Decorate your home with best ideas for wall art and wall decor with tutorials, instructions and inspirations. This category covers decorating ideas broadly for home and garden.

Wall art and wall decor

The most important decoration aspect of any home is the wall and even the least creative people love to adore their walls with room decor ideasWall art decoration like wall basket decoration is trendy and popular these days consider ideas like Bas-Relief Sculpture Casting Art and macrame wall mounted plant holder. Metal wall art adds element of shine while wall decal are an easy way to peel and stick decor on the wall that has taken the wall prints to another level. Vintage wall prints in simple frames and canvas wall art are still popular.

Large wall art are great for tall walls and spacious rooms to bring attention to one statement art. Wall art for living room using thread and acrylic paints is another fun abstract art wall art project. Creative Acrylic Pour Painting Ideas and Stunning epoxy resin projects are stunning DIY wall art that look expensive and are relatively cheap to make. Make a cozy home with mosaic projects and DIY mirrors.

Wall art decoration

There are a variety of wall art types like modern wall art, abstract wall art and large canvas wall art to decorate. Depending on the wall accents framed art and wood wall art will add interest to the walls as well. Ideas using DIY wooden logs and slices as well as DIY flower vases work perfect to serve this concept. Hobby lobby wall decor is popular for large wall decor. HomeSense and Walmart also carries great collection of gold wall decor, flower wall decor and wood wall decor that you can use as inspiration for your projects like the ones we have covered here. Best Dollar Store DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas and Organization and Storage Ideas best address these topics. Metal wall decor and boho room decor are also creative ideas you can make for less using items at home. Complete art with decorative pillow tutorials and creative rugs.

Bedroom design and bedroom ideas

When it comes to room decor ideas bedroom ideas and bedroom design is most personal. Whether your master bedroom ideas are focused on small space or large we have ideas for all. Small bedroom ideas focus more on small decorations and canvas wall art while aesthetic bedroom can gave canvas in framed wall art. Small room ideas can utilize aesthetic room decor elements as well. The most popular is boho bedroom with neutral color theme and patterns on plain fabric and weaves. Grey bedroom ideas can use some vibrant craft and black and white wall art. Macrame in bedroom decoration can make the space feel large and less cluttered. Those who don’t like lots of decoration will love ideas for minimalist bed room.

Bedroom wall decor ideas

Mens bedroom ideas and colorful bedroom ideas are two contrasting ideas and we have those covered as well. Bedroom wall decor and modern bedroom ideas are two different ideas where the later uses simple elements more. Bedroom wall art covered frames and canvas painting ideas while bedroom wall decor ideas includes decor ideas using a variety of objects like bottle caps, mirrors and plastic spoons. Black and white wall art like the zebra painted stripes can be used with many decor styles. Modern bed room ideas are simple ideas that can be crafted for much less than what they are sold for at pottery barn like Make modern clay pot. Add decorative pillows to your bedroom with fabric printing using freezer paper to custom print your fabric for projects. Enjoy using bleach to craft and make DIY tray for bed.

Bathroom wall decor

Another great decorative space is the bathroom. If you are not into major DIY bathroom renovations you will enjoy how paint and wall art decoration can change the entire space in a few bucks. Add plants and greenery for fresh air and serenity. Bathroom art can use botanical prints, ocean and lake elements or simple vintage prints as bathroom wall art. Use these efficient uses for old picture frames, make topiary garden to decorate bathroom and apothecary jars to fill useful items as decor. You will also benefit from bathroom organization ideas that keep decoration factor in consideration.

Kitchen wall decor

Kitchen wall decor can be personalized with kitchen rules and small room ideas. Use more functionality and decorate smartly such that you optimize space for work. Aesthetic room ideas and wall prints relative to kitchen like herbs, fruits and vegetables are fun. You will find tons of ideas for kitchen. Kitchen wall art can also be painted hooks for tea towel, painted kitchen sign or hand painted kitchen towels. Some of these ideas include organization ideas that add decorative accents like making candles, magnetic boards and DIY Chalkboard Crafts. You will also find ideas for spices storage and fridge storage solutions effective and useful.

Small room ideas

Small room ideas are great to decorate multi purpose spaces like gaming room ideas, bedroom wall decor, dorm room ideas and other rooms design. Outdoor wall decor and room decorations using wall decor for living room. Best ideas to display kids art at home and Styling bookshelves and bookcases the way you like it are perfect to guide you for unusual spaces.

Room designs

Some room designs don’t necessarily fall under small room ideas but are room diving ideas. These ideas are great for guest bedroom ideas and room decor for teens. Play room ideas and other room ideas like boho room and cute room decor can be accented with boho wall decor and mirrored wall decorGlass Painting Projects and What to do with dried flowers? are ideal for these spaces.

Ideas for wall painting

Stick on wall decor with living room ideas paint and living room ideas colors. What color to paint furniture and stencil furniture makeovers will guide you in the right direction. Paint the wall for minimalist bed room without any abstract wall art. However, photo wall ideas and picture wall ideas for black bed room are also some of the cheap craft ideas you can make to decorate. Add color to your entrance with colorful coir doormat.

DIY Christmas outdoor decorations

DIY Christmas decorations for home like Christmas mantel decor and door decoration ideas are super popular. However, nothing is more wonderful than to put effort into DIY Christmas outdoor decorations and decorating for Easter. Back yard design ideas are also great for landscaping. Christmas wall decor using accent walls living room and art deco wall paper makes aesthetic rooms.