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35 Best Winter Wreath Ideas

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Find best winter wreath ideas that are beautiful and easy for you to make for your winter holidays and Christmas door decoration. There are DIY wreaths made with snowman, snowflakes, north star, jingle bells, pine needles, evergreen, penguins, Rudolph reindeer and pine cones to name a few.

You will love these unique ideas to craft creative winter wreaths using materials like yarn, fabric, felt, ribbon, burlap, paper, popsicle sticks, tulle and more.

How to make wreath?

There are a variety of ways you can make winter wreaths. The ideas shared here use a variety of decorative accessories and craft supplies like twigs, ribbons, buttons, snowflakes, beads, pine cones, greenery, jingle bells, wood slices and more. The wreaths used are mostly foam wreath or grapevine wreath. Some custom wreaths use cardboard cut wreath forms or wire.

winter wreath ideas

Best Winter Wreath Ideas

The best DIY winter wreath ideas are listed below:

  • Nuts natural wreath
  • Green leaf wreath
  • Ice wreath
  • Cute winter wreath
  • Red and blue wreath
  • Winter elements wreath
  • Evergreen snowman wreath
  • Penguin wreath
  • White and red yarn wreath
  • Paper leaf wreath
  • Reindeer wreath
  • Yarn winter wreath
  • Easy winter wreath
  • Fabric snowman wreath
  • Snow covered pine cones wreath
  • Bird seed wreath
  • Wood and greenery wreath
  • Jingle bells wreath
  • White pearl wreath
  • Rosettes snowman wreath
  • Christmas branch wreath
  • Green yarn winter wreath
  • Wood slice wreath
  • Snowman winter wreath
  • Burlap wreath
  • Snowflake wreath
  • Ribbon wreath
  • Glitter winter wreath
  • Felt flowers wreath
  • Holiday bubble wreath
  • Ornament wreath
  • Winter wispy wreath
  • Christmas wreath
  • Felt rings wreath
  • DIY winter wreath
  • Grapevine pine cone wreath
  • Christmas tree wreath


star wreath

Nuts Natural Wreath

Make a wreath by hot gluing mixed nuts on a wire star wreath form wrapped with ribbon. You can use walnuts, hazelnuts and acorns to make Star wreath.

Holiday wreath

Green leaf wreath

Pin loops of leaves using floral picks and hot glue jingle bells and ornaments. This beautiful wreath can add value to any entrance.

winter snow wreath

Ice wreath

Make ice wreaths by placing berries, greenery and sticks in a round mold with water. Freeze it and hang on your trees with a ribbon or yarn.

DIY Christmas wreath

Cute winter wreath

Cute DIY winter wreath with cupcake liner trees and wooden blocks home. Add glittered popsicle sticks snowflake and a stocking stuffer garland for fun with kids! DIY Christmas wreath by craftionary.

Jingle bells wreath at #Christmas #wreath

Red and blue wreath

Wrap any wreath with blue crepe paper and glue jingle bells in a ring form. Add a bow and there’s your jingles wreath by craftionary.

pinecone wreath

Winter elements wreath

A beautiful wreath with glitter ribbon, pine cones, berries and snowflakes on grapevine wreath.

snowman wreath decor

Evergreen snowman wreath

Snowman made with 3 wreaths in different sizes wired together.

penguin yarn wreath

Penguin wreath

A cute penguin wreath made with yarn, stuffed penguin and felt flowers detailing via Etsy.

Christmas yarn wreath

White and red yarn wreath

DIY red and white stripes wreath with winter elements bouquet. The bouquet can be made with artificial greenery, acorns, pine cones, berry branches and ornaments.

paper winter wreath

Paper leaf wreath

Cutout maple leaves and pine needles in white cardboard paper. Glue them on a dollar store wreath to make this easy maple leaf wreath by heart home mag.

reindeer tulle wreath

Tulle Reindeer Wreath

Rudolph the Reindeer Tulle Wreath is made by wrapping tulle on a foam wreath with paper cut reindeer antlers and plastic balls for nose and eyes.

DIY Tulle Wreath

cute winter wreath

White yarn winter wreath

Cute Fox and Owl made with felt, hanging on a white yarn wreath.

Finished with glittered paper leaves and yo-yo felt flowers.

