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40 Unseen Pressed Flower Crafts

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Pressing flowers is such a fun activity and if you get the hang of it with some practice, you can craft admirable artistic pieces and crafts. Here are 40 pressed flower crafts you should try if you are into this rewarding nature craft. Learn how to and what to do with dried flowers?


40 Pressed Flower Crafts

1. Pressed Flower Paper Art

These unique artistic pieces can easily be created with dried flowers which you can buy from Amazon. Glued together as per your choice of pattern, you can show your artistic creative side.




Get the tutorial at Swoodson Says.

2. Pressed Flower Table

This pressed flower craft table beautifully encapsulates dried flowers in resin with wood, offering a functional and artistic decor piece.


Shop at Etsy.

3. Pressed Flower Hydrangea Wreath

These artistic blossoms are going to make your home complete and wholesome.


Get the Tutorial at Hydrangea Tree House.

4. Pressed Herbarium Bottles

Transform clear glass bottles into beautiful Japanese herbariums by arranging dried flowers in oil. Turn these bottles into unique decor items perfect for gifting or displaying your floral collection. Using a clear bottle, a wooden skewer, and oil (like baby oil or mineral oil), you can create a personalized and visually appealing piece that adds nature’s charm to your home.


Get a tutorial at Heart & Vine.

5. Pressed Flower Ornaments

To preserve flowers, cut and arrange them on white printing paper, ensuring they don’t touch. Place the paper in a book with additional sheets underneath for 2 weeks. For framed ornaments, apply a tiny amount of Modge Podge on the frame using a chopstick. Position the flowers, close the frame, and secure with glue if needed. Use twine to create an ornament by tying it around the frame’s hole.


Get the tutorial at The Blondie Locks.

6. Pressed Flower Tea Towel

These elegant towels blend beauty and add a touch of nature and a splash of color to your daily routine.


Get the tutorial at Spoon Flower.

7. Pressed Flower Bookmark

Craft a delightful dried flower bookmark by cutting a 1.5×8.5-inch piece of cardstock from leftover supplies. Personalize with markers, attach dried flowers using a small spot of glue, and cover with clear contact paper for a polished look.


Get the tutorial at Welcome to Nana’s.

8. Pressed Flower Necklace

These graceful jewelry pieces will delight your loved ones receiving them. Made with few supplies, you can make these in bulk.


Get the tutorial at Wine & Sprinkles.

9. Pressed Flower Jar

The Pressed Flower Jar is a charming display of nature’s beauty. Delicate, dried petals create a timeless piece of art in a transparent glass jar.


Shop at Etsy.

10. Pressed Flower Rocks

The crafts you can create with pressed flowers are endless as you can stick flowers on a rock and turn it into a decoration piece. Go through the tutorial and you will realize its more easy than it sounds.


Get the tutorial at Autodesk Instructables.

11. Pressed Flower Candle Holders

Craft flower petal luminaries by gluing petals onto glass candle holders with Elmer’s glue. Collaborate for added fun. Let it dry, then insert candles for a warm glow.


Get the tutorial at Adventure In a Box.

Shop clear glue, Mason Jars, and Tea Light holders from Amazon.

12. Pressed Flower Phone Case

Elevate your device with our Pressed Flower Phone Case, a fusion of nature and technology designed for iPhone 15 to SE, Samsung S20 to S23 FE Ultra, and Google Pixel 4 to 8 Pro. Crafted with precision, the case showcases delicately pressed flowers for a unique, elegant aesthetic.


Shop the product from Etsy.

13. Pressed Flower Botanical Soap Bars

Capture your garden’s richness in a clear botanical soap bar—a masterpiece adorned with flowers, leaves, and herbs. Ideal for personalized handmade gifts.


Get the tutorial at Garden Therapy.

14. Pressed Flower Stained Glass Frame

This pressed sunflower arrangement in a stained glass frame is a charming craft, blending rustic appeal with elegance, ideal for adding a natural touch to home decor.


Shop at Etsy.

15. Pressed Flower Monogram

Enjoy your personalized floral art. Cut out the letter shape from cardstock. Trace it onto the canvas stretched over the embroidery hoop. Fill the letter with dried flowers evenly. Trim excess fabric, glue to the hoop’s back, and your floral monogram is ready.


Get the tutorial at The Lovely Drawer.

