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40 Painted birdhouses

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Find ideas and inspirations for painting birdhouses with simple patterns and designs. Painted birdhouses with acrylic paints are so fun.

Birdhouses are a fantastic addition to your yard. You can have a decorative birdhouse on display or real houses to host birds from the ecosystem. Birdhouses provide a safe habitat for songbirds by helping them to make nests away from predators or severe weather, and in return, birds help in weed and pest control, and enhance pollination.


Where to get birdhouses?

If woodworking is your game, then you can easily buy wood and other supplies from the nearby market or crafts supplies store to make your ideal birdhouse in no time; however, if you are looking for inexpensive wooden birdhouses, then crafts stores are a great option to get a variety of sizes according to your needs. Dollar Tree stores and supermarkets with sections designated for wooden crafts also have various options for birdhouses. Currently, multiple vendors are selling excellent birdhouse crafting and painting kits online to help you achieve this goal.

How to Paint a Birdhouse?

Painting a birdhouse is not a matter of skill but of creativity and imagination. Applying paint or sealant reduces the exposure of birds to harmful chemicals, pollutants, and radiation. You can replicate your favorite landscape, character, flowers, trees, or holiday decor on your birdhouses using good-quality, non-toxic, and lead-free, latex-based paints oil paints and small paint brushes for detailing and varnish to add a finished look to a birdhouse.

  • Start by painting the face of the birdhouse, followed by the sides and roof. It is vital to use mute natural shades to help them camouflage with the environment and be safe from predators.
  • Do not paint the inside of the house. No matter which paint you use, the interior should be kept bare as paint might hinder the development of chicks inside.
  • After finishing the base coat, start detailing.
  • Finalize your craft by adding a coat of fast-drying polyurethane varnish. This will protect the birdhouse from UV radiation and prolong its decor and design.

Which type of paints are suitable for birdhouses?

The selection of birdhouse paint depends on where you’ll paint your birdhouse. For example, if you intend to keep painted birdhouses indoors, then acrylic paints are a good option with no need for sealant; however, if you wish to keep your birdhouse outside, select the best-quality non-toxic outdoor acrylic paints or oil-based paints with spray sealant.

Preparing Birdhouses for Projects

Once you have designed the dimensions and materials for the base of the birdhouse, sand down its edges for a smooth texture. If you are recycling an old birdhouse for a painting project, then it is important to remove old and excessive paint and dirt from the body for smooth coating. After cleaning, use an optimal acrylic or kilz primer for a uniform coat.

What color to paint a birdhouse?

Natural colors such as brown, grey, green, and tan are ideal for painting a birdhouse as they help to camouflage the birdhouse with the environment. These natural shades help to blend in with nature easily and reduce birdhouse visibility for predators.

How do you seal a painted birdhouse?

Sealing a birdhouse is crucial as it helps protect the structure of the birdhouse. One can seal a birdhouse once the paint is dried out completely. Raw Linseed oil is a natural and non-toxic sealant ideal for birdhouses. Apply this oil to the birdhouses weeks before installation, as it takes ample time to dry out. If you want to install a birdhouse immediately, then a clear spray coat of polycrylic or polyurethane topcoat is the best option for a sealant.

Will birds use a painted birdhouse?

Yes, birds use birdhouses as they need shelter from predators and a sewer environment. As habitat loss and biodiversity loss have flown many bird species from their natural habitat, providing them with protection and safe homes helps them reproduce and grow in their natural environment again. Different species of birds prefer other colored birdhouses to make a nest. In general, birds look for a neutral-colored home that would not attract too much attention from predators.

Tips for Painting a Birdhouse:

There is no hard and fast rule for painting a birdhouse; however, several points should be considered to create a safe nesting space for birds. For example,

  • Don’t paint the entrance hole or inside of a birdhouse. Commercial paints carry chemicals that may harm the tiny hatchlings peeking out of their nest if ingested.
  • Do not block ventilation or drainage holes of a birdhouse during the painting process.
  • Allocate sufficient time to dry out paints completely before mounting. During this time, the potentially harmful odor will dissipate the birdhouse before the bird makes a nest inside.
  • Once the breeding season is over, thoroughly clean the birdhouses and check for peeling paints or any other renovation required. Repaint or reseal the birdhouse to enhance its life of a birdhouse and attract birds in the next season.


Beautiful Painted Birdhouses to buy:

Hand painted decorative bluebird birdhouses from Etsy.


A beautiful hand painted floral design using strokes of paint and markers for details from Etsy.


Paint a birdhouse to look like Simpsons family house. This one-of-a-kind 742 evergreen terrace is fun to paint for fans from Etsy.


Hand painted floral birdhouse from Etsy.


Rustic vines and flowers weathered reclaimed wood birdhouse from Etsy.


Patterns and designs for painting birdhouses

1. Ladybug garden

Many cultures associate ladybugs with good luck and positive vibes. Here is an amazing inspiration of a ladybug love-inspired birdhouse by Margaret English that is ideal for a backyard. The base is kept natural, while the painter uses small brushes for intricate detailing to make vines and bushes.


2. Cottage-style minimalist design

Intricate detailing on a neutral base and minimalist design can help you achieve a contemporary birdhouse quickly. Check out this inspiration by bilberrygifts sharing a cottage-style birdhouse inspiration with adorable door detailing.


3. Cabin on the beach

Paint your wooden cabins in your favorite colors and mount them together to make a horizontal array of birdhouses this season. Unknown source


4. Geometric design

Narrate your story uniquely by choosing a popping geometric theme for painting a birdhouse. Corinnscreations uses acrylic paints to create a stunning mosaic pattern on a wooden birdhouse.