Fox and Owl Wreath via Etsy.

easy button wreath

Easy winter wreath

Make an easy and inexpensive cardboard wreath with buttons. Button wreath via bhg.

snowman wreath

Fabric snowman wreath

Adorable snowman wreath made with stuffed flannel fabric to resemble tartan fabric which is traditional for holidays. Make arms with plaid fabric and gloves for the wreath ring. Use a large foam ball for snowman face and small foam balls for snowballs with faux greenery. Add details with a cute black hat and a muffler to complete it. Use orange felt for nose and stones for eyes and mouth. Photo Source: Etsy

pinecone wreath

Snow covered pinecones wreath

Stick white painted pine cones to a white yarn wreath to make an elegant winter wreath by hoot designs. Add mushrooms, dove and snowflake on a side.

bird seed wreath

Bird seed wreath

Glue bird seeds on a wreath foam with peanut butter and hang outside for hungry birds with a bow on top. Bird seed wreath.

reindeer wreath

Wood and greenery wreath

Felt reindeer wreath with cinnamon sticks, black and white checks fabric and faux greenery via flickr.

yarn holiday wreath

Jingle bells wreath

Make this Christmas bells bird yarn wrapped wreath in green. Enjoy your yarn wreath that jingles when you open and shut the door. It can also chime when the wind blows.

pearl wreath

Winter pearl wreath

Hot glue decorative pearl stones on a wreath form by momnivores dilemma.

snowman wreath

Rosette snowman wreath

DIY Winter wreath made with white felt rosettes and blue yarn. Add a cute stuffed snowman on the top. Felt snowman wreath via Etsy. To make snowman you can use red yarn ball for body and felt for head and hands. Knitted snow hat and scarf are crochet to perfection.

Christmas branch wreath

Christmas branch wreath

Spray paint a grapevine wreath with silver spray paint and decorate it with blue and silver ornaments and a bow. Add faux white bead branches and a turquoise fabric bow to complete the look.

snow winter wreath

Green yarn winter wreath

Add a let it snow banner on a yarn wrapped wreath. To make the banner cutout fabric and write letters with sharpie and stick it to a thread. Hang it on the wreath. Add yarn rosettes, crochet flowers, and glittered paper cutout snowflakes. You can cutout snowflakes in cricut, spread a layer of glue and sprinkle glitter on it. You will also like: Rosette pillow (Make rosettes throw pillow).

wood wreath

Wood slice wreath

Nature inspired wreath form made with glued wood slices on a foam wreath. Add a burlap bow on top to complete wood wreath.

snowman winter decor

Snowman winter wreath

Use foam circle cutouts, glue cotton to add depth and wrap them with white yarn to make snowman body and head. Glue them on eachother and add buttons, wire hands and hat. Add carrot nose. You can also use burlap string or twig for hands and hat. Finally wrap a burlap scarf around Snowman wreath.

burlap wreath

Burlap wreath

Wrap a foam wreath with fabric and pin folded 3×3 inch fabric squares to make white wreath.

snowflake wreath

Snowflake wreath

Make this awesome snowflake wreath with popsicle sticks and wood shapes glued together in snowflake design to make wooden snowflake wreath.

ribbon wreath

Ribbon wreath

Use floral picks or pins to fix loops of cut ribbon in place on a wreath form. Hot glue white snow ornaments to complete. You can make them look like pearls by wrapping satin on foam balls.

reindeer wreath

Glitter winter wreath

You can make something similar to this wreath by using glittery pipe cleaners. Photo by Elizabeths embellishments.

felt wreath

Felt flowers wreath

A whimsical wreath made with different size felt circles stitched together to make flowers.

burlap wreath

Holiday bubble wreath

Burlap bubble wreath for winter with snowflake printed ribbon and wooden monogram initials.

Holiday Christmas wreath

Ornament wreath

Make a quick festive winter wreath with ornaments in a color combination you like. Simply glue them on a wreath. Add bead garland and jingles.

winter wispy wreath

Winter wispy wreath

Winter wispy wreath is made with white Santa snow spray, berry foliage, mini pine cone stems, small foliage and faux icy stem branches. Use floral wire to secure bird nest and 4 red cardinal feather birds.

snow wreath

Christmas wreath

Another let it snow Christmas wreath made with bubble wreath, faux greenery, snowflake cutouts and a chalkboard snowman hat at the center for message via Etsy.

white winter wreath

Felt rings wreath

Cut felt circles and pin them onto wreath form.

winter white wreath

DIY winter wreath

A cute wreath with beautiful handmade flowers and foliage in gold.

pinecone wreath

Grapevine pine cone wreath

Painted pinecones hot glued onto a grapevine wreath.

Holiday winter wreath

Christmas tree wreath

A wreath inspired by Christmas tree. Use real needle branches or faux needles to cover a wreath form and hang ornaments and bow on it.

I hope you enjoyed these DIY winter wreath ideas that are crafts for all creative people.

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