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50 How to make a rainbow fun ways to try

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A meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction, and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light that appears in the sky is called a rainbow.

It takes the form of a multicolored circular arc. Rainbows are a sign of happiness and excitement. Before the outdoor becomes cold invest a sunny weekend to make a rainbow with these fun ways and explore science.

Here are 50 fun ways to make a rainbow:


How to make a rainbow?

The idea of making a rainbow came from one fine sunny morning when our rainbow fish aquarium reflected the colors of a rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. So, we searched for these fun ideas to make more rainbows at home with the kids. We start with our idea:

Make a rainbow fish

Change your location of looking at the fish aquarium which is filled with water while the sunlight shines directly upon it. You will notice a rainbow formation at specific points. As, you move it will disappear. You will also note that the rainbow changes direction if you are still with the movement of the sunlight.


  1. Make a rainbow with string

Fill a bowl with water and place a piece of paper towel over the top. Hold the string close to the surface of the water and move it around so that the entire bowl is filled with a rainbow.

  1. Food colors rainbow

Add a few drops of food coloring to a glass or transparent water bottle and fill it with water. Place the bottle over a light source and watch the colors change as the light shines through the bottle.

  1. Balloon rainbow

Blow up a balloon and tie it off at one end. Make a loop with the other end of the string and tie it to a light fixture.

  1. Make a rainbow outdoor


Pick a sunny area and turn your back towards the sun. Spray the water in front of you until you see the rainbow. Don’t forget that the sun must be very low in the sky no more than 42 degrees from the skyline by kitchen science lab.

  1. Glass of water rainbow science experiment


You can see a rainbow on the floor by slowly raising the glass of water into a sunny spot. The sunlight is made up of different colors of white light. When sunlight enters a water droplet it splits into many colors.

  1. Mirror rainbow


Put the bowl of water in a sunny place such as on the windowsill so the sun can shine through the water onto the mirror fixed in it. Hold a sheet of paper above a bowl and try to capture a rainbow with it.

  1. Mirror and flashlight


Shine the flashlight onto the part of the mirror that is underwater. Tilt the mirror until you see the rainbow on the wall if it’s necessary. Bright white light is also made up of different colors of light mixed.

  1. CD rainbow

Use your flashlight to shine onto the CD in a dark room. The reflected light will make the fabulous rainbow colors on the wall.

  1. Make a rainbow with paper


Lay your sheet of paper on a flat surface. Put two pieces of tape to cover the flashlight such that only a small amount of light passing through it. Place the glass of water on your sheet of paper. Shine the light to the glass of water and you will see a rainbow by Uniland Kids. You may move the jar or hold it up to make the rainbow appear. Turn off the lights if you need to!

  1. Glass of water and rainbow


Take a piece of paper and cut a slot into the middle of it. Tape this onto the side of a smooth/clear drinking glass so that the sun’s rays can pass through the opening onto the surface of the water in the glass by one time through.

  1. Rainbow with Prism

Place a large piece of white paper on the floor beside the window which directs the sunlight. Move it around to get the correct angle that shows reflected colors.

  1. Rainbow with balloon

Fill the balloon with air. Once the balloon is full, tie a knot in the balloon’s string and cut the string. Make sure the cut end of the string is pointing away from you. Then, hold the balloon up so that the cut end is facing the sky. Next, hold a piece of paper near the balloon’s cut end and make a small, circular motion with your hand. This will create a rainbow on the paper.

  1. Lamp rainbow

Unscrew the light bulb from a lamp and replace it with bright painted rainbow using markers. Plug the lamp in and turn it on. The bright light will create a beautiful rainbow in your room.

  1. Fan rainbow


Take a piece of paper and color it. Fold it like a fan then take the hard piece of paper and paste the rainbow-colored paper on the hard paper from both ends by craftish corner.

  1. How to make a rainbow with sponge?


Take a sponge and layer it with acrylic rainbow colors. Spread it on paper smoothly in a shape of rainbow by 5 minute crafts.

  1. Make a rainbow wall decor


Cut colored paper strips then gather the same colored strips together and paste them under the white paper. Hang them on the wall and decorate it with clouds by Hetal’s art.

  1. Pipe cleaners rainbow


Take colorful pipe cleaners, cut and arrange them together like a rainbow. Cut two pieces of cardboard and paste them on both ends of pipe cleaners. Take two cotton balls and paste them on cardboard by one little project.

  1. Paper towel grow a rainbow experiment


Fold a paper towel and paint the ends with markers in rainbow colors on each end of the towel. Fill the two cups with water about 3/4 and dip the colored ends of the towel into each cup. Let it rest for 15 minutes and the colors will spread to the entire paper towel as it soaks water. This makes it appear like a rainbow by best ideas for kids.

