Hand painted kitchen sign decor using printer paper

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Hi, friends! I’m Kristi and today I am sharing how to make a hand painted distressed kitchen sign decor using an old piece of wood, acrylic paints, sand paper and a stencil sign with printer paper. Find ways to make kitchen sign sayings that look like vintage kitchen sign that is ideal for farmhouse kitchen sign or country kitchen signs.
Apart from kitchen signs with messages you can also have kitchen signs with shapes, images and illustrations. Make eat kitchen sign or moms kitchen sign with family rules or funny sayings. Kitchen sign wall decor can be large or vertical depending on your location dimensions. Today’s tutorial focuses on wooden kitchen sign, however, metal kitchen sign can also be painted using this technique.

DIY Painted Kitchen Sign

hand painted kitchen sign
 I’ve got a trick to show you to transfer any saying from plain old printer paper to wood. And how to “fancy” it up with sandpaper & love. You could also use vinyl for this, but probably couldn’t rough it up as much!
I started with an old piece of wood…thinking it was from a shorter fence by the nail-markings.
I painted it with a lovely shade of “Bimini Blue” in an acrylic paint.
DIY hand painted kitchen sign tutorial
To create my “wordy fun”, I measured the sign and created a document in that size in Photoshop Elements. I tile printed it to keep my dimensions in tact. You could easily do this in any word-processing document…just keep in mind the dimensions of your sign and print as many sheets as you’ll need to cover it!

How to make stencil with printer?

BTW, this says “The French Market”, I used Google’s Translator to make sure I had it right.
(apparently four years of French class waaaaaay back in high school got me nowhere. C’est
hand painted kitchen sign tutorial
After printing & trimming the edges, I used painter’s tape to adhere it to my sign.
DIY hand painted kitchen sign

And then…{my little trick from my college days}, trace your words with a fine tipped pen. Press fairly hard so you can make an indention into the wood through the paper.

hand painted kitchen sign
Whoops…I had to leave off the fancy French doo-hickey. Size-wise, I wanted the tall letters to not be too high on the sign.
hand painted kitchen sign board tutorial

After you’ve pulled off your paper, you’ll see the grooves your pen left.

hand painted kitchen sign board tutorial
For an extra-measure {and because my 30-something-year-old eyes aren’t what they used to be}, I outline the letters with a pencil directly on the wