DIY Bowl and Glass Mushrooms Garden Decor

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Make easy and cute DIY glass mushrooms with vase and bowl. Decorate your home and garden with this simple and creative garden idea.

There’s something magical about mushrooms and shrooms that excites everyone. I have been seeing beautiful DIY mushroom decor for garden and fairy garden home decoration. So, I thought about making my own version of DIY bowl and glass mushrooms for my breakfast nook indoor garden.

To make these cute mushroom displays all you need are varying sizes of bowls and glasses. You can make as many as you please. For my project I am making a group of 3 decorative mushrooms with drinking glass in different heights for the stipe (stalk or stem of the mushroom) and bowls for the cap of the mushroom.


Glass Mushrooms


Material for DIY Mushrooms:

  • Transparent Glass bowls
  • Transparent Drinking Glasses

I found my bowls and glasses from dollar store (you can find them at dollar tree or even thrift store). I love the dots and natural uneven design of the bowls. It makes it perfect for this project.

I highly recommend E6000 for this project. You can also substitute it with epoxy resin.


How to paint on glass projects?

There are seven ways to paint on transparent glass. Let’s start with the first method using outdoor acrylic paints and sealer.

Painted Glass Mushrooms

Method 1: Outdoor Acrylic Paints and Sealer

– Remove the stickers from the bowls and glasses. Now wipe with a damp napkin.

– Use a foam brush to coat the inside of the bowl and glass with red and brown acrylic paints.

Apply 3-4 coats of paint. Use a light hand to spread the paint and pat with the brush to avoid peeling the first layer.


Let each coat of paint dry in the sunlight or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.


– Once the paint is completely dry. Apply a generously thick layer of mod podge to seal the paint with a foam brush.

– Use E6000 to glue the base of the glass with the inside of the bowl. On the other hand, I am using gorilla wood glue because it was handy and I want to test it’s abilities.


Let it rest upside down with some weight on top for 24 hours to be sure.

– Now use a paintbrush to put white polka dots on the outside of the bowls. This completes the mushroom look of your decor.


Similarly, apply mod podge to seal the paint.


Place lights in the stipe of the mushroom and light up your mushrooms at night for magical mushroom moment in your garden.



More images are at the end of the article.

Gemstone Garden Mushrooms

Method 2: Flat Glass Marbles

Stick decorative pebbles and flat glass beads with E6000. These are my favorite mushrooms.


Gemstone Garden Mushrooms

Photo by Carrie Baker Street

Glazed Mushrooms

Method 3: Acrylic Paints and Glazing Medium

Learn how different ratios of paint and glaze produce different translucent results on transparent glass. In this article, along with other valuable information, scroll down to marbleized glass painted drinking glasses for the insights. You can also use etching medium for this purpose.


Glass Glazing Test

Tinted Mushrooms

Method 4: Acrylic Paints and Mod Podge

Tint your glass with a color. Mix mod podge and food color or acrylic paints. Pour over or inside the glass and move around to coat it completely. Let it dry. Bake in oven at 225 degree Celsius for 30 minutes. For a lower tint add water to reduce the tone.


Glass Tinting

Stained Glass Mushrooms

Method 5: Glass Paints

Use Glass Paints to make intricate glass painting projects using mirrors and transparent glass. In this article, learn about different types of glass paints and their uses and results.

Here’s an inspiration for mushrooms. Old bulb into hot air balloons using glass paint outliner.


photo source

Minimalist Mushrooms

Method 6: Natural finds

Some of the best projects are made with thrift store finds and discoveries. Find unique and colorful bowls and vase sticks, and simply put them together and display in your garden.


Make Mushrooms

Photo source

Spray Painted Mushrooms

Method 7: Spray Paint and Seal

This method is ideal for making opaque mushrooms from glass. Use spray paint to spray the outside of the bowls and glasses. Seal it for long lasting.


Painted Mushrooms

Paint on the outside of the bowls and vase sticks for an opaque mushrooms look. You can also use melamine utensils.


Clay Pots Mushrooms

Painted terra cotta clay pots in the garden.

photo source

Sealer Test for painting outdoor projects:

Richard Markle did a sealer test using the most popular options available on painted rocks and shared his valuable insights.


Sealer Test

The rocks were placed outside on crushed rock where they don’t get shade during the day nor protection from the rain. We had 65 days over 100 degrees the hottest being 109. The coldest we got was 31 degrees. The sealers overall did very well.

IMO the “brush” on Water based Spar Urethane looks as good as when placed outside with no loss of shine and no fading of paint or cracking. There is not a lot of difference between the number 1st and 2nd place shines. The number two spot is tied between Rust-Oleum’s 2X Ultra Clear and Rust-Oleum’s water based spray on Spar Urethane. (I feel that brush on sealers will always beat spray on sealers because one brush on coat is likely as thick as the three spray on coats.)

The UV resin over Krylon’s UV resist is just as shinny as the number two finishers but the sealer and paint cracked and peeled. The rock may have been dropped putting a crack in the finish allowing moisture under the paint and sealer. The two part resin over Krylon’s UV resist almost completely lost it’s shine. The Mod Podge sealer is a total failure.

I hope you found this article valuable. Let me know which method you prefer to DIY mushrooms for your garden and home decor.






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