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Impressive Holiday Door Decorations (30 Unusual Ideas)

Decorating the front door for Christmas Holidays in winter is great fun and popular. I am sharing some very unique and best ideas for Holiday door decorations that are impressive and unusual. These ideas include classroom door, front door/ entryway, office door, outdoor and more DIY projects that are crafty.


Christmas is right around the corner, and today I have planned on helping you out in creating a warm welcome for your family and friends, and especially Santa for Christmas this year. The idea is to express your joy by decorating your Christmas doors with bright and warm colors to attract as many blessings as possible. The Holiday Door images mostly explain themselves but I will guide you through the basics. These ideas are theme based and are fun to do with kids at school as well as home. Kids are super excited to show their creative side in Christmas, and these impressive Holiday door decorations are just right for that energy for entrance and kid’s bedroom doors.


Holiday Door Decorations


Holiday door decorations




Santa Door Decoration

Make a Santa Door out of paper cutouts. So easy and cute!


Santa door decoration


Night Before Christmas Door

Background: Use Black craft paper to cover the entire door. Draw trees, buildings, moon and stars and Santa’s sleigh on different colored craft papers to create a scene and use cotton balls for snow.

via Bridgeforth Middle School


christmas night door


Holiday Door Decoration

Gorgeous door decoration ideas that will make a statement via Michaels.


Holiday door decoration


Santa in Christmas Door Decor

Cover the upper half with white craft paper. Use a brick design wall paper or a wrapping paper to form the smoke chamber/ chimney. Use felt, crepe paper and fabric to create stockings, fireplace and Santa’s pant and boots.


santa in chimney christmas door


Elf the Selfie Funny Door Decoration

A fun idea for photo lovers.


Elf door decoration


Pete the Cat Holiday Door

This is fun to create with kids who love “Pete the Cat” books.


Pete the cat holidays


Santa Elf Christmas Door

Since Santa was busy so the kids decided to dress up the elf as Santa for their Holiday door decoration. The materials that you require are; off white craft paper for the face, red craft paper for the body, hat, stripes on the tights and shoes, green craft paper for the stripes on the tights and to cover the door for the background, Cotton for the hat, buttons on the shirt and belt and shoes, Black craft paper for the belt, a black marker to outline everything and to draw the details on the face and glue to stick everything in its place after drawing and cutting.


santa cum elf christmas door


Snoopy Winter Door Decoration

Another fun door decoration project that involves paper, sharpies and cutouts with glitter for shine to finish it off.


Snoopy winter door decoration


Santa’s Workshop Holiday Door

A creative door made with puffy paints and acrylic paints on a craft paper on the door.

via Cottonwood Chronicles


Santa's workshop


Twin Ginger Bread House Door

If the kids have their room side by side or whether your’re spending Christmas this year with your neighbors, this project is a blast. You will need lots of brown paper to create the house and use toilet paper roll, wrapping paper roll or bamboo sticks to create candy cane with red ribbon. And make candies out of jar lids. Wreaths with a bow are a simple addition, easily available at dollar store.


Twin ginger bread house christmas door


Santa’s Factory Door

For the background use full scape brown craft paper to cover the door the side walls and the roof. Use styro foam to make the triangle part of the roof. Color the paper plates and then stick them or you can pin them on the styro foam. Use white craft paper to make the frame of the window and pink craft paper to make the curtains. Use white card paper to make the snowy borders and fill the walls with details like ginger bread man and twirl candies or candy canes and wreaths.


santa's factory christmas door


Gingerbread House Door 2

Another creative take on the gingerbread man.


ginger bread house christmas door


Brown craft paper for the door and the wall. White and Purple grease paper for the roof. Cut the twirls from a wrapping paper. The sticks on the sides of the door can be made from tissue paper roll or bamboo sticks wrapped up in a striped wrapping paper. Yellow craft paper for the windows and black craft paper for the frame of the window. Stuff a transparent polythene bag with pink crepe paper and fix a stick inside it and stick it on the wall. Use green craft paper to make the wreaths and the tree and red craft paper to make the bows. Red and white craft paper can be used to make the gloves.


ginger bread house christmas door


Snowman Globe Christmas Door


snowman globe chistmas door


Snowman Doors

Here’s a fun way to make a snow man without using snow for your Holiday door decoration this year. Gather up all the kids for this fun and exciting activity at Cupped Snowman door.  You can also have everyone make a snowman face to create a snowman door.


snowman door decoration


Holiday Door Snowman

Holiday door snowman is an easy and interesting way to express the season greetings. Just follow the instructions in the video and i bet it’ll be a peace of cake to liven up your Christmas party. This idea is furniture friendly and it can be undone without any harm to your door.


Christmas door snow man


Upside Down Reindeer Door

Pink craft paper to cover the background. Draw a flying rein deer on a brown card paper just like in the image and use black craft paper to cut the hoofs of the legs. Stick the rein deer upside down. Use white craft paper to cut the eyes and color a little green in the center. For the lights first cut a thin stripe from the craft paper and stick it in curves and turns, around and over the rein deer. then cut small bulbs from different colored craft papers and stick them one by one just like in the image. The rest depends on what you wanna express this year on Christmas.


Upside Down Rein Deer Christmas Door


Reindeer Door Decoration


Reindeer door decoration


Nut Cracker Christmas Door

The tutorial from Nut Cracker Christmas Door gives you a fine description on how to convert your door into a nut cracker.

However it involves a lot of wood cutting so you’ll need a strong hand or a carpenter for that. the attaching part i think you can handle it on your own.


nut cracker christmas door


Polar Bear Christmas Door

tutorial HERE to create paper snowflakes and polar bear winter scene.


Polar Bear christmas door


Ginger Bread Man Door

This Christmas go for simpler and elegant door decoration with this Ginger bread man door hanger idea, it uses a flat bar aluminum stock for the shinier effect.

Follow the instructions and make sure you are as strong as a rock because there’s lots of bending involved.


ginger bread man door hanger


Santa Minion Door Decor

A minion Santa wishes all the kids this Christmas a very merry Christmas.


Minion Santa Christmas Door


Snowflake Holiday Door


To make this amazing looking snow flakes for your Holiday door decoration just follow the link.

The tutorial uses acrylic snow flakes bought from the store and spray glue and glitter.


snow flakes christmas door


Gift Wrapped Door


Since most of us don’t have time to go to the store and buy stuff and be creative.

This season don;t be worried because this DIY Gift Wrapped Door Decoration is just a 5 minute thing. All you need is wide ribbon and a bow.


gift wrapped christmas door


Grinch Front Door

A fun way to decorate the entryway with Grinch cutouts and felt.


Grinch front door


Christmas Doors

More fun door decoration ideas.


Christmas door decorations


DIY Holiday Door Decoration


creative door decoration


DIY Christmas tree front door


DIY Christmas tree front door


Winter door decoration


Winter door decoration


Most of these projects are without a source, as I found them via Pinterest and google with no original source.

If you are the right owner of these creative ideas, let me know so I can give you credit for your outstanding projects.


Holiday door decorations




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    Thank you for including my Santa door in your article! It is by far my favorite door of all the ones I have created. 🙂

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Impressive Holiday Door Decorations (30 Unusual Ideas)

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