16. Pressed Flower Journal Embellishment

These flower embellishments seem surreal and will add glamor to your collection. Furthermore, these are easy to make and you can make such pieces in less than 20 minutes. Use clear tape to sandwich pressed flowers and cut the sides with scissors.


Get the stickers at Etsy.

17. Pressed Flower Coasters

Resin crafts are on a constant rise and we have chosen the most cute and easy project you can try among dozens. These custom coasters with bright pressed flowers are a definite addition to your craft list.


Get the tutorial at Craftionary.

18. Pressed Flower Cards

Pressed flower cards are thoughtful art pieces you can create for your loved ones. These holiday-themed pressed flower cards are what you need to get started and further add your designs.


Get the tutorial at Gardening4Joy.

19. Pressed Flower Candles

Brighten up your space with these stunning dried flower candles, a perfect and thoughtful gift. Bringing a touch of the outdoors inside, they provide a warm and cozy ambiance to get you through the cooler months ahead.


Get the tutorial at Hellonest.

20. Pressed Flower Bedroom Lights

These DIY pressed flower bedside lamps radiate a cozy ambiance and offer a delightful craft experience


Shop at Etsy.

21. Pressed Flower Sun Catcher

Twig and Toadstool demonstrates the meticulous placement of pressed flowers in intricate patterns, sandwiched between clear films with needlepoint hoops. Hang these creations in your window to enjoy their beauty when illuminated by sunlight.


Get the tutorial at Twig & Toadstool.

22. Vintage Pressed Flower Art

The thin, enchanting flower art is created by arranging delicate, preserved blooms within an elegant frame.


Get the tutorial at Stieve Storck.

 23. Pressed Flower Clock

The pressed flower clock showcases a vintage gold backdrop with beautifully pressed flowers, combining practical time-telling with a touch of nature’s elegance.


Shop at Etsy.

 24. Pressed Flower Prints

The artistic pressed flower prints glued on the white cardstock are a great decoration item for the wall. It is easy to craft and you can also use floating frame instead of cardstock. It is simple possible to make it right away with few supplies.


Get the tutorial at Craftionary.

25. Pressed Flower Lazy Susan

The whimsical serving tray is the ultimate craft you can pull out from your wish list to be ready to use.


Get the tutorial at Etsy.

26.  Pressed Flower Keychain

I adore these fun initial keychains. You can add them to your collection or gift to your loved ones.


Get the tutorial at Etsy.

27. Pressed Flower Lantern

Creating this pressed flower craft is incredibly easy, and the outcomes are truly beautiful! These lanterns adorned with pressed flowers not only add a burst of color from the dried blooms but also emit a gentle glow thanks to the tea-light candles within.


Get the tutorial at One Little Project.

28. Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

Create unique Easter eggs with pressed flowers in a simple DIY project. Gather pressed flowers, or press your own, along with eggs and Mod Podge.


Get the tutorial at Hello Nest.

29. Pressed Flower Stickers

These adorable stickers are the easiest with limited material and no artistic experience.


Get the tutorial at Snow n Snow.

30. Pressed Flower Sculptures

This delicate art piece sculpture shows limitless possibilities you can craft with pressed flowers. These are made by expert artists and you can take inspiration to try crafting your design.


Get the tutorial at Bored Panda.

31. Pressed Flower Christmas Ornaments

These handmade Christmas ornaments are stunning! Their beauty adds an extra touch of festive charm to any holiday decor.



Get the tutorial at Little Pine Learners.

32. Pressed Flower Vase

Imagine a beautiful vase enhancing your living room or kitchen, adorned with delicate dried pressed flowers on the outside that can be used repeatedly. Inside, fresh flowers mirror the charm of the pressed ones on the vase.


Get the tutorial at Blue Sky at Home.

33. Pressed Flower Gift Tags

Dried and pressed flowers are perfect to use on homemade cards.


Get the tutorial at Make and Take.

34. Pressed Flower Trinket Box

With different color schemes for customization, these floral pattern boxes are artistic pieces. Either use it as a jewelry box or for makeup, the options are unlimited.

Pressed Flower Trinket Box

Shop at Etsy.

35. Pressed Flower Serving Dish

The Pressed Flower Serving Dish combines elegance and utility, featuring beautiful, real pressed flowers encased in clear, durable resin. This unique, handmade piece adds a touch of natural charm to any table setting.

