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Making rugs in creative ways with tutorials

Making rugs in creative ways with tutorials. “Flooring is the foundation of a beautiful room, start with a great rug and everything falls into place.” This phrase is true but we have just one tiny problem, the great ones in the market are crazy expensive. How about we replicate rug designs? Making rugs that are unique, beautiful and handmade using tutorials is easy and has little chance of failure. Scroll through the post of these DIY Rug Ideas to find the best rug that suits your floor. There is a collection of rug ideas that include; stitchable patterns (sewing patterns), crochet rugs (braided rugs), painted rugs (stenciled rugs)quilted mats and a few cool and crafty no-sew and easy-sew rug ideas for styling and home decor.


DIY making rugs with tutorials


How to sew fabirc rug tutorial via Vintage Ric Rac.

 Make a colorful rug using old pieces of cloth lying around in your home. The technique involves simple piping and stitching but is quite time consuming.

make your own rope rug

Make your own rope rug via A Beautiful Mess.

All you need to do is cover the rope with fabric strips and keep on sewing and then VOILA!

diy rug with upcycled old denim

DIY rug with old denim via Oh Oh Blog.

All those old denims piled up in your closet are finally of some use now with this awesome DIY denim rug.



Crochet rug from t-shirts via 1 Dog Woof.

Not everyone can stitch like a pro but that should not stop you from creating a masterpiece rug for you living room. Use up those old worn out t-shirts and turn it into a crocheted rug.

No Sew Hand Crochet Rug Without Crochet Hook

No Sew Hand Crochet Rug Without Hook via Fab Art DIY.

Make this No sew hand crocheted rug for your personal use without having to find the right sized hook.

diy friendship bracelet chevron rug

DIY Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug via The House that Lars Built.

As a kid you must have tried making those friendship bracelets all day long. Use that talent to make a door mat or even a rug with this simple friendship bracelet chevron technique.

DIY Recycled Bath Towel Rug

DIY Recycled Bath Towel Rug via Fab Art DIY.

Use this recycled bath towel rug idea to make sure that you bathroom floor stays dry after every use.

rope swirl tapesteries

Rope Swirl Tapestries via Free People Blog.

A colorful rug is an eye catcher in a teenager’s room. use this tapestry technique to add color and joy in your room.

woven pom pom rope rug

DIY Woven Pom Pom Rope Rug via Sara Plath.

Another tapestry using pom poms is a good technique to explore your imagination into making rugs.

how to make a pom poms rug

How to Make Pom Pom Rug? via Do it Yourself with Arati.

A simple basic technique of using wool threads to create a soft, and beautiful looking pom pom rug.


DIY geometrically painted welcome mat

DIY Geometrically Painted Welcome Mat

How to make a colorful geometric welcome mat via Curbly.

Learn how to paint without a stencil on a jute mat and create designs that are simply bliss.

how to imprint on a rug

How to paint a Rug via Say Not Sweet Anne.

Learn how to imprint designs using stencils to give your plain boring rug a decent but elegant look.

how to paint a rug

How to paint a rug seven tips to a perfectly painted rug via Tatertots and Jello.

You can create any design on your rug with this simple stencil painting technique for making rugs.



DIY Children Patch Work Rug via Fab DIY.

This quilted patchwork rug is fun to make and plus it will be a huge hand in pleasing your toddler when they are in their cranky mode.


Tutorial picnic play mat via Plucky Momo.

Take this portable play mat you can carry around with you wherever you go. Now your baby can have fun anytime anywhere.



Plush Animal Rug DIY via Blog Lovin’.

Make this easy peasy plush animal rug for your kids if they are the sort to roll up all day on the floor from a piece of carpet and strings.



Make your own bear rug via We Lived Happily Ever After.

Give your kids room a hunter’s cottage look with this easy to make DIY bear rug.


No sew rabbit rug diy via Me Sew Crazy

A simple draw and cut technique can bring a lot of glamor into your kid’s room.


How to faux sheepskin cloud rug via Life Flix.

A faux sheep skin is so soft and plushy. Making these cloud rugs with the draw and cut technique should be a piece of cake.



Unique Coffee Bag Rug via Maiden Jane.

Recycle a coffee bag into a uniquely styled living room rug, if you’re into vintage touch and all that.


Wine Cork Bath Mat via Crafty Nest.

Collect all those wine corks you pop every night and make this antique looking bathroom mat.


DIY pebble bath mat via Curbly.

Use pebble stones to make this water absorbing bathroom mat.


Type Rug via Jessica Hische.

A weird but fabulous way of naming your floor is just a click away. Name your floor what ever you wish with this type rug technique.

I hope you enjoyed making rugs in creative ways with these terrific tutorials and crafty ideas. Update some links were broken and therefore removed. If you come across the original source please leave a comment.

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Making rugs in creative ways with tutorials for home decor at craftionary.net

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  1. Scarlet says:

    So many different, cute, fun ideas for making rugs. I love how creative people are. Thanks for pulling these together for easy viewing. Pinning now!

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Making rugs in creative ways with tutorials

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