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35 DIY Christmas Ornaments

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35 DIY Christmas Ornaments. I have collected inspiration for decorating Christmas tree ornaments. And found these fantastic tree ornament ideas. You can DIY Christmas ornaments in so many different ways. These are perfect for Holiday decorations. You will be amazed by how many fun things can be used to craft ornaments.

Even though, the trend of painting with acrylic paints and watercolors is on the rise. Therefore, so many people are painting ornaments this year. However, these stunning ideas will help your Christmas tree decorations stand out.


Creative DIY Christmas Ornaments

There are unique ideas to decorate for Holidays with handmade ornaments. I am amazed, as I came home with a bag filled with goodies for a glittery and shiny Christmas. I can’t wait to start making some Christmas ornaments. So while I go crafting, I hope you enjoy this best ornaments roundup.


Christmas Tree Ornaments you can DIY and Craft

You will find step by step instructions for DIY Christmas ornaments crafts. Make ornaments with a variety of different materials like:

  • Cardboard gold star ornament
  • Salt dough ornaments
  • DIY Christmas snowman ornaments
  • Christmas scrabble ornaments
  • DIY poinsettia ornaments
  • Simple Pinecone ornaments
  • Modpodge photo Christmas ornament
  • How to make a photo ornament
  • Christmas hoop ornament
  • Farmhouse style DIY mitten ornaments
  • Make DIY leather ornaments
  • Craft DIY pearl ornaments
  • Clear glass ornament
  • DIY joy framed ornament
  • Make glitter ornaments
  • Paper Christmas tree ornaments
  • DIY Christmas buttons ornament
  • Recycled CD mosaic Christmas ornament
  • DIY disco ball ornament
  • Glitter snowflake ornaments
  • Christmas Santa’s list ornament
  • DIY chalkboard ornaments
  • Twig snowflake ornament
  • State art ornaments
  • DIY sprinkle ornament
  • Mini snow globe ornaments
  • Make painted silhouette ornaments
  • Santa painted ornament
  • DIY Painted Rudolph ornament or reindeer ornament
  • Make ribbon flowers ornament
  • Cute Felt paper Christmas ornament
  • DIY paper circle ornaments
  • Vintage Christmas ornaments
  • DIY paper ornaments
  • Make gold dipped ornaments
  • Modern cube ornaments
  • Painted joy ornament
  • Cookie cutter ornaments
  • Adorable candy cane ornament
  • Etched birch wood slice ornaments
  • DIY spindle ornaments
  • Melted crayon ornaments




How to make best DIY Christmas Ornaments

The ideas to make easy DIY Christmas ornaments:



Cardboard star ornament is made from cereal box. Cutout a star using an online star template. Spray paint, score lines and pop. Glue a string on the back and hang.


Salt dough ornaments


Make a snowman ornament with modeling clay. You can also use salt dough, flour dough or even playdoh. This is a fun project for Holidays with kids.

DIY Christmas Snowman Ornaments



Christmas scrabble ornaments using scrabble trays and tiles.



DIY Poinsettia Ornaments via craftionary.



Simple pine cone ornaments



Mod podged photo Christmas ornament



How to make a photo ornament to hang with ribbon!



Turn an embroidery hoop into a Christmas hoop ornament. You will need fabric strips, Christmas tree, yarn or twine and banner to make a wreath.



Make mitten, gloves, stockings and more from old sweaters. These farmhouse style DIY mitten ornaments are adorable.



Make DIY leather ornaments


DIY ornaments using thread and beads


Tutorial to craft DIY Pearl Ornaments.



Make DIY Joy framed ornament.


Clear glass ornament using acrylic paint


Make glitter ornaments with Pledge or nail polish.



Craft cute Christmas tree ornaments with washi tape and paper cones.



DIY Christmas ornament ideas using vintage and unique button collection or embellishments.



Recycled CD mosaic Christmas Ornaments.



DIY disco ball ornament using sequins.



Glitter snowflakes ornaments



Make Christmas list ornament with wooden spool and paper.



DIY chalkboard art ornaments



Twig snowflake ornament using twigs. This can also be made using cinnamon sticks and hot glue.



Cute embroidery hoop state art ornaments created with stem stitch on canvas.



DIY Sprinkle ornament



Mini snow globe ornaments.



Make painted silhouette ornaments using photo cutouts and clay discs.


Painted ornaments Santa, Rudolph or Reindeer


Santa and Rudolph Painted Ornaments



Make ribbon flowers and glue them onto painted colorful ornaments via bhg. Here’s a tutorial to make ribbon flowers.



Make these cute Christmas ornaments from felt or paper. Find a circle template and cutout circles. Now fold in halves and glue together. Keep going to create a fan and you are done.



DIY paper circle ornaments from a map printable.



Vintage Christmas ornaments



Make beautiful tree ornament with paper and ribbon. Paper folding technique like origami can make wonderful designs and patterns like this DIY paper ornaments.



Make gold dipped ornaments



These amazing cubes are made with wooden dowels Modern cube ornaments.



Painted Joy Ornament


Cookie cutter ornaments


Turn a cookie cutter into cute ornament with glitter and ribbon.


Wood slice ornament


Etched birch ornaments are made by heating the tip of a steel pin. These can also be faux etched with sharpie.



DIY spindle ornaments


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  1. Lolly Jane says:

    Cute and creative ornaments! Thanks much for the feature! XO

  2. THANKS for featuring my snowman ornament! I had so much fun making it.
    You really round up a whole LOT of wonderful ornaments here! I’ve enjoyed checking them out.
    Merry Christmas! (…almost. 🙂 )
    ~ Laura

  3. Denise says:

    Can you please tell me how to cut the CDs? I used scissors but it cracks and ruins the pieces…
    It looks easy in the photo!

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      You can follow the link below the CD ornament, there is a video to demonstrate how to cut CDs with scissors! Hope that helps.

  4. Géraldine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful ideas. I’m a french teacher in a nursery school and my pupils are 5 years old. I would like to make “ornament from felt paper” (red, pink and white). Could you send me the pattern please.
    Thank you 🙂


    1. Hani says:

      Hi, since the original source is no longer available you can find source for circle template, print, fold in halves and glue as you go to make these ornaments. I have found a template and emailed it to you! I hope that helps!

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