DIY Glass Tile and Stone Indoor Garden Art

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This unique handmade houseplant framed picture art is made with glass tile art and stone art inspired by indoor garden art idea. The intricate pen details complete the design and make it ready to hang and display.

Glass tiles are available in a variety of options and are ideal for making extraordinary DIY mosaic projects. The mosaic coasters are ideal for beginner-level craft project while landscape mosaic art is a stunning piece to frame that will wow anyone.

Today I am sharing the third project I made with mosaic tiles. This project is a mix media creation with inspiration to draw a scene using rock art, pebbles art, and even glass tiles art.

DIY Indoor Garden Art


Indoor Garden Tile and Stone Art



  • Substrate – Can be wood, canvas, paper to frame or other rigid surface suitable for retaining shape with small weight and painting. I am using Wood cutting board.
  • Glue or mosaic adhesive (Weld Bond dries fast and non-slippery. A type of glue that you use to stick glass tiles for mosaic)
  • Squeeze bottle with a tip for easy application (if you buy glue in bulk).
  • Mosaic pieces or tiles (ceramic, stone, stained glass or Glass tiles)
  • Glass cuter (I recommend buying mosaic tools set. This handy set has all the tools you need including heavy duty mosaic tile cut nipper, tweezers, double-ended hook, sponge, spatula, and scraper).
  • Pebbles or stones with one flat side.


This project unlike other mosaic art doesn’t require grouting and therefore you can play with different sizes of tiles and stones even broken plates.



Prepare the surface:

Use a foam brush to paint the surface with a coat or two if your board is unfinished or has something printed on it for instance. You can also stain or use it as is. The background has to be contrasting so the intricate work in various colors gets all the attention.


Sketch your design:

Measure the dimensions of your piece and on a piece of paper estimate and sketch your indoor garden. Think about a variety of options and shapes. You can take inspiration from different works.

It is important to label and plan each part of your drawing. This way you are able to gather rocks and tiles to recreate the pattern on the board.


Arrange and Reproduce:

Use bamboo sticks and twigs to bring natural touches to your art. Arrange and sort things in places.

Once all the pieces are arranged, it is easier to work on smaller details.


Start working step-by-step with each small detail and complete as you go. Stick the twigs and bamboo sticks in place.

Once all the planters are in place. Paint the rocks with acrylic paint to make base for your painting details with posca markers.

It is important to sketch the plants at the root of the pot before gluing rocks and tiles in spots. Make sure to draw those before you glue all the planters.


Now glue all the rocks in places. Cut and shape each tile to form leaves and flowers and glue to finish each planter before you move to next one.

Decide which flowers you want to make with glass tiles and which ones to draw. In my opinion, glass tiles bring luxurious touches to the art, therefore, I use them to make flowers keeping a good balance between painting and tile art.


Cut and glue things in place, because working with such intricate details can become overwhelming and confusing if you don’t glue them in place at the right time.

Use a large jar or ziplock bag and keep your tile inside when you cut it, this way the cut tiny pieces don’t fly out in every direction and cause harm when someone steps on it.

Continue working and building your indoor garden art till you are satisfied with the results. I also used burlap (jute thread) for hanging planter details.


Paint the details:

Finally use posca markers to add in the key details of flowers and other elements.

Try to keep as little blank space as possible to give a fuller indoor garden look.


Indoor Garden Art

You can also make a minimalist indoor garden art and choose a wallpaper design for your background.

Ideas to create this art are endless.

Here I tried some fun patterns with circle backsplash tiles and broken china pieces.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’ll see you again with another cool project.

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