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40 Magical Dried Flower Crafts

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Dried flower crafts are a popular sentiment. Use your special flower arrangement and bouquets to make wreath, floral vase, art and preserve the moment with everlasting real flowers.

Flowers are essential components of every occasion and festivity. Dried flower crafts dominate the market for sustainable and Eco-friendly home decor items, creating countless opportunities for drying flowers to create aesthetic decorations. Cognitive Market Research shows North America dominated the dried flowers market in 2023, securing 36% of the regional revenue. In addition, the global pressed flowers market is expected to expand by 5.2% in the coming year! Most importantly, Flowers are expressions of love and affection and reflect deep and profound emotional attachment to a moment.

So, crafters here is an epic journey to preserve your moments or help others exquisitely by adopting dried flower crafts as a potential business. This article has all the necessary details and ideas to help you kick-start your journey, but first, let us understand the art of fried flowers.

How to dry fresh flowers at home?

Multiple companies are currently providing excellent quality dried flowers at your doorstep; however, if you want to save some money or aim to preserve some memories, here are five excellent ideas to dry flowers at your home:

  • Air Drying Method: This is the oldest and most common method for drying fresh flowers. To prevent petal loss, bind flowers as bouquets and hang them vertically for 3-4 weeks.
  • Desiccant method: Submerge small flowers and buds in kitty litter or silica gel for a few weeks until the flowers are completely dried.
  • Baking: Place your selected flowers in a tray and bake them in an oven at a moderate temperature for a few hours. The results of this process are quick; however, the color of the flowers might be lost during the intense heating.
  • Microwaving: Microwave your flowers with silica gel to get dried flowers within minutes.

Learn more about ways to dry flowers. Use a sealer spray to avoid damage or breakage of dried arrangements.

Pro Tip: Every flower can be preserved to last longer once dried; however, it is vital to start drying them before wilting starts. A flower should be inspected carefully before drying as it shouldn’t fade or change its natural color before the drying process.

What to do with dried flowers?

Dried flowers are treasured by crafters who can preserve the beauty of nature in the form of dried floral arrangements, crafts, potpourri, cards, home decorations, wreaths, wedding bouquets, candles, bath bombs, and garlands. These items can be made for special occasion decorations and even make ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Dried flower art is one of the most versatile visual displays that compliments boho, chic, and contemporary interior decorations, Dried flowers jewelry is an emerging market that apprehends fashion designs and creative experts across fashion industry. Greeting cards made with dried flowers are ideal for giving a visual greeting to your loved ones. Garlands and wreaths made with seasonal flowers are terrific season decor that help to bring nature inside your premises.

Not only this but crafting custom candles with dried flowers also helps to add person touch to your decorations. Sprinkle dried flower petals into the mold before pouring melted wax can increase the overall appeal of the candles.

What flowers are best for drying?

The selection of flowers for crafts is a critical step to match the theme and style of the decor. Hydrangea, Larkspur, baby breath, zinnias, celosia, straw flowers, globe thistle, lavenders, and daisies are excellent choices for making dried arrangements and crafts.

How to preserve Dried Flowers?

Despite a shelf life longer than fresh flowers, dried flowers can crumble or fade with time. For this reason, it is important to preserve them by drying and sealing them using acrylic seal spray, framing them, or dipping them in wax and resins.

Dried Flower Kit:

If you are looking for some quality Dried Flower kits, we have some fantastic recommendations for you.

  • Floral Press Kit from etsy.
  • Premium dried flowers from amazon.
  • Dried flower cleaning ritual kit for fun from etsy.
  • Dried flower centerpiece kit from etsy.


40 Magical Dried Flower Crafts:

Dried Flower Wreath Ideas:

  1. Dawn-Winter Wreath:

Bring the beauty of nature into your area with various organic dried flowers such as Echinops, Hydrangea, Strawflowers, Bunny tail grass, and Dahlias from etsy.

Dried Flowers Shadowbox

  1. Cardboard Wreaths:

Express your love for flowers using cardboard, string, and imagination, and turn dried flowers into attractive displays as shown by sibster.

