Easy DIY Flower Frog using Clay

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Not always do we have a bouquet of flowers that is so full that we just put it in a vase filled with water and it’s ready to display. Sometimes, a few fresh flower stems arranged tastefully in a vase allows the admirer to see the beauty of vase as well. Such stunning designer floral arrangements are possible with flower frog (aka pin frog or kenzan) that act as flower holder.

DIY flower frogs are easy to make and can be made with a variety of different materials such as air dry clay, metal, chicken wire, and even transparent tape. These frogs for flowers are durable, reusable, and eco-friendly options for minimalist flower displays.

Other flower holders like floral tape and floral foam are commonly used by florists but they don’t serve the purpose of flower frogs at home like a few stems you would like to display.


Flower frog

What is a flower frog?

Simply put, a flower frog is a device that is used to arrange and organize flowers in place. The most common underwater flower holders use metal needles or spikes while others have holes to secure stems for arranging strategically. They normally fit into any low vase and bowl in the water.

The vintage flower frogs are rare and valuable. According to harmony harvest farm, the first patent was issued in 1875 but they can be traced back to the 16th century. They got their name because they sit in the water for hours like frogs says Bud Ardente, an instructor at New Jersey’s American School of Plant and Flower Design.


How to use flower frog?

Video instructions to DIY flower frog

How to use flower frogs?

– Use frogs for flowers to propagate a few cuttings in a jar.

– Flower frogs are traditionally of common use in ikebana flower arrangements (Japanese floral art).

– You can create a fuller floral centerpiece with fresh flowers and faux flowers alike using flower frogs.

– Display a few flower stems in your vase neatly and make them stand upright straight without drooping or falling on the sides.

– Use them for flower creations in odd-sized containers and jars.

– Air dry small and large dried flowers making sure they don’t get tangled into each other.


Types of flower frogs

Most common ones include metal pin, metal cage, metal hair pin, brass, glass, ceramic, and plastic.

DIY flower frog with air dry clay



Instead of sitting at the base these flower frog dishes are placed at the top of the vase like a disc. You can also make bottom sitting flower frogs with air dry clay like the ones I have shared below. However, use baking clay since air dry clay ones are not tested was hours of sinking in water or outdoors.

Slightly wet your hands and mold your clay into a circle. Now use a rolling pin to make it flat. Use a circular item or your vase mouth to outline and cut the flower frog. Use some water and smooth out the edges with your fingers or a paintbrush.


Now poke some holes at the center for passing stems. You can use a paper straw, skewer stick, toothpick, or similar circular items to make spaces to insert stems. Larger holes for thicker stems and smaller for finer ones. A paper straw size is the most common for a variety of stems. Make sure to puncture the hole throw to make a passing and smooth out the edges with a wet paintbrush.


Let it dry for 24 hours. Now use acrylic paint to paint or even draw designs on your disc to decorate it. Seal it with waterproof sealant like resin for durability or a thick coat of mod podge to make it water-resistant. You can brush the clay with resin for dip it in resin for coating it completely.


Did you know you could turn any paint into metallic color using metallic powder?




Flower frog arrangement in a tall vase




Flower frog arrangement in a small glass jar


Spring flower arrangement using flower frog

How to make flower buds float on water?

In this fresh flower’s vase arrangement, the floating carnations look splendid. To make them float head up without falling on the sides, use recyclable plastic bottles or plastic boxes that you are about to throw away.


Cut them into circles and make two slits crossing each other at the center.


Loop the flower at the center of the plastic case.


Now watch them float on the water and enjoy your beautiful flowers. These will also look stunning as bowl fillers.


Make fresh flowers float in water

Other methods to make flower frog

Clay flower bowls

Similar to flat ones, these are made into bowl shape.



Photo courtesy: Ruffled blog

DIY flower frog using polymer clay

Make flower frog with budget friendly materials like polymer clay and waterproof glaze that are easily available at a local craft store. Shape it, apply waterproof glaze, and bake it following the instructions on the package.

Easy flower frog with wire

Use florist wire to make an easy DIY frog for flowers.



Photo courtesy: Mom Crieff

Chicken wire flower frog

Use a piece chicken wire and cut it twice the container’s size using a plier. Fold and shape it into a ball to fit in the vase. Adjust in place making sure you have wire at the bottom for holding flower stems and at the top for direction for all types of arrangements.


Photo courtesy: French country cottage

Metal Pin and Hairpin Frog

Be careful with these as the pins are sharp for holding flower stems. Press the stems down to anchor flowers on them. You can find vintage and authentic traditional frog pins for flowers at old antique stores, yard sales, flea market, and thrift stores. There are many options available in stores for reasonable prices as well. Few of them are shared below.


Mason Jar Flower Frogs

Roll floral wire for 6-8 times to form a sturdy woven ball. Place it in your jar. Don’t worry about the looks as the plants will hide it anyways. Fill with water and arrange your foliage. This DIY is functional and you can make it to fit any size container.


Photo courtesy: Craftaholic anonymous

Make a woven flower holder

Use clothespin and toilet paper roll to guide and weave the wire into a jar topper. Here’s a quick tutorial to guide you on loom knitting for beginners.


Photo courtesy: reading my tea leaves

Transparent tape bowl flower frog

Make a grid with clear tape to arrange flowers in a large open bowl or vessel like this DIY flower vase.

DIY flower arrangement

Buy flower frog for your flower arrangements

Finally, if DIY is not your thing, you can buy a few cool designs easily online.

Ceramic flower frog


Porcelain ikebana vase flower frog


Handmade ceramic flower arrangement holder


Metal flower frog


Mid century brass flower frog


Ceramic flower frog ring


Dome flower frog


Stainless steel flower pin


Reusable flower grid frogs


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