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Buy or make DIY hummingbird feeder for your home garden

buy or make diy hummingbird feeder hummers feeders

DIY hummingbird feeder: Sun finally brightens up the morning as I sip my coffee to start my day. The beautiful bird song and the green grass brings liveliness after long winter nights. These are the signs that Spring has arrived. While I dream of that beautiful day, I get myself ready to welcome beautiful birds […]

Dust Proof Martial Arts Karate Belt Display Case


Dust Proof Martial Arts Karate Belt Display Itโ€™s been a few years that my sonโ€™s Martial Arts Taekwondo Belts have been packed in a bag and lying in the storeroom! It always crossed my mind that one day I will make a DIY Martial Arts Belt Display for him. But then life happened and Karate […]

25 New things made with DIY cardboard box anyone can make


Today I am sharing 25 new things made with DIY cardboard box that are useful and creative. Cardboard boxes can be used to craft projects for kids, home or even organizers. These DIY cardboard box projects are easy, durable and safe to have around the house for kids. Some of these projects are unusual and […]

30 Summer Beach Activities Fun for Kids and Parties

beach activities

Fun Beach Activities {Beach Ideas}. The weather was just perfect to hit the beach this weekend. We had an amazing day! So, today I wanted to share some summer beach ideas. These ideas are great for summer activities at the beach. If you are planning to party with family and friends, you will love these […]

50 DIY bug hotels | material and instructions to attract bugs


50 DIY bug hotels with material and instructions to attract bugs has tutorials for best how to build insect hotel projects and make bug houses for home gardens. Here you will find information to start making a bug house and tips to successfully welcome the garden friends. DIY bug hotels Before we look at some […]

40 Best coffee filter crafts projects

It’s always fun to find ways to craft using inexpensive supplies we can find around the house. Coffee filters are one of those items which can be used to create art projects. Coffee filter crafts are mostly popular to make flower and butterfly. However, when I started my search I found great ideas like wreath, […]

Creative Squirrel Crafts for Kids that are adorable


Make cute squirrel crafts and activities that will keep your children engaged in constructive use of time while being creative. These animal crafts for kids are about making squirrels using various recyclable items such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, Popsicle sticks, paper, felt, acorns and what not!   Squirrels are seen around homes in […]

11 Toddler Finger Food Lunches Kindergarten Lunch Ideas


Toddler finger food lunches and kindergarten lunch ideas for back to school lunch with easy, healthy and homemade recipes for meal and snacks. You will find toddler finger food lunches and kindergarten lunch ideas that are tried and passed by kids.   These ideas include sandwiches, burgers, waffles and rolls to name a few main […]

Rock painting craft ideas with pebbles and stones


Rock painting is an ancient art. Make hand painted rocks, painted pebbles, painted stones and rock painting crafts like stone art with ideas. Learn the basics of how to paint various designs on rocks? Whether you like to use stones, pebbles or rocks to make art, they are all fun to paint depending on the […]

40 Impressive DIY Mosaic Projects to love


Mosaic can be any picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material like stones, tiles or glass. DIY Mosaic is fun to do and can be really impressive for a handmade project. It has also been produced with brilliance by recycling old CDs, paper, beans, seeds, egg shells and so […]