Pressed Flower Serving Dish

Shop at Etsy.

36. Pressed Flower Compact Mirror

Adorned with real daisies, green leaves, and sea hearts, our Handmade Pressed Flower Compact Mirror is both a charming wedding favor and a practical cosmetic companion.


Shop at Etsy.

37. Flower Press Herbarium

With this flower press herbarium, you can preserve the beauty of flowers effortlessly, creating timeless pressed floral arrangements. This essential tool transforms blooms into stunning artworks, making it an ideal choice for botanical enthusiasts.

Flower Press Herbarium

Shop at Etsy.

38. Pressed Flower Mug

Adorned with real pressed flowers, this charming cup is a delightful ode to nature. Perfect for tea or coffee, it adds a touch of floral elegance to your every sip.


Shop at Etsy.

39. Pressed Flower Resin Name Sign

Real flowers in vibrant colors are set in resin, and personalized with letters or symbols. A heartfelt gift, combining nature’s beauty with a personal touch.


Shop at Etsy.

40. Pressed Flower Tote Bag

Transform this sturdy cotton tote into a walking art piece with your pressed flower designs. Its perfect canvas background makes every botanical detail pop, creating a unique, eco-conscious accessory or a heartfelt, personalized gift.


Shop at Etsy.

41. Hammered flowers zipper pouch

Use a hammer to print the flower imprint on a cotton fabric with transparent film sheet between the hammer and flower to ensure color is only transferred to fabric. Sew it into a zipper pouch or tote.


Shop at Etsy.


What supplies are needed for pressed flower projects?

The material for pressed flower crafts varies as per project requirements. However, there are basic supplies you should keep in handy if you are a pressed flower craft lover. These basic supplies include

  • Dried Pressed Flowers: Arrange them on your chosen paper as the centerpiece of your craft.
  • Parchment Roll Paper: Use as a work surface to prevent messes during the crafting process.
  • Mod Podge: Apply to adhere the pressed flowers to the paper and seal them in place for longevity.
  • White Sheets (Paper): Serve as a clean and simple background to mount the pressed flowers.
  • Scissors: Trim the flowers and paper to fit your design and dimensions.
  • Card Stock or Watercolor Paper: Use as a durable base for applying and displaying the pressed flowers.

Pressed flower kit suggestions

  1. Aboofx  6-Layer Flower Press Kit includes a flower press, storage bag, tweezers, craft knife, needle tool, scissors, and gift box. The 4-Layer Kit adds envelopes, card papers, bookmarks, ribbon, glue, and a brush.
  2. Berstuk bundle includes a Flower Pressing Kit and extra Blotting Paper, ideal for preserving thick flowers and wedding bouquets, offering a natural, value-for-money solution for adults interested in flower preservation.
  3. Microfleur flower press is lightweight and spacious, making it easy to preserve large blooms and leaves, and is portable for use outdoors. It’s simple to assemble: just layer your materials between two wooden boards and fasten them securely with screws, washers, and wingnuts.
  4. O Shiny Wood flower press kit comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – catering to all your botanical pressing needs.
  5. Wandic includes a durable flower press for creating DIY crafts such as greeting cards, scrapbooks, and bookmarks, ideal for adding a natural touch to various projects.

How to press flowers?

There are different methods to press flowers amongst which the simplest is to press and dry them with books. For this method, place the flowers between the book facing downward and wait for 10 days. You can also use a dried flower press kit for this purpose.

What can flowers be pressed between?

Flowers can be pressed between the pages of heavy books, within layers of newspaper, or using specifically designed botanical press kits. Absorbent materials like blotting paper or coffee filters are also used to help wick away moisture and preserve the flowers’ shape and color during the drying process.

What can I make with pressed flowers?

The craft options are unlimited with flower press and you can make decoration pieces jewelry items and many more.

Does Modge Podge work on pressed flowers?

Any adhesive glue that dries and keeps the material together can work on pressed flowers. Mod Podge does a good job on flowers as it keeps them dry and works best as adhesive glue.

Is it possible to press already-dried flowers?

It is possible to press dry flowers but the final result will be slightly different than fresh flowers. The already-dried flowers retain their contours after pressing and their chances of getting crushed are high. It is recommended to use fresh flowers for crafts and if you are  using dry ones, make sure they have some moisture that will keep them together while pressing.

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