Tree Of Life Wreath – A Burlap DIY Project

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Let’s make a tree of life burlap wreath! A perfect way to bring natural elements in your home such as stones, moss, jute, and dried flowers. Some people associate it with positivity and wonderful blessings of nature.

Tree of Life Wreath


Tree of Life

What is the tree of life? Tree of Life represents balance and harmony in the world, and a force that connects all lives on earth with heaven in many religions, mythological, and philosophical traditions.


To make it you will need:

  • Wire wreath – I am using 36cm (14” ring)
  • Twisted jute craft rope – I am using 26FT two rolls
  • Decorative rocks
  • Moss
  • Faux flowers – purple and white, or any you like!
  • Paper butterflies – I like to use golden, white, and black butterflies to keep the color of flowers in focus.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mod podge or any clear glue
  • String lights (optional)


Click below for a video tutorial to make natural jute wreath. For written instructions continue reading.

Cover the wire wreath with jute rope:

Tie your rope and use hot glue to fix it at the beginning point on the underside of your wreath.

Now start rolling it around the wreath with some firm pressure to avoid loose covering and not so hard to change the wire form shape.


Continue to cover the wreath till you use up all the jute rope. At this point you can either use hot glue gun to glue the rolled jute at points to avoid formation of gaps or continue by knotting the second roll of rope.

I decided to glue and secure the rolled up jute first and then roll the second one.


Make jute tree trunk, branches and roots:

Once the entire wire wreath is covered. We move to forming the tree trunk with branches.

For this purpose I measured the distance from top to bottom (diameter of your circle), marked the rope and cut it. Use two equal lengths of remaining jute rope.

Keep them at the center and untwist and uncurl it at the top first for the branches. I choose to divide one rope into 3-4 branches. For the roots, unravel each strand.

Use hot glue gun to randomly place and stick the branches to form a natural look of a tree.

Glue decorative pebbles randomly covering the base of your wreath.

Now you can choose to twist the two ropes together or keep them straight. To secure it at the bottom, glue the ropes on the tip of your wreath. Then randomly scatter jute to form roots and glue it at various spots as well.

Fill your tree with greenery:

You can also glue string lights if you like before adding greenery.

Now for the part that will bring your tree to life. Hot glue moss on your tree.

For adding flowers and butterflies dip them in mod podge or any clear glue and place them on your tree and branches randomly. This will ensure no dried glue marks like the ones we get from hot glue and a neat finish.


Wreath tips and substitutes:

Hang it on your wall. Please note the delicate formation of this wreath suggests that it is ideal for indoor decor. Hang it in your indoor garden or mudroom. It will also look nice on your entrance door.




It can get damaged from rain and wind.

On the contrary, you can avoid using moss and paper butterflies. Instead go for faux greenery through branches with leaves and use hot glue to stick your flowers as well for a stronger bond.

DIY Tree of Life Ideas

Here are some other options to form a tree of life for your consideration:

Use faux greenery for tree


Twine wreath tree of life


Macrame tree of life


Pipe cleaner tree of life


Tree of life full of creativity


The above images are from Pinterest. Please leave a comment if the image belongs to you.

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