DIY wooden log and slice home decor ideas

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DIY wooden log and slice home decor ideas. Make luxurious and expensive looking rustice home decor projects for farmhouse style home using tree logs, birch logs, thin logs, and tree trunks from log store.


“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearning of the human soul.” With this quote what I’m trying to say is that no matter how hard or complicated it is but if you know that an idea is going to rock, you should work on it and succeed.


DIY wood in various forms like wood slice (slices of wood), wood log, wood shims, wood disk, wood planks, wood branches, tree stumps and so much more can bring a stunning look to your home with some creativity. There are ideas that involve using a DIY wooden logs, wooden slices and wooden disks as a piece of art, decoration, interior designing, furniture, camp fire and so much more for indoors and outdoors.


Another saying goes, “Chop your own wood and it will make you warm twice”.  So Chop! chop! chop!


DIY Wooden Log Crafts

Find the following DIY projects and tutorials for wooden log crafts:

  • DIY wood slice wall art
  • DIY graphic wall mosaic
  • Wood slice mirror
  • Step by step guide to turn wood slice into coasters
  • DIY wood slice vase with flowers (DIY log vase)
  • Wood slice cake stand
  • Rustic DIY wooden log pencil holder
  • How to make a tree branch iPhone dock
  • DIY wooden log snowman


DIY wooden log interior craft

Use logs to make the following DIY wooden log interior projects:

  • VIP wooden log lounge chair for outdoor use
  • Building a birch log coffee table
  • DIY tree stump table tutorial
  • How to make a spectacular wooden log lamp
  • Tree stump candle holder
  • DIY log lantern


Other DIY wooden log crafts

  • Make a secret DIY wooden log box
  • Tree stump bird feeder
  • Tree wooden log planter
  • Wooden log card box
  • DIY reindeer from logs
  • Make your own catapult
  • DIY wood log camp fire
  • Wood slice DIY owl decor
  • Make DIY wood log garden bench
  • Wood log coat rack tutorial
  • Craft DIY burlap natural wreath


How to decorate wooden log projects?

Garden projects with wood log

Wood is a natural material and what will be better than using plants to decorate wooden log projects! Use dirt, wood log planters, succulent planters, succulent log planter and chicken wire in creative way to make wooden decorations. Thinking of a masterpiece to construct? How about making garden beds, container garden, vertical log retaining wall for chic look and home decor.


Outdoor and patio wood log ideas

Use fallen tree, tree trunk pieces, log pieces, piece of tree log slice to make woodworking projects with step by step instructions and beautiful design. There are easy projects for beginners with DIY instructions for outdoor spaces and patio.


Interior and indoors wood log DIY

For interior make wood stool or a piece of furniture. The trend of wood fire displayed near fireplace is gaining popularity every year in Winter.


Here’s a few inspiration:


DIY wooden log crafts


DIY Wood Slice Wall Art

via mountain modern life tutorial on how to make wood slice art.


DIY Graphic Wall Mosaic

Birch poles sliced into discs and glued to plywood panels via Martha Stewart make Birch Wall Panel.


Wood Slice Mirror

via recyclart make DIY mirror decoration.


A Step by Step Guide To Turn Wood Slice into Coasters

via garden therapy make natural branch coasters.


DIY Wood Slice Vase With Flowers

use wood slices and test tubes to make cute vases via Ash Bee Design.


Wood Slice Cake Stand

via once wed rustic wedding cake stand.


Rustic DIY Wooden Log Pencil Holder

Drill holes in the log to make pencil holder.


 How to Make a Tree Branch iPhone Dock

via Man made DIY on how to make a tree branch ipod dock.


DIY Wooden Log Snowman

via crafty morning Snowmen decorations.




VIP Wooden Log Lounger

via Homemade Modern.


 Building a Birch Log Coffee Table

via BHG Log coffee table.


DIY Tree Stump Table Tutorial

via The art of doing stuff on How to make a tree stump table

 How to make a spectacular lamp

How to Make a Spectacular Wooden Log Lamp

via ID Lights make a lamp with logs.


Tree Stump Candle Holder

Use tree stump and drill a circle to fit tea lights via Cozy Stylish Chic.




Make a Secret DIY Wooden Log Box

via Brooklyn lime stone make a secret box.


Tree stump bird feeder

Use mason jar and wood to make bird feeder via little things making mason jar babies.


Tree Wooden Log Planter

via Tampa Homebody.


Wooden Log Card Box

via instructables make card box.


DIY Reindeer from logs

via designer trapped make Christmas reindeer logs.


 Make your own catapult

via Brain Power Boy



DIY Log Camp Fire

via Tomorrows Adventure



DIY wood slice owl decor

by house of hawthornes make slice owl.



Make DIY wood log garden bench

via thank fifi


Wood log coat rack tutorial

via unknown source



Craft DIY burlap natural wreath

via finding home wood burlap natural fall wreath.


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