Best Gift Ideas (Make gifts for MEN and WOMEN)

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Today I am sharing best gift ideas. Make gifts for your loved ones with custom touch! I have collected some useful and beautiful ideas to DIY gifts. These are great for Birthdays, parties, anniversaries or any occasion.

You will find tons of ideas and inspirations to make gifts. Handmade gifts for men and women. Surprise HIM or HER with a special gift. A few of these can even make the kids jump with excitement.

best gift ideas

Best Gift Ideas

handmade soaps gift

1. Handmade soaps

Soaps make great gifts with scents and ingredients of a variety they can become an instant special. You can make these one time use leaf Handmade soaps or check out these options to make soaps. You will also find creative ideas to turn store bought soaps into gift items with essential oil and botanicals.

best gift ideas vases

2. DIY Vase or jar

There are a variety of ways to DIY vases and turn common vases into unique gifts like this Chalkboard paint vase with personalized message written with chalk pens.

girls jewelry gifts

3. Handmade jewelry and jewelry boxes

Handmade jewelry might not be my thing but buy jewelry and pack in beautiful boxes and tins using Duct tape jewelry gift box idea. You can turn chocolate and cookie tins or dollar store boxes into gift wrap by just taping it.

handmade 3D art gift

4. Make wall art

Wall art or painted canvas is always a welcoming addition to a home. Use this technique to make a woven pattern of heart or anything you like using a stencil and paper. This 3D wall art tutorial shows you how to make this fun wall art.

handmade apron gift

5. Kitchen items

I like to be useful when I chose a gift for anyone. You can never be wrong with kitchen accessories. Kitchen stuff plus has such adorable items that you can present as gifts. However, for handmade this pocket apron is such a fun gift for little chefs in the making.

handmade art gift

6. Knitted embroidery hoop

This is a embroidery hoop with loops of braided thread/ floss. Check out Finger knitted embroidery hoop gift to present a knitting or embroidery hobbiest with supplies in a creative way.

best gift ideas handmade gift basket

7. Gift baskets

The good old gift basket is the ultimate best gift idea of all times. You can pack one with almost anything and everything. To make an ordinary basket gift-worthy, drape two tea towels over the edges. Add grommet to the sides and then tie them. The towels serve as basket lining. You can add a few things you know the gift receiver would love. Wrap it and viola! Here are some things you can add to the Gift Basket.

best gift ideas handmade candy gift box

8. Candies and chocolates

Customize a tray/ box like ice cubes tray or dollar store craft tray with decorative paper. Add different candies in it to make it presentable. You can add assorted tea or nuts to it as well.

handmade candles gift

handmade candles

9. Handmade candles

The most loved and warm gift of all. Buy and customize candles with these Decorative candle ideas.

flowers gift idea

10. Plants a gift of life

There’s nothing I look forward to receiving more than a plant. Plants make a wonderful house warming gift. However, flowers make even more prettier gift especially if they are not a bouquet and potted in soil like hydrangea in my opinion. Here’s a cute Potted flowers crepe paper gift wrap.

handmade flowers

11. Handmade flowers

If I were to receive a bouquet of flowers I would be happier with artificial and faux ones. I know they are not a temporary addition and I will not see them dry and wilt. Make handmade flowers that are not so common like these cute net flowers. If you received a bouquet of fresh flowers check out how you can dry flowers and arrange them at home.

handmade handbag gift

12. Handbags and purses

Find 40 plus Handmade Handbag tutorial to make one or buy from a variety of stores. My personal favorite is Michael Kors.

handmade gift heart

13. Gift of heart

A cute gift would be customized letters like this Wine cork heart gift. Find more ways to make letters and symbols that make uncommon gifts.

instagram photos gift

14. Photo greeting cards

How about printing a memory with your recepient and make DIY custom instragram photo cards. You can also print a small album and gift as well.

handmade gift jars

15. Apothecary jar sets

Turn mason jars into these with candle holders. There are many ways to use these. As candy/ pasta holders in the kitchen. Decorative jars in the living room. Accessories holder in bedroom or bathroom. Find ideas to turn your jars into Decorative jars gift idea and fill them with any of the 25 different choices that speaks best with you.

handmade gift mugs

16. Coffe mug

A cute mug always brings a smile on face. It may readily become the morning coffee mug if it excites your receiver. Make DIY Chalkboard Paint Mug and write a personal message.

photo canvas gift

17. Canvas wall art

Print and decoupage Instagram photos on canvas wall art from your memorable trip to gift.

photo wreath gift

18. DIY Wreath

Make a wreath from scratch or add elements to a store bought wreath to make it one-of-a-kind like this Picture frame memory wreath for Christmas. You may also like 35 winter wreath ideas.

picture pillow gift idea

19. Picture pillow

This is your one stop to learn how you can print on fabric using a printer and an image on the computer and make Picture Pillow Gift. You can turn plain fabric into prints with this tutorial and make a variety of things if you enjoy sewing.

picture vases gift idea

20. Photo planters

Decoupage photos or decorative paper to simple glass pots to make DIY Custom flower vases.


21. Clay pots

You might also want to make modern clay pot from a simple dollar store glass jar with this video tutorial.

pinwheels gift idea

22. Wall hanging

Felt pinwheels wreath gift or a macrame wall hanging make good trendy gifts.

reading pillow gift idea

23. Travel pillow

For someone who loves to travel and read Reading pillow gift is perfect. It has a cute holding loop and a sleeve to secure the book as well.

sewing kit gift idea

24. Gifts in a jar

Gift useful items together in a jar like this sewing mason jar gift set with a pin pillow on top. Find more things you can gift in a jar for kids.

best gift ideas magnetic tray

25. Magnetic board

A stenciled magnetic display gift for organizing or displaying items.

snow globes gift

26. Snow globes

Have fun and make snow globe following the 15 ideas we have listed.

spice rack gift

27. Spice racks

A useful home gift idea is spice storage rack.

terrarium gift idea

28. Terrarium

Soil, moss, succulents and air plants make amazing terrariums for plant lovers! Terrarium apothecary jars make an extraordinary gift. You can also make a gift basket with items used to make one as gift.

handmade gift tray

29. DIY tray

A beautiful custom frame tray makes a great gift. Use it to leave special notes or add your memorable photos to make the tray base. A cute breakfast in bed idea with frame tray. Find more ideas to make trays.

wind chimes gift idea

30. Windchime

Make a beautiful wind chime or buy one from amazon.

photo blocks gift idea

31. Family photo blocks

Family Photo Blocks Gift Idea for Christmas. Make a blocks Christmas tree and add bows and photos.

kids tent gift idea

32. Outdoor Tent

A little out of the box gift idea is to Make a DIY Tent. This is fun for indoors and outdoors alike.

handmade lace belts

33. Lace belt

Make a fabric handmade Lace Belts with unique belt loops or rings from amazon.

beads wreath gift idea

34. Bead art

Just like macrame, wooden beads are most loved in home accents especially Boho and Scandinavian neutral homes. Make a Beads Wreath Gift Idea.


35. Coasters

Make Bamboo coasters from a placemat in just 5 minutes with this tutorial.

dried flowers art using botanical casting art ornaments

36. Bas Relief ornaments

Make ornaments or botanical art with this easy tutorial that requires pouring solution into a mold with dried flowers only. So simple yet stunning results!

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