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DIY Garage Wall Ideas – Simple and Easy

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Hello friends, after a long wait a simple yet thoughtful DIY garage space is complete. There was a lot of thought involved in finalizing the products for the garage organization. Some of you can relate with the first home moving from an apartment or townhouse situation. These DIY garage wall ideas are easy and doable.

Background for DIY Garage Wall Ideas and Projects:

We didn’t have much backyard gardening essentials, no need to worry about storage for basic garden tools and supplies. But they were enough to take space on the garage floor as the need for planting and maintaining the outdoor space became essential. Not being high on DIY projects we don’t have large power tools and most of our tools are in a small tool box which can easily be stored on a rack.

The sports essentials were placed on the sides and although it looked like a mess, it somehow worked for a couple of years. The challenge grew when we had to park the cars and come out of it in the winter.

So, I started searching for DIY garage wall utilization which was ideal. This way the floor will be empty and parking and coming out from the car will be convenient. Since, we park our cars inside the garage in winter to avoid cold. We tend to use it for small home projects and gardening throughout the summer.

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DIY Garage Wall Color:

The garage wall color is Dark Ash by Behr. The paint choice is Eggshell Enamel. Choice of gloss is personal, this one will not wipe off but is not shiny as well. The garage entrance door is chalkboard grey. The garage ceiling is white.

Why choose dark garage walls?

Dark walls not only look bold but they also have the tendency to absorb light. While a popular choice indoors for making the displayed items stand out, this is also a great choice for outdoor spaces like garage. Garage is known was storing lots of items. It can easily look messy, unorganized, and overwhelming even when all the things are stored properly.

Therefore, a dark wall color will not only look different but will also absorb the light and colors. This way your space will look less occupied. Another benefit is stains are not that visible on black as on white walls.

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The idea is to have a space that can accommodate a gardening space and double as a free space to park in a two car garage. Watch the close up of the DIY garage wall.

Here’s a list of amazon products and why each is a great choice:

Bicycle hangers for garage:

Let’s talk about the bicycle racks. There are numerous options for hanging your bikes in the garage. The bicycle racks, these are ideal for a shared bicycle space like the ones in condos and apartments. The whole room is designated for bikes only. However, in a garage they need plenty of space as the bike parks away from the wall. You can also get one bike wall mount, which is great for balcony and apartments too.

Consider a swivel bike wall rack, which can be tilted towards the wall but will still come in between your walking and door opening zone. Think about hanging it high on the wall.

If you are not worried about the malfunctioning of a pulley or have some DIY experience, you can also consider a ceiling mount lift hoist storage rack. This option is great for utilizing the space that is above the car.

However, I find hanging bike hooks high on the garage wall and using a ladder to hang the bicycle most ideal. There are plenty of options but my personal favorite is the horizontal bike rack that you can adjust to secure any bike.

You can also use shelves that come with hooks for hanging small bikes. One such garage shelf that I recommend is discussed below.


Heavy duty garage storage:

Utility hooks

In general, some basic home essentials are common in every household. These include ladder, outdoor cleaning tools, yard maintenance machines like mower and grass trimmer, and more. Having a minimalist approach, we still tend to end up with basic supplies, picnic essentials, and sport gears.

There are many types of hooks, shelves, and hangers. Invest in some heavy duty garage storage that you can hang in the studs on a drywall. The heavy duty garage storage utility hooks are multipurpose.They have a jumbo arm which allows for maximum capacity. I also like that it has a high hook at the end so the things don’t drop off easily.

You can use them for hanging ladder, sports gears, holding poles and wood. You can also put stuff in storage bags and hang them on these hooks. We use them for hanging individual ice skate tote bags for the entire family in winter. Simple to grab and hang for kids as well.

Garage storage for brooms and garden tools

A handy wall mount broom holder that also works as a garden tool organizer is this garage organizer with rails. You can hang things like brooms, rake, small and large garden tools. Adjustable garage organization is also a good option with convenience of hooks and rails.


Garage wall shelving

You can make large cabinets and have shelves covering the entire wall depending on the items you have for storage. For my collection of pots and small essentials a sturdy garage shelving wall mount is ideal. As you can see it is almost empty at this moment. This garage wall organizer comes with multiple uses due to shelving space and hooks.

The installation of this shelf requires hardwood boards that you will secure in the studs. This is important when the holes on the shelve don’t align with the studs in your drywall, which is the case here. It also makes it strong enough to hang a couple of extra bicycles, power tools and more.

Our garage wall shelving is aligned with the top of the door to allow ample space for passage while the items are stored away.


Sports equipment garage storage

I have been eyeing this garage sports equipment organizer. If floor space is not an issue, it is a must have. It is also available in a compact size for fewer sports equipment.

Seasonal gardening and DIY garage organization:

In order to keep the garage space as empty as possible for parking cars, some improvisation was in demand. I want a shelf and cabinet space for storing garden tools. This is essential during the Spring and Summer times when every week there is repotting and planting in demand. The solution was simple a wall mount board with support to easy open and close.


However, this heavy duty foldable metal rack is ideal. It comes with movable wheels and you can store it away when not in-use. It is not only handy for garage but kitchen and pantry as well. Currently unavailable but find similar 3-tier storage shelves on wheels. See how easy it is to use this foldable garage rack.



Other options that are great was garage storage are metal shelving, overhead garage storage, and power tool organizer.

You can also consider installing overhead bin racks and storage rolling cabinets.

Garage shoe and coat organization:

Another storage idea to consider is a shoe rack and coat hanger. The sleek looking simple shoe rack is sturdy and good looking. The shoe rack can have as many racks as you need, this one is enough to hold winter boots and basic sneakers for a family of 4. I will keep boot tray over the top shoe rack. The coat hanger has sufficient hooks and good shape to hold coats and heavy winter jackets. Both are from IKEA.

DIY Garage storage and organization:

My mind resists to accept this place as is. I intend to hang a wall art besides the entrance door. As we grow in this home, this post will be updated with current changes. Bookmark this article and follow on instagram for updates.


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