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How to make stone lined double glass vase?

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Hello friends, today’s tutorial is a super easy DIY flower vase project that requires two cylindrical glass vases of different width but similar ideally same height. I found my large hurricane glass vases at dollar store and dollar tree to make a budget friendly DIY double glass vase, however, you can find your collection at thrift stores for cheap or splurge a little and get yours from other stores. Add stones to it and you are done.


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Material for stone vase

This project requires only two supplies; vase and stones:

Instructions to make double glass vase

First clean with soapy water and air dry the two cylindrical vases and stones for a shiny look.

To make your double glass vase for flower centerpiece display and bouquet arrangements simply place your less wide glass vase in the large one.


Now add the rocks in the outer layer of your vase to make it look like a transparent ring of rocks. You can choose from a variety of rock colors to match your home decor. There are shades of black, gray, beige, colorful, and even neutral colors. You can also create layer affect like I did with different shades of rocks.


Ideas are endless! How about using painted rocks?

Put water in the inner vase and arrange your flowers.

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Tips for glass vase and containers

  • The glass and rocks can get heavy, therefore, it is recommended that you pour rocks into the vase on the counter where you plan to display your vase. This will allow you to slide the vase easily around.
  • Once in a while if you intend to pick the vase, keep in mind it is heavy and you may require assistance for handling.
  • For cleaning the water inside the vase after the flower arrangement withers, you can use dry napkins to remove the leftover slimy water. Use a alcohol wipe to clean and disinfect the vase for next time.



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