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30 Creative DIY rope projects to decorate tastefully

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Who would have thought that a simple DIY rope which has been around for so many uses, can also be used for decorating home! Rope can be used to bring nautical, boho, modern and outdoorsy touch in the house.

Today, I am sharing some projects that are innovative and inspiring to craft. DIY rope baskets, macrame rainbows and decorate 30 more things with rope for plant hanging, vase, table, shelf, wreath and more at home. You can consider using jute or burlap too.

DIY rope

DIY rope crafts

In this post you will find the following ideas with photos:

  • DIY rope table from scratch.
  • Make rope vases.
  • Transform a dollarstore basket with rope.
  • DIY tree swing with rope.
  • Make macrame rainbows.
  • Vertical rope plant hanger.
  • DIY rope tivets or hot pads.
  • Rope vase from tin can.
  • Rope rug from scratch.
  • Decorative bottle with rope.
  • Make a sisal rope pendant light.
  • Turn a pallet into a swing with rope.
  • DIY rope lanterns.
  • Turn old tires into rope swings.
  • DIY rope mirror.
  • Macrame rope hanging planter.
  • Hanging rope shelf.
  • Drawer handle with rope and hose clamps.
  • Rope bookshelf.
  • DIY rope lamps.
  • Decorative rope knots.
  • Make rope letters.
  • Rope wreaths.
  • DIY rope baskets.
  • Crochet rope light rug.
  • DIY rope handles.
  • A box transformed into a storage unit.
  • Braided dog leash.
  • Make curtain tie-backs.


rope table

1. DIY rope table

Make a rope wrapped table from scratch using concrete forming tube and cardboard/foam board to make the structure using E6000 to attach. Then use hot glue gun to attach strings of rope to cover the entire surface. Beautiful rope side table.

rope vases

2. DIY rope vases

Thread and weave different glass shapes to make beautiful yarn vases. Looking for more ways to make flower vases, find it at DIY flower vases.

rope basket

3. Cover with rope to decorate

Cover various things with rope to make decorative home items. For example make rope baskets out of dollar store plastic bins and baskets. Turn tire into ottoman by wrapping it with rope. Wrap a wreath tube with rope to make rope wreath. Similarly, you can make rope ladder, rope stools and so much more. Photo by I heart organizing.

tree swing

4. DIY rope tree swing

Drill a hole in a circular wood board and pass rope through it. Hang the rope to the tree for some backyard fun via living well spending less.

macrame rainbows tutorial

5. Make macrame rainbows

A cute trendy happy macrame wall hanging you can make with yarn wrapped around rope.

Rope plant hanger

6. Rope plant hanger

Make a rope plant hanger with stained wood for a vertical corner via i heart naptime. Find more great ideas for vertical plant walls.

Rope crafts

7. DIY rope hot pads

Glue the rope in circle to make custom sized rope tivets and hot pads via house and home.

rope vase

8. Rope vases from tin can

Recycle tin cans to make nautical rope vases via bay side bride.

rope rug

9. DIY rope rug

Use woven rope to make an accent rope.

rope recycle bottle

10. Decorate a bottle with rope

Recycle items like tin cans, bottles, jars and more by covering them with rope to make beautiful containers for flower arrangement, organization and decor.

Rope light

11. Make a pendant light with sisal rope

Use modpodge and cord to make a pattern on a balloon or plastic covered bowl. Brush it with modpodge or use spray adhesive to make it set. Remove the cover once dry to create a rope pendant.

Rope swing

12. Swinging rope bed

Turn a pallet into a swing bed with rope, unknown source.

rope lanterns

13. Outdoor Rope lanterns

Make candle holder with rope handles using mason jars via a lo and behold life. These are amazing for beach and windy days in the backyard.

old tire swing

14. Make rope swings

Turn old tire into swing using screws and macrame cord by unknown source. Use paint and brush to bring interest in decorative rope. You may also want to add a DIY tent to this place for more fun.

rope mirror

15. Make a rope mirror

Use rope and glue to turn a round mirror into a piece of art via martha stewart.

rope hanging planter

16. Macrame rope plant hanger

Make macrame rope planter using macrame yarn or string. Dip in colored dye for interesting results via i spy diy. Find more cool ideas to decorate your home with abstract art.

Rope hanging bookshelf

17. Rope hanging bookshelf

Use rope to hang a bookshelf on the wall. Find more great ideas to organize books.

Rustic drawer holder

18. Pallet box handles

Use rope and hose clamps to make handles for a drawer or pallet box via 4men1lady.

roping bookcase

19. DIY rope decor

Make a bookshelf with rope to keep books from falling off the shelf. Find more cool ideas to make bookshelves to help you create a unique library for kids with organized bedroom.

Nautical rope lamp

20. DIY rope lamp

Wrap rope around the base of a lamp to make rope lamp. You can also wrap a wire with rope to make a hanging rope lamp. Use white glue or hot glue gun to fix the rope to the lamp’s surface.

rope decor

21. Rope ball decor

Make decorative rope knots and nautical rope decor. So simple, role the rope into a ball and display it in a glass vase, bowl or a side table.

Make string letters

22. Make rope art and letters

Make expression words with rope. Draw your lettering on a parchment paper. Mix water and corn starch to make a paste and add wood glue to it. Now with the help of gloves shape the dipped rope in the mixture on the parchment paper. Let it dry. It will dry clear. For complete details visit rope word art. This will also make a cute rope wall hanging.

diy rope wreath

23. Rope wreath

Use a foam wreath form and wrap it with burlap and rope. Hot glue faux flowers and plants to make a hanging wreath for your front door. Find ideas to make beautiful green wreaths that can be displayed all year around.

hanging rope shelf

24. Hanging rope shelf

Hang a wooden shelf with rope inserted through drilled holes on the sides. Make a firm knot and use glue to ensure the knot doesn’t open and stayed fix.

DIY rope baskets

25. DIY rope baskets

Make coiled rope baskets.

Crochet light mat

26. Crochet rope LED rug

DIY LED carpet made with a single strand of LEDs crocheted in a knit tube. The knit tube is wound together to form a carpet that glows into DIY led carpet light.

rope handles

27. Easy rope handles

Use rope to make furniture handles via pinterest.

28. A box transformed into a storage unit

Use rope to cover a thrift store find like a box or storage unit and make a beautiful piece to show.

29. Braided dog leash

Turn a simple leash into beautiful braid with rope.

30. Curtain tie-backs

Use rope woven into a braid to make curtain tie-backs.

Creative DIY rope projects

Rope everything. The trend of handmade coil rope bowls and vessels, macrame wall hangings and hanging planters is gaining popularity. These are simple projects that bring the outdoors inside. The simple design makes it a heart felt project for everyone to try.

In the same way baskets are for comfort and storing favorite things, especially those made with rope. Moreover, any DIY project could be roped with some innovation and rethinking. I hope you enjoyed these creative rope ideas.

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  1. Thanks so much for including my rope baskets in this great round up! I found so many fun things to do with rope, I’m pinning and sharing.

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Those are amazingly neat rope baskets.

    2. Diane betts says:

      what type of rope do I use, where do I find it and is it expensive to buy?

      1. Hani Shabbir says:

        You can use any type of rope depending on the project you want to make! The sturdy wide ones can be found at hardware stores like homedepot and lowes. Hope that helps!

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