Dried Flower ring plate

  1. Dried Flower ring plate:

Enrich your celebrations with a majestic Floral Wreath Ring Plate- a sign of eternal love embellished with actual dried and preserved blossoms. artzy designs present a sustainable and eco-friendly decorative option that can also be used after occasions.

floral wreath's ring plate

  1. Dried Floral Hoops:

This little arrangement made by harebell and bee is an emblem of love and compassion. It combines delicate florals, rich moss, and rustic wood to narrate a symphony of natural components.

Dried Floral Hoops

  1. Dried Flowers Frame:

Embrace the peacefulness of winter by weaving dried flowers onto delicate tulle. Madee shows the beauty of this peaceful and artistic artwork that captures the true essence of nature to embellish your home.

Dried Flowers Frame

  1. Dried Flowers Wreath with metal ring:

You can also purchase a minimalist dried flower wreath for wall decor with eucalyptus, Phalaris grass, black wheat, black Phalaris grass, and white gypsophila with a popping yellow craspedia to grace your interior decor from etsy.


Dried Flower Frames:

  1. Reused photo frame display:

Reuse your old and discarded photo frames to create a magical array of pressed flowers wonderfully displayed on a glass base. For details, check out the tutorial by craftionary.


  1. Wedding Flower display:

Enjoy the sunshine while gazing over banksia bouquet, expertly recreated to highlight the unique appeal of every blossom by created with joy art The copper frame gives this flower arrangement an air of remarkable elegance, and its unique patina makes it remarkable. Use wedding bouquet preservation services for your special flowers from etsy.

Wedding Flower display

  1. Dried Petals Craft:

If you are looking for cool dried floral crafts for beginners, this elegant idea by Craftic is the right one for you. Arrange fresh or dried floral petals as a mandala and add intricate detailing using glass paints.


  1. Dried Flower Magnets:

These cute heart magnets with dried flowers make adorable personalized favors and gifts from etsy.


  1. Rustic Dried Floral display:

Raise your space’s decor with rustic and vibrant wall art using baby’s breath, eucalyptus, palm leaves, and the exquisite Australian Banksia from etsy.


  1. Dried Floral Display on chicken wire:

Everlasting flowers are the best accessory to a dull wall. Layla robins on design preserved flowers on a chicken wire.

Dried Floral Display on chicken wire

  1. Witch broom decor:

Uncover the magic of botanical crafts with genuine dried flowers, grass, botanicals, and crystals adorning each handcrafted, purposefully made broom. This out-of-the-box design by the witch and the goddess can be easily replicated on a wooden frame.

Witch broom decor

Dried Flowers Vases:

  1. Dried floral arrangement

Use flower frog to display dried flowers in a glass dome. Use moss and other natural items to cover the base.

Dried floral arrangement

  1. Ceramics vase dried floral display:

Ceramics and opaque glass vases are excellent choices for displaying dried flowers to boost positive energy and mood in your home. Consider this phenomenal decor by nonpan as inspiration. This carefully created pattern gives a subdued pop of color that blends with your decor. Get one that suits your taste from etsy.

Ceramics vase dried floral display

  1. Wasabi Dried Flower Art:

Enjoy the tranquility and bliss of minimalism by crafting a Japanese wabi sabi-dried floral display to elevate your home decor. The design by tokinoki is an insignia of beauty that portrays petals moving in time with the melody of nature.

Wasabi Dried Flower Art

  1. Dried Flowers in a wall basket:

White Lilac Farmhouse transformed her living space by turning a dollar store basket into a striking display of tansy, yarrows, pansies, static, strawflowers, sunflowers, roses, herbs, ferns, and lavenders.


  1. Everlasting flowerpot:

Beautiful and elegant dried flowers bouquet for vase in neutral and colorful varieties from etsy.

Everlasting flowerpot

  1. Dried flower centerpieces:

Transform nature into art. Air dry your dried flower bouquets by simply displaying them at home after the event is over. Here’s what I did with my dried flower bouquets from an event.


Dried Flowers Crafts:

  1. Dried Flowers Cake Toppers:

Elevate your event decor by designing a customized cake topper for your special day! Get cake topper wreath or cake topper bouquets from etsy.


  1. Mantle piece decor with dried flowers:

Discover the allure of a dried flower garland on a mantelpiece yearning for a colorful resurrection. The LED detailing by tamsyn morgans complimented with a mirror on this exclusive decor, elevates the overall look by a hundred points!

