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I initially made this blog to share a variety of crafts and planned to organize them like a dictionary, hence the name “Craftionary”. Focused broadly on crafts and DIY projects for home, garden, kids, and holidays, it was my inspiration journal. This was the vision with which Craftionary was created.

The blog soon became popular and loved by many but then I couldn’t keep up with young kids and full-time studies at university. I took a break for 6 years with no intention of returning.


Fast forward to 2021, big changes and I returned with the dire intention to craft and share. But the world has changed and in this era of large networks and companies, there is no way I am here to set that pace. Today, it’s all about ranking, social media and a world that moves Very Fast.

But my goal is a hobby based and that is to craft and DIY to decorate my home and garden (share with you). So, here’s my small attempt to explain what I do at Craftionary!

About Craftionary

This is a human blog with one person. I love to make friends who are creative because in my real life, my friends have very different hobbies and like-minded people are what I strive for through this page.

I often say I love to craft but I never thought about what exactly my focus is here. You will find me trying various mediums, especially clay, acrylic painting, resin, and a related variety of crafts focused on Home and Garden decor.

I am also decorating my first-ever home and sharing all those projects here as well. When I am stuck on a long project or slowed down, I tend to keep you entertained through inspirational home and garden ideas to decorate your space by fellow bloggers as roundups per week. That’s the only practical explanation behind the fact that ‘how much can one person actually do?’

Therefore, the motto is, “Take it slowly but surely”.

In all this is my simple and honest attempt to stay connected and I hope you love to stick around and enjoy what I share and somewhat benefit from these ideas.

My projects: Craftionary Gallery (working on updating the list)

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I also keep my Instagram page exclusively for my own projects as well.

Stay connected with me via social media Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Open for blog friendship, collaboration, and group work.



Craftionary Aim, Mission and Vision


Embrace the slow process of creativity and make things for happiness.


Craftionary envisions keeping the human touch on the web genuine. Sharing projects that will improve handwork skills with the intention to share learning with you so that when you try these projects you do better than me!


At Craftionary, we have a simple vision. A vision of peace and mindfulness.

Here it’s about slowing down and doing things one step at a time. I find keeping up with everything is not possible. The idea is stay creatively busy, do small things, craft, grow and share with YOU. In the process tame the mind to be happy.


Mind Behind Craftionary


Hi there, thank you for your interest in knowing about me.

I am Hani – daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend.

Typically a camera-shy girl! So, I rarely put myself on the roll. I love to craft and decorate my home. This is a human page meaning it’s not AI-generated content, not a business, just one person doing things and sharing.

I believe in quality and not quantity so honestly, I am not here to hop on board the algorithm train or google ranking because it’s not possible for me to do all. I just craft and share!

One simple rule I live for a happy home and create for love and hobby! If you like what I do, join my simple journey.

I enjoy many things, and the idea is to make time for hobbies. Hobbies keep your life meaningful and hence we create.

My creative interests:

  • Decorative crafts
  • Drawing and sketching @drawingwithhani
  • Learning about gardening and houseplants @houseplantionary
  • Trying acrylic paintings
  • Working on DIY projects for my home

A few random things about me:

  • I am 5’10” tall
  • Left handed
  • Music fuels my mood and creativity
  • I enjoy social time with my friends
  • Desserts make life meaningful
  • I search every store before making a choice
  • I love to organize and keep things in place
  • Not a very good conversation starter
  • I dream to learn to play a guitar
  • Traveling and experiencing the world is brilliant
  • Not a keen shopper only essential and useful
  • I love to keep pets (birds and fishes bring joy in my life)
  • I treat my houseplants like my own babies
  • Strong believer of practice and learn by doing
  • Aim to reduce waste and utilize things
  • Enjoy snowfall and rainy season


For all inquiries:

[email protected]


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About Craftionary

Welcome to craftionary


Hi, I’m Hani

I’m a mom of 2 decorating and soulfully designing our home. I love to share crafts and simple ideas for home and garden.

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