  1. Cotton ball rainbow painting


Dip a cotton ball in the red watercolor and print it on paper. Make an arch shape with the cotton ball. Repeat the process with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet until your rainbow is completed. Let it dry then cut some clouds from the white card and paste it on the ends. Photo by kids craft room.

  1. Craft a rainbow paper plate tambourine


To make a paper plate tambourine, take a paper plate and paint the rainbow colors in full circles around it. Let it dry then fold the plate. Now mark on the plate where you want to hang bells. Punch through the pencil marks then Take some ribbons and tie them to your tambourine craft by kids craft room.

  1. Make a giant rainbow collage


Cut a semi circle from cardboard and paint it with poster colors. Arrange craft materials by color in small baskets and paste them on the matching color by the imagination tree.

  1. Paper plate rainbow yarn art


Paint the bottom of your paper plate with light blue color. Print and cut out the yarn art pattern then glue the pattern on the front of the paper plate. With the help of push-pin punch holes in the center of every color on the rainbow. Now grab your yarn needle and start threading first with the red yarn. Repeat the same process with the other colors by i heart crafty things.

  1. Bubble wrap printed rainbow


Cut a sheet of bubble wrap and paint it. Then lay a sheet of blue cardstock paper on the top of your rainbow and rub the paper carefully so the paint adheres and gets printed on your paper from bubble wrap. Now remove the bubble wrap from the paper slowly so that paint does not smear. Cut out the clouds and paste them on the bottom by i heart crafty things.

  1. Rainbow with a marker

Grab your yellow, red, and blue highlight markers and color in your yellow marker and ensure that the color is all around the tip. Now drag the yellow marker on the paper and a beautiful rainbow appears.

  1. Fingerprint rainbow


Take white and black paper and cut out the pot from black paper. Paste it on the white paper with glue stick. Now make an arch by dipping fingers in the paints one by one and dabbing it onto the white paper starting from the pot. Sprinkle some glitter gold on the pot. Photo via sassy dealz.

  1. Rainbow cabbage experiment


Fill a glass of water with about 1/3 for each color then add different food colors to each glass and stir the mixture properly. Put the pieces of cabbage into each glass and observe the glasses for the next few days. Cabbage will absorb the water and change the color. Photo by growing a jeweled rose.

  1. Rainbow slime


Add half a cup of water to each jar and put a small quantity of color into each jar and mix. Then add 1/2 a cup of glue and 1/2 a cup of laundry starch into each jar. Mix them properly until they form a stretchy bond. Place a clump of each color in the order of colors by steamsational.

  1. Rainbow rice recipe


Pour 1 cup of uncooked white rice into a zip seal bag and add several drops of food color along with two tablespoons of water into each bag. Seal the bag and then mix and shake until all the rice is saturated. Open the bag and leave it to dry by growing a jeweled rose. You can cook or use it for art.

  1. Rainbow comb paintings


Use a baking tray and line it with tin foil. Squirt some colors on the paper and pass different combs through it to make patterns. Photo by the imagination tree.

  1. Ribbon rainbow wall hanging DIY


Use a form paper and cut it in a cloud shape. Paste some small to medium sized pom pom balls (felt balls) on it. Here wooden bead balls are used. Use small chain (you can reuse an old purse chain) to hang it. Now take ribbons and attach them to the bottom of the form paper in the order using staples or glue by A beautiful mess.

  1. Rainbow jellyfish craft

pipe-cleaner- jelly-fish

Twist some colorful pipe cleaners or straws around the pencil then paint styrofoam balls and cut them in half. Insert pipe cleaners into the plain side of the ball. Make googly eyes or glue two small stones on the ball. Now hang it on the wall with string. You will also enjoy 70 Creative sea animal crafts for kids (Ocean creatures).

  1. Button wind chime rainbow


Make a hole at the top of canning lid by using a hammer and nail. Now poke four holes into the inside rim of the plastic lid, holes should be evenly space for hanging the wind chime. Use a thumbtack to poke 12 holes in the of the plastic lid to hang beads and plates. Cut sixteen pieces of string and tie a pony bead at the end of each string. Thread 12 strings through the top of the lid. Attach a bead in place with hot glue. Now thread the first string through four large buttons and add a tri-bead.

To create a tiered effect, repeat 11 more times adding a few more buttons each time. Attach the end of each string to the canning lid. To hang it on the wall, thread the remaining four strings through the holes in the sides of the lid. Gather them together and tie a knot by Crafts by Amanda.

  1. Make slime with contact solution

Pour 3/4 cup of glitter glue in colors into different bowls then add 1/2 tsp of baking soda in each bowl and mix it well. To make a stretchier slime add 1/4 cup of water. Now add contact lens solution containing boric acid. Add contact lens solution slowly and mix it thoroughly; don’t add too much solution. Now mix it well. Take it out and knead it until perfect slime forms. The last step is to spread slime in your hands and enjoy the colors.