5. Rustic painted birdhouse

Birds prefer houses that camouflage best with the natural environment. Check out this elegant birdhouse painting idea by Vintage Shopper with the idea of a rustic birdhouse with a painted roof.


6. Silhouetted cats’

Paint an ideal gift for parents-to-be by painting a cat with her kitten surrounded by sunflowers and lavenders on a birdhouse, as shown by sallytcrispcreations.


7. Doodle art birdhouse painting

If you enjoy doodling, this MDoodleGirl tutorial is the right choice. Prime and paint the base of a plain wooden birdhouse and add detailing using markers.


8. Stencil painted birdhouses

Lindamcain uses a mixed-media technique to create an alluring home for her feathered friends using stencils. One can use a painter’s tape to replicate similar results as well.


9. Motel birdhouse

This unique design by fledgling designs uses neutral colors and synthetic dyes to obscure a Motel-themed birdhouse to welcome chickadees in your backyard.


10. Friends’ Themed birdhouse

If you are a Friends fan, this idea by Dan Steve Owen is the perfect choice for a birdhouse. The detailing on this birdhouse is genuinely remarkable.


Painting birdhouses with acrylic paints:

11. Painted cobblestone art

This birdhouse features a unique blend of white, red, and brown; the attention to detail on painted woodwork is phenomenal.


12. Free hand-painted birdhouse

ghar nivisha transforms an ordinary wooden birdhouse into a welcoming space for birds using bright blue and yellow and elevates its look with free-hand style flowers and vines spreading across the birdhouse.


13. Paint the birdhouse like your own house

Create a miniature of your house by painting birdhouses in the same theme as your home. Try this out-of-the-box birdhouse painting idea by rollin rock a billy who presents this fun birdhouse painting idea in a simple tutorial.


14. Mushroom painted birdhouses

If you have a strong grasp on your paintbrushes, try painting different images on all sides of your birdhouse. Here is a smashing mushroom-painted birdhouse inspiration by smash ley art featuring fine detailing and different patterns on each side of a birdhouse.


15. Oil painting birdhouse idea:

Check out this magnificent coastal painting view by Gail Costello, who uses oil painting to paint birdhouses most aesthetically.


16. Folkart birdbox

Demonstrate your love for folk art by portraying it on a birdhouse, as done by florenceandbelle. A majestic flower on the shingles is mesmerizing.


Simple birdhouse painting ideas:

17. Sunflowers birdhouse

Radiate positive vibes by displaying summer bliss on a sky blue birdhouse adorned with delightful sunflowers as dialmeup did.


18. Butterfly painted birdhouse:

Check out this simple yet elegant birdhouse painting idea by AtelierNeusaK, who magnifies the design of the birdhouse using tan shades with twigs and a faux bird. The addition of butterflies and vines adds more character to the yard.


19. Funky birdhouse painting idea:

Paint popsicles in different colors and attach them to the roof of a birdhouse painted in a vibrant color. Then, use colored pens and decoupage ideas to decorate the sides of the birdhouse, as demonstrated by Ricard Grange 993.


20. Birdhouse Painting using stencils:

Stencils are ideal for accurate application of a pattern on a birdhouse. Check out how Craft Wrack uses stencils to apply a contemporary design on a pre-painted birdhouse.


21. Snoopy birdhouse:

Revive your love for Peanuts by painting a Snoopy on the roof of a monochromatic birdhouse as wreckzilla did.


22. Beginners Birdhouse painting

Create an array of?mountains on a birdhouse by selecting bright shades that pop well on a wooden frame. tina plus color uses a harmonized color palette enriched with a dot painting technique for drawing trees and the sun.


23. Painted garden on birdhouse

camillia bloomsbury creates a flawless yet harmonious display of a serene environment on a birdhouse using watercolor effect.


24. Garden birdhouse

sam vinyardjones arts shows a realistic depiction of things that you find in a garden.


25. Gazebo style birdhouse

Try styling your Gazebo-style birdhouse painting to display a beach bird wandering in sand dunes. sally t crisp creations has done justice to the design by painting each side differently.


26. Mandala painted birdhouses

Symbolize balance and harmony in your artwork by painting Mandala on your birdhouses. They are aesthetic and strike magnificently in front lawns. Here are some amazing designs by painting wisdom.


27. Daisy painted birdhouse idea

Try this minimalist daisy painting idea by Coast View Gifts on birdhouses for a neutral yet elegant home for your feathered friends.


Ornamental birdhouses:

28. Simple birdhouse painting idea

Purchase a laser-cut birdhouse from a Dollar Tree store and create a color-gradient effect using acrylic paints like Jazzy Designs.


29. Painted hummingbirds and hydrangeas

Fantastic painted birdhouses by Ashley is outspoken due to the amalgamation of hummingbirds and hydrangeas on a pastel base.


30. Double story painted house

Amplify the ambiance of your garden by painting a birdhouse in two colors with orchids and vines. The detailing by Bruno Martinet is marvelous.


31. Cherry blossom painting

Welcome spring with blossoms and blooms by trying this unique Japanese art on birdhouses by Gabbie Shirley. The little kitten at the base apprehends the scenery.


32. Beehive birdhouse

Draw a honeycomb-like structure on the roof of a birdhouse and add bees and flowers to complete its look, as shown by acbarker art.


33. Snowy garden-painted birdhouse

Paint a landscape frosted with sweet whiteness on your birdhouse this holiday season. It is an ideal activity to spend quality time with your family. Check out how Patricia Cunningham creates two beautiful designs using acrylic paints.


34. Rainbow birdhouse

Radiate wisdom, growth, and positivity on your birdhouse by painting a silhouette tree on a rainbow as mamaskis artistry did.


Written by: Nageen Sohail

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