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30 ways to make Abstract Art projects

Abstract art achieves its effect using shapes, forms, colors and textures. Since, this idea varies for every artist. I am sharing 30 extraordinary ways to make Abstract Art projects. We can make beautiful swirls, mixes and combinations using many different mediums. And that gives us a choice to move beyond the canvas and make DIY projects with our artistic ideas. Some of the ideas include making pots, vases, mugs, coasters, pillows… in short these techniques will make you wonder you can create anything abstract.


Lets check out these fun art projects:


Abstract Art


30 cool techniques to make abstract art on any surface via craftionary.net #abstractart


Abstract Wall Art Ideas

DIY fluid watercolor abstract on canvas

Paint free form watercolor background. Let it dry and then blow black ink to create spidery lines.


DIY pixel abstract art

DIY Abstract Pixel art created by tracing a grid on the canvas.

And carefully painting each shade in each triangle following the sample pixel image.


DIY squeegee to create abstract

DIY squeegee abstract art

Pour a line of paint on the edge of the plywood. Drag the paint two-third of the way across the surface with squeegee. Let it dry.

The paint will skip at places creating the abstract look of the finished artwork. Repeat the same technique with more colors, till desired look is achieved.


How to paint abstract using spatula

DIY abstract painting

How to paint an abstract with spatula?


DIY metallic abstract art

DIY herringbone metallic art

An interesting projects to reuse an old large frame with style. Paint abstract on the large frame. Use painter’s tape to make a geometric pattern.

Spray the entire piece. Now carefully remove each tape strip to reveal the beautiful artwork.


Abstract ideas using other mediums


DIY Abstract stained glass

Use Elmer’s glue, food colors and toothpick to create abstract stained glass art with kids.


DIY salt and glue abstract art

A super fun abstract art project made by pouring salt and Elmer’s glue on the canvas while the paint’s still wet.

The reaction forms fun patterns as you can see.


DIY watercolor and oil art

Abstract oil art

A combination of oil and watercolors also producing breathtaking abstract art.


DIY paper punch abstract wall art

DIY abstract punch wall art created with kids artwork.


DIY abstract wall art

The DIY dot art is also a great project to try for a no fail abstract art.


DIY paint filled eggs abstract pattern

Paint filled eggs on canvas

A super fun abstract egg art is the result of tossing paint filled eggs onto the canvas.

This is also a great project for parties.


DIY bubble abstract art

Make a bubbles abstract art by blowing bubbles in a cup filled with paint, water and liquid soap.

Place your paper on the bubbles and pop them by pressing the paper on it. Repeat to form circular abstract patterns like above.


DIY shaving cream abstract marble paper

How to make marble paper with shaving cream?

Pour food color drops into shaving cream in a tray. Use a toothpick to make swirls.

Place your paper on it, remove excess shaving cream and let it dry. Your art is complete.


Coffee filter abstract art tutorial

Coffee filter abstract art

Put coffee filters on your canvas and drop food color on it. Spray some water on the coffee filters.

The paint will start to leak out of it and form patterns.


Abstract Art using tie-dye techniques


You won't belive what we used to tie dye

Tie dye abstract art on fabric using Rit powdered dye colors and ice.


How to snow dye abstract art

Ice or snow dyeing technique is great for unique dyed garments.

And one of a kind abstract dyed fabric for quilting.


How to ice dye

How to ice dye fabric for making abstract art projects?

This link is good for those who like video tutorials.


DIY abstract tie dye dress

Another easy way to tie dye your fabric is by using thread and spraying dye on the fabric in a tray.

The results are amazing.


DIY tie dye techniques

10 Superb tie dye techniques for making various abstract designs on fabric.


Abstract Watercolor Project


How to make watercolor abstract pillows that are permanent and washable

How to watercolor on fabric? A tutorial to make permanent and washable abstract watercolor art on fabric.

Use the fabric to make pillows, dresses, t-shirt, jeans, hats and so much more…


Abstract Marble Effect Ideas


DIY marble abstract art tutorial

DIY marble art

DIY abstract canvas art using dripping paint technique.

Mix acrylic paint with liquitex pouring medium and use plastic bottles to pour the mixture on the canvas.


Marble milk paper abstract art

Marbled milk paper

DIY marble abstract paper art made by swirls in food coloring (or liquid watercolors) and milk mixture in a tray.


Abstract Art DIY Projects


Abstract art using rubbing alcohol


DIY alcohol ink dyed abstract coasters

DIY abstract coasters from tiles are a result of alcohol ink and rubbing alcohol reaction.

I wonder if that can be achieved by using glass paints and rubbing alcohol!


DIY abstract sharpie art

Fun abstract designs can also be achieved by adding drops of rubbing alcohol on sharpie art.

The bookmark is made by cutting out a plastic container strip.


Abstract nail polish art


DIY nail polish abstract pot

DIY nail polish abstract art

An easy technique that can be used to produce cool artistic designs on non fabric projects like pots, vases, trays and more…


DIY dipped abstract mugs

How to marble dip with nail polish?


Abstract watercolor clock

Make an abstract clock by inserting an art paper in it’s background.


DIY abstract rainbow shoes

DIY abstract rainbow shoes using liquid dye.


DIY flower heads abstract art

Make floral abstract art by using flower heads as stamps.


DIY abstract art


All these projects are so artistic that they make me want to try them all. What about you?

Which one are you going to try first to make your own abstract art project?


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30 ways to make Abstract Art projects

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