  1. Rainbow soap foam bubbles


Add two tablespoons of dish soap and 1/4 cup of water to a bowl then add liquid watercolors. Now mix it well for 1-2 minutes. To hold a shape your foam should be able to form stiff peaks. Scoop it out into your container and repeat the step until you have the desired amount of soap by fun at home with kids.

  1. Popsicle rainbows


Use the vanilla instant pudding, pudding should be runnier than the normal pudding. Divide the pudding into each bowl and add 6 drops of food coloring for each color (colors should be red, orange, yellow, green, and blue) and mix it. Now add the layers to dixie cups and make sure to tap the cups gently on the counter before adding the next layer to remove bubbles. Cover the top of the dixie cup with a small square of tin foil. Push a popsicle stick into the pudding. Chill and enjoy by one little project.

  1. Shaving cream rainbow


Use form sheets of various colors and cut them into arch shapes. Put them on a table and use shaving cream to make clouds. Photo by fun at home with kids.

  1. Rainbow tangle beads


Knead a small amount of polymer clay and soften it. Now roll it out into a long strings. Wrap the polymer clay loosely and randomly around your skewer to make a tangle bead and gently push the loose end down into the bead to secure it. Repeat these steps until you have enough beads. Bake the tangle beads and allow them to cool. Thread the tangle beads onto your colored elastic thread to make jewelry by kids craft room. You will also like Clay Beads Necklace.

  1. Paper plate rainbow


Print, cut out and color the unicorn or any other puppets and attach to a blunt chopstick using masking tape. Take a paper plate and divide it into the arch and blue sky. For the rainbow use acrylic paints and with the help of a sponge apply blue metallic paint. Draw a pair of clouds on paper and cover them with glitter and leave it out. Paste the clouds to the paper plate sky to create an opening for puppets to score along the arch. Photo by arty crafty kids.

  1. Rainbow with threads

Cut the cardboard in an arch shape and outline with a pencil. Then use colorful threads and start threading on the cardboard. First, use a red color followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

  1. Cereal rainbow

rainbow math practice cereals

Take a form of paper and cut it into an arch shape and make an outline for colors. Take cereals of different colors and start pasting cereals on the form paper. You can also use cereal box cardboard for this craft with fruit loops.

  1. Rainbow tree art


Make a colorful tree canvas art with buttons that looks stunning. Photo by Crafts by Amanda.

  1. Rainbow ice cubes craft

Combine the baking soda and jello powder. Add in water and mix it well. Then add a few drops of food coloring to it and set the mixture in the ice cube tray in a sequence of rainbow colors. Freeze it in the freezer. Place the frozen cubes in a bowl and start pouring vinegar on it. You will experience a beautiful rainbow texture in a bowl.

  1. Corner bookmark rainbow


Make an adorable corner bookmark with a cloud shape by the printables fairy.

  1. Watercolors rainbow

Watercolors make natural patterns by flowing with water making them ideal for this craft. Wet your paper with water stroke on paper followed by diluted watercolors on brush for each color. Start by painting a block of violet color at bottom of the paper. Then brush a layer of clean water on top of violet color touching the top edge of it. Repeat the steps with each color one by one including a water sweep and the final water sweep above red.

The paint will bleed, and the paper will create water channels for the paint to travel down. This will give an amazing art result.

  1. Coffee filter watercolor rainbows


Lay a plastic tablecloth across where you are painting to protect the surface. Flatten a regular white coffee filter and start painting starting in backwards order of colors with violet first going towards the edge leaving the center white. Set aside to dry then cut the coffee filter in half.  Now glue on cotton balls for clouds. There’s 40 rainbow activities you can do with coffee filters.

  1. Painted rainbow leaf


Paint the leaf with different colors and patterns. Stamp and press it onto a piece of cardstock. Source unknown.

  1. Make a rainbow mickey mouse


Paint the paper plate in a rainbow pattern. Dry and cut out the middle section of paper plates, create the base for ears, and glue the cotton balls on them. Unknown source.

  1. Rainbow paper craft


Grab a piece of construction paper for all colors. Cut two strips of each color. Cut the paper plate in half then cut out from the middle. Now apply glue to the middle of each strip. Fold the red paper strips in half over the arch slightly overlapping the fold. The strips can be mismatched.

Repeat with other color strips. Take a pencil and curl the color strips towards the middle. Add white tissue paper squares along the bottom of the paper plate for clouds. Place it in your house as a decoration. Unknown source.

  1. Fused bead rainbow craft

String red beads into a red pipe cleaner. Continue with every color using 1 chenille stem. Bend all the chenille stems into an arc. Arrange these stems as a rainbow on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Note that the beads have melted and fused after 10 minutes.

  1. Painted stone rainbow


Gather rocks and arrange them by color. Paint the rocks and let them dry. Rock painting craft ideas with pebbles and stones.

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