Mantle piece decor with dried flowers

  1. Dried Flowers Shadowbox:

Experience a bright spectrum of delight by displaying dried flowers in a shadowbox. This display idea by lydia florence is a treasured masterpiece that can enable a person to peek into precious memories elegantly.

Dried Flowers Shadowbox

  1. Pressed Flowers Lampshade:

Brighten up your world with a boho lampshade festooned with dried flowers! Transform any dull and boring corner into a wilderness wonder from etsy.


  1. DIY Flower Letter:

Infuse joy into every moment with Little Dutch‘s epic enchanting, dried flowers letter crafts idea?by designing initial of one’s name. What a great way to personalize decor of any room!


  1. Dried arrangement using Upcycled things:

Transform discarded straws, and any empty frame or ring into a delightful display using spring paint and dried flowers of your choice as demonstrated by plant cubby.

Dried arrangement using Upcycled things

  1. Flowergram with dried flowers:

Customize your greetings using dried pods, forged leaves, and accent flowers using this cute flowerboard card holder from etsy.


  1. Dried Flowers Resin Coasters:

Replacing dull and boring household items with aesthetic ones can make a house more welcoming. Make resin coaster set with dried roses, daisies, leaves, epoxy, and glitters or buy from etsy.


Cool Dried Floral Craft Ideas:

  1. Fall decor with dried flowers:

Create eternal bliss in your home by creating magical and captivating world with dried flowers on pumpkins. Find creative pumpkin decor ideas.


  1. Sustainable floral display:

The flowers speak delicate pinks and purples with traces of white as lost in creation. This chandelier arrangement by howe farm flowers can be air dried and used as decoration for years.

Sustainable floral display

  1. Bunny tails in Clay pot:

knots of weaves creates a contemporary holder for her dried flowers and bunny tails which is an epic display for a modern house. Get bunny tails from etsy. Make an air dry clay pot.

Bunny tails in Clay pot

  1. Autumn sculpture with dried flowers:

This fantastic display by elemental urchin captures the essence of the season and the delicate beauty of moments captured in the dew, as it is a merger of nature’s essence.”

Autumn sculpture with dried flowers

  1. Easy Dried Flower Bouquet:

Recreate an earth-toned dried flower arrangement with dried flowers with bunny tails and palm spears, as demonstrated by A floral.

Simple Dried Flower Bouquet

  1. Dried flower bookmarks:

Nothing can beat the charm of the old-fashioned bliss of reading hardcover books. Here is an incredible daisies bookmark to help you enjoy the bliss of reading with botanical charm from etsy.


  1. Dried Flower jewelry:

Create stunning and bespoke dried flower jewelry by using nature’s gift as primary material as done by buck wheat.

Dried Flower jewelry

Use this inspiration to create crown, bangles and more from etsy.


Dried flower earrings from etsy.


  1. Dried Flowers hairpins:

Looking for luxurious finish hair accessories? Try these queenly hairpins and comb to complete your festive outfit from etsy.


Dried flowers festive crafts

  1. Personalized dried flowers cards:

Greeting cards are ideal gift that help to visualize a tangible memory for our loved ones. Here is an excellent idea of personalized mini bouquet cards with a faint scent from etsy.


  1. Dried Floral lantern:

Select a boho gift for your loved ones by purchasing delightful tealight candle holder lantern adorned with dried flowers, bunny tails, and jute from etsy.


  1. Dried Flowers Garland:

Add color pop to your Hygge decor by adding a dried flowers garland at a corner. This marvelous display by The Little Stone Cottage will surely bring warmth and coziness to your living space.

Dried Flowers Garland

  1. Dried Flowers Christmas Ornaments:

These elegant ornaments make beautiful shop decor as well as plate topper apart from being ornaments from etsy.

Dried Flowers Christmas Ornaments

Use these ornaments to make hanging arrangements on driftwood or hoop.

hanging arrangements on driftwood or hoop

  1. Japanese Herbarium Bottle:

Herbariums are a trendy interior decorative item made with dry flowers preserved in oil. You can preserve your wedding bouquet that symbolizes your true feelings in a bottle in the form of Japanese Herbarium Bottles. Simply dry your flowers following the methods discussed and then cut of the flower heads, or the petals and fill them in a bottle. If you have your vows written on a paper, you can roll that and place gently inside as well. You can also buy preserved flowers herbarium from etsy.

Japanese Herbarium Bottle

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