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Using bleach to craft extraordinary projects

There are all kinds of things you can do with bleach, usually people use it to whiten their floors and walls or sometimes use it to whiten their clothes. I’ve however, compiled a totally out of the normal, sensible circle of projects using bleach. You can create fashion trends, or you can greet someone with a bleached out greeting card and you can even preserve a few things using bleach. Learn how to do all that from this post.

Using Bleach to Craft

Using bleach to craft projects that are extraordinary and stylish

Create Fashion Trends Using Bleach


galaxy tie dye shirt

Galaxy Tye and Dye T-Shirt by All Day Chic

Just Twist the shirt, spray the bleach, wash, spray the colors and VOILA! you have a galaxy print t-shirt.

Create your own galaxy print shirt

 Create Your Own Galaxy Print Shirt by Auto Straddle

You can give a milky way effect to your shirt with this simple bleaching technique and few vibrant fabric paints.


fabric bleach diy craft

Fabric Bleach DIY Craft by Lol Damn

If you do not own a bleach pen this simple trick with the eraser end of a pencil can give your the design you desire on your fabric.


bleached out disney t shirts

Bleached Out Disney T-Shirt by Teach Mama

If you and your kids are planning a trip to disney land than this bleached out t-shirt print might just become your free ticket to the happy land.


pink skinny jeans refashion

Pink Skinny Jeans Refashioned by The Little Giggler

A tip on changing the color of your dark jeans into a pretty light color by using bleach. Plus an added extra bonus on how to convert flappers into skin tight jeans.


bleach painted shoes

Bleach Painted Shoes by Alisa Burke

Learn to use bleach to dye and design your solid colored fabric shoes into glamorous looking pumps.

how to bleach dye fabric

How to Bleach Dye Fabric at home? by Etsy

Use the accidental bleach splatter to your advantage by creating a textile design on the ruined fabric that you adore so much.


upcycled chic cocktail napkins

Upcycled Chick Cocktail Napkins by Brit+Co

Don’t throw away that old torn up jeans just yet. Be creative and make these awesome looking bleached patterned coasters.


boo boo to professional peacock

Boo Boo to Professional Peacock by Modern Salon

If you want to try something totally out of the ordinary than try making your look like this by following the tutorial.

Paper Crafts Using Bleach


Bleached Calla Lily Cards

Bleached Calla Lily Cards by Q Bees Quest

This year on holidays greet your loved ones with greeting cards. Using the bleaching technique you can create multitude of designs with is trick.


water color bleaching

Water Color and Bleaching by Blog Lovin’

Wow! like seriously, I just saw the video. The girl actually created a professionally designed embossed greeting card with simple household tools and materials.


Cards Bleach Stamp

Cards Bleach Stamps by Brit+Co

Learn how to make these bleach stamped greeting cards. You can apply the same technique on any of your paper crafts.


how to make sun prints

How to Make Sun Prints? by Martha Stewart

Have fun with your kids making these beautiful sun prints using bleach.


bleaching technique stamps

Bleaching Technique Stamp by Dawns Stamping Thoughts

Learn how to create this beautiful butterfly design on your greeting with the stamp bleaching technique.


Bleached effect greeting card

Bleached Effect Greeting Card by Split Coast Stampers

Learn how to give a background textured effect on a greeting card using bleach.

Preservation And Decoration Techniques Using Bleach

how to bleach pinecones

How to Bleach Pine Cones? by eHow

This christmas learn how to bleach your pine cones so they can compliment the color of the christmas tree with their new bleached look.


How To Make Fresh Flowers Last

 How To Make Fresh Flowers Last? by Bob Vila

Learn a  quick and easy tip using bleach now you can keep your fresh flowers last longer than they are meant to.


how to preserve sand dollars

How to Preserve Sand Dollars? by Coastal Cottages AMI

With this trick now you can preserve and decorate those sand dollars you love collecting so much but were never able to keep them with you for long.


how to preserve decorative pumpkins

How to Preserve Decorative Pumpkins? by 365ish Pins

Decorate your house with pumpkins everywhere this Halloween by using this easy tip on preserving your decorative pumpkins using bleach.


DIY tip to de yellow appliances

DIY Tip to De-Yellow Appliances by Budget 101

Learn how you can whiten up all your appliances with this homemade de-yellowing kit.


make a light from a clear plastic bottle and bleach fitted in a roof

Make a light from a clear plastic bottle and bleach fitted in a roof by Dump a Day

This is like an epic hack for camping or hiking or even hunting. Who would have thought that there were other ways of using solar power other than solar panels.

using bleach to craft

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Using bleach to craft extraordinary projects

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