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22 Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties

Fun Beach Activities {Beach Ideas}. The weather was just perfect to hit the beach this weekend. We had an amazing day! So, today I wanted to share some summer beach ideas. These ideas are great for summer activities at the beach. If you are planning to party with family and friends, you will love these ideas. They are not only easy, but very useful to make your beach experience memorable. Beach fun ideas for taking pictures, making sandcastles and collecting seashells for keepsakes. Plus so much more for kids too.


Let’s start:


Beach activities


beach activities


Summer Beach Fun


beach activities

Carry a beach chair without loading up your hands. Weave a dog leash to make a strap for easy picking.

Beach chair with strap


Beach Photo Idea

beach activities

Kids memories from the beach. Take a picture of your kids with their current age.

Beach photo idea


beach photo idea 2

Funny faces group photo idea.


Making Beach Tent

beach tent idea

Make a tent with sticks, leaves and a towel.

This is great for an Island fun at the beach. Kids always enjoy making tents.

Finding items for the tent makes a fun treasure hunt activity for the kids.

Photography by Ashlee Raubach.


beach towel with pockets tutorial
beach water fun idea

Take a small inflatable pool to the beach. Kids are sure to love it.

Be sure to add some sand at the bottom of the pool.

Inflatable pool for kids


beach activities

Beach fun nails


Beach Tip

freezing water bottles

You can use water bottles twice at your summer picnic. First as ice packs and then as thirst quenchers.

Pour out an inch of water before freezing bottles. The bottles help keep the food chilled. But will thaw as the day goes on.

Leaving you with cold drinkable water.

via Martha Stewart


Make a sandcastle

how to make sand castle with kids

Building a sandcastle is buckets of fun. All you need are water, sand, household items and some helping hands.

How to build a sandcastle


key ring on beach bag

Great tip! Add a shower curtain ring to your bag. And you will never lose your keys again!


Make a pond

make a water pond on beach

Dig and make a puddle of water in the sand.

Have fun hopping in it until it dries.


make a sundial

Use a stick and pebbles to make a sundial. Educate your kids on how to tell time without a watch.

The earliest sundial was made in 5000 B C in Ireland.

Make a sundial


Cute Keepsakes

sand hand print for keepsake

Fill Plaster of Paris in your hand and foot print to make these cute keepsakes.

Hand print keepsakes from sand


beach lights for sunset

Enjoy a beautiful sunset in the light of bottled candles.

All you need is sand, glass and candles!

via ElMueble


beach photo idea

Use a frame to take an artistic photo.


beach activities

Blow bubbles on the beach.


Make a  BBQ Grill

disposable bbq grill on beach

Make a temporary BBQ grill with foil. Dig a hole in sand and place the foil inside. Add stones around for a border.

Now set the fire with charcoal, add your rack and enjoy grilling.

Be sure to pack out your trash.

Disposable beach BBQ grill


sandcastle with popsicles beach activities

Use popsicle molds to make sand castles.

I love this idea of accessorizing with beachy items for an interesting photo.

Did something click?


Seashell Crafts

seashells jars beach activities

Instead of filling a jar with sand and seashells! Make a decorative seashells lid.

Seashells jar lid


seashells windchime

Collect seashells to make beautiful crafts.

Make a seashell wind chime


Beach Games

stamp towel game idea

I love this idea. Use square stamps to make a chessboard on towel.

Various dice games can also be made by simply printing on fabric.

There are two tutorials to print on fabric.

1) Fabric printing with starch

2) Fabric printing with freezer paper


DIY Beach Bag

waterproof beach bag tutorial

Turn a garbage bag into a waterproof beach bag with duct tape.

Make a waterproof beach bag


making sandcastle

And last but not the least. The idea that inspired this post.

A sandcastle simple enough to be constructed by a toddler.

Use different sized containers to make it fun for your kids.

Also a little pond which kids will enjoy filling with water again and again.


I hope you enjoyed these beach activities.


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4 responses to “22 Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties”

  1. I’m taking notes and making a lists for our family reunion. This is a great resource. Thank you!

  2. Great games ideas for kids to play on the beach! My kids love playing cricket and kho-kho at beach.

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22 Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties

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