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Best ideas to display kids art at home

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The biggest motivation you can give to a creative child is displaying and celebrating their created art. Enjoy and highlight each of their creations, whether they are painted with hands, crayons, watercolors, or poster colors. Find some innovative ways to create a vibrant gallery.

Every child is an artist. Kids love experimenting and creating artwork. Art can easily develop creative skills in a child. Kids are always enjoying working with artwork projects. Some appreciation can go a long way. Growing kids are always interested in painting, coloring and paper crafting. Display their art pieces in play room or classroom. Today I am going to share why these are best ideas for displaying Children’s art projects at home.

How to display kids art at home?

Display kids artwork on bookshelves, or floating shelves (picture ledgers). Use decorative washi tape to tape the originals on the wall, use strings and clothespin to hang them on the wall, or pin them on a cork board. If you child enjoys making lots of art, consider printing it all in the form of a book, or use interchangeable photo frames to display new artwork overtime.


Ideas to display children’s artwork in the classroom?

Children learn about balance, symmetry, and orientation concepts by changing the placement of artwork displayed using tape or magnets to improve their spatial reasoning abilities. It also makes them realize that their contribution is an important part of the learning process.

1. Make a Gallery with picture frame only. Staple ribbon to the wooden frame and tie a clips to hang artwork.

artwork display gallery

DIY gallery wall display made with frames.

2. Exhibit kid’s artwork in uncommon ways like a drawing collage in a large shadow box frame or old windows.

3. Cover walls with cork board to make a large bulletin board. Easily pin and re-pin artwork throughout the year. Cork boards are long-lasting and can accommodate a variety of creative projects, making them an ideal choice for any school environment.

DIY child artwork display on corkboard

DIY kids artwork display on a wall between two windows.

kids artwork display ideas

pictures display wall art

4. Display Artwork on Windows or Doors of the classroom with removable adhesive.


5. Create a wall of Fame


6. Themed Posters and Presentations that relates to your curriculum will develop an interest in learning through visual art.


7. Labelled Art Cubbies for each child to keep an organized collection.


DIY playroom books organization

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8. String art display with twine and binder clips.

kids art display on the wall

Use hanging clips, cable wire, screw eye hooks and 1×6 boards for homework station.

kids art room display

Kids Playroom Wall Art Display.

Kids art display ideas

Kid’s art on the bedroom wall

9. Use felt pin board strips for minimalist look.

10. Poster hangers can work for certain forms of art as well.

Ways to declutter and store kids’ art collection?

Displaying kids artwork is a practice that naturally becomes a decluttering mission where you have to face the dilemma to keep or recycle one day. Here’s how not to lose the best memories:

1. Create a designated space for displaying artwork and it will not look messy. Sort them when you add new ones to prevent piling up. Make a call to keep or recycle when you take it off display to manage quantity.

2. Use Frames so your kids know that they have limited space to display, store, and rotate work. It also teaches them to let go of things and choose to prioritize.

3. Make a folder or buy a storage disk or USB. Take photos of the artwork and store in it. Recycle the physical form.

4. Use storage boxes as keepsake box to store most desired old artwork for long-term in your store room or closet. Make sure to write the child’s name, date of creation and any important information on the back of the artwork.

5. Create a collage of many artwork. Scan or take a photo and make a digital collage then print to large and insert in one large photo frame.


6. Cloud storage system for 3D art projects since it is difficult to store them for a long time. You can save your digital copy on Cloud Google Drive or Dropbox as photographs.

7. Digital Photo frame allows you to create a rotating display of photographs and can be used to show kids artwork photos.

8. Make physical photo albums by age. Print scanned art or snapshot of drawing to photograph. Kids can decorate each photo album for fun.

Why these apps are best for posting art?


Artkive is popular to save and share children’s artwork because it has an easy-to-use interface that allows parents to upload, organize, and arrange their child’s artwork by date and age. One of Artkive’s most notable features is the ability to generate high-quality, professionally printed volumes from your digital art collection.


Keepy allows you to store not only images but videos of your artwork, and family members may record voice note or text comments for each piece. This interactive feature creates a social space to include extended family members in your child’s artistic journey.

Google Photos

A free tool for sharing and saving images. You can share photos via links making it best for maintaining privacy.


Social media is a great free source for sharing children’s artwork with more people. It is best for people seeking feedback and interaction from the world. Parents may set up a separate account for their child’s art and use different editing tools to improve the photos.


Pinterest allows you to organize collections by creating boards by theme or timeline making it best for people who like systematic approach. You can easily discover and share your content for free.


Flickr is a photo-sharing network that provides extensive free storage and powerful organizational options.


Shutterfly has a simple easy-to-use mobile app that allows uploading directly from your phone. The images are saved forever and can easily be turned into photobooks, personalized gifts and more. This app is best for people who might want to turn their photos into printable products later.


Seesaw is a popular teaching tool among schools, but parents may also use it to highlight their child’s artwork. It allows you to create digital portfolios.


It is a well-known forum for sharing and promoting student artwork in the form of a portfolio best for futuristic art plans for your gifted kid.

Turn kid’s artwork into gifts?

Turn your kid’s artwork into gifts for grandparents, family, and their friends. These masterpieces may be turned into treasured objects in a variety of imaginative and useful ways. Use print-on-demand or custom printing services that are easily available these days by searching nearby.

1. Turn kids’ artwork to necklace or other piece of jewellery.

2. You can get your child’s drawing engraved on a keychain.

3. Print Artwork on T-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing from Vistaprint or Custom Ink.

4. Customized Artwork Mugs

5. Print on Pillowcases or cushions  for kids’ bedroom.

6. Personalized Magnets for the fridge.

7. Tote Bag


8. Covers of Notebooks and Journals. These are great presents for teachers, friends, and family.

9. Cutting Boards

Ideas to Display Kids’ Art at Home

Here you will find ideas to display art on easels, art table, art hub, on the walls and even stairways. Some of these ideas are so practical you will be inspired instantly.

1. Get creative with clipboards and use them to hang art.

kids art display ideas

2. A large scale starched fabric wall treatment for art display is inexpensive and easy to remove without damage to your walls.


3. Interchangeable photo frames allow you to change drawings without removing the frames.


Photo by Ansley Hammond

4. There are many strings for displaying art but these photo clip string lights are multipurpose fun for holiday cards and more.


5. Repurpose old windows, wooden ladder and doors to display your kid’s artwork creatively.



image from home bunch

6. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and create a whimsical gallery. Use removable tape to stick artwork.

the art gallery wall

7. An art gallery on stairway.

art display ideas on the stairway

8. Display individual art using hangers and clips.

kids art display ideas

9. Don’t want to hang art, use floating shelves or picture ledgers.

kids wall art shelf

I hope you found these ideas useful, let us know down in the comments how you like to display your kid’s artwork?

Written by: Alveena Nazir


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