots for each food type:

  • Use top shelf for tall items and eggs. Place milk towards the back where it is coldest.
  • Middle shelf works best for leftovers, drinks, and ready to eat foods.
  • Keep raw meat wrapped properly and stored low, and placed on lipped tray to catch drips and prevent contamination in bottom shelf or meat drawer.
  • Crisper drawers with low humidity for fruits and high humidity for vegetables.
  • Items with long shelf life like condiments, and soft drinks in door.

organize refrigerator

Dollar Store Refrigerator Makeover

Use dollar store buckets and trays via The Domestic Geek Blog.

my organized fridge

Organized Fridge

Use trays and air-tight lid containers via Home Love Life.

tips and tricks to clean fridge

Items that keep your fridge neat

Via Good Housekeeping.

 clean your refrigerator

How to clean and organize your refrigerator?

via One Good Thing.

fridge containers organization

Fridge organizing tips

Use jars, baskets and net to store various types of food.

 fridge placemats diy

Fridge Mats made with vinyl placemats

Use vinyl place mats to keep fridge clean via Two Little Superheroes.

  refrigerator clean and keep clean tips

Tips to keep your fridge clean

Using lemon to refresh, wax paper to cover the bins and compartments to organize via The 36th Avenue.

 fridge organization

Refrigerator Organization

via Two Twenty One.

 how to organize refrigerator

How to Organize?

  • Eggs on middle shelf.
  • Leftovers on middle and lower shelf.
  • Milk on the bottom shelf in the back.
  • Cheese and butter in the door.
  • Cured meats shallow drawer.
  • Vegetables in the high-humidity drawer.
  • Condiments, jams, nut oils, butters and fruit juice in the door.
  • Fruit only store those that require low humidity.
  • Raw meat and poultry in the very bottom shelf away from fresh produce.

When to Clean your fridge?

Weekly: Check leftovers, fresh dairy, produce and other perishable items. Discard anything that has spoiled. Wipe up any spills, preferably as soon as they happen. Wipe down exterior of fridge.

Quarterly: Pull everything out. Wipe down the sides. Hand-wash shelves and drawers. Check and toss, if necessary, expired condiments and replace baking soda. Remove plastic vent cover on the bottom front of the fridge and vacuum or wipe down.

Annually: Pull the fridge out from the wall if you can. Vacuum any dust that’s accumulated on the coils, as well as the floor under the fridge.

 refrigerator organization

Refrigerator ideas

For deep clean, maintain clean, create food zones and label leftovers via Tidy Mom.

 refrigerator organizing

Refrigerator Tips and Tricks

Best Advice Via Grand Parents: While placement is important, Ottusch’s number one tip putting like with like. Group similar items together, such as proteins or dairy. You’ll not only find everything easier, but you’ll avoid losing items to your fridge’s black hole.

  • Point expiration dates upwards and out, where you can see them.
  • Need more space? Citrus fruits, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and winter squash don’t need to be refrigerated.
  • Keep things that expire quickly near eye level such as leftovers and milk.

Long Lasting fridge storage solutions

tips to avoid wasting food

Avoid wasting food

Make an eat me first basket inside your fridge via the kitchn.

clever storage accessories for fridge

Storage accessories for refrigerator

Find a variety of storage accessories for efficient organization in the fridge on amazon, kitchen stuff plus and walmart. This image is via home edit.

space saving fridge drawers

Multipurpose Fridge Storage Sliding Drawers

Space saving organization accessory via amazon.

preparing a list on fridge

Food list on the fridge

create a content list of whats inside the refrigerator and keep track of what items are needed via chiots run.

best way to organize freezer

Freezer storage solutions

Tips and organization ideas for freezer via the kitchn.

binder clips freezer organization

Freezer binder clips space saving tip

via organize with a side of fabulous.

instant freezer shelves

Instant freezer shelves using office organizers

via aunt peaches.

the ultimate refrigerator organization

The ultimate list of fridge storage solutions



use lazy susan in fridge for ease

Use lazy susan in fridge

via happy go lucky blog.

 refrigerator storage solutions with labels

Tips to organize freezer and fridge

via The Glamorous Housewife.

I hope you enjoyed these fridge storage solutions!

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Fridge storage solutions

Fridge storage solutions for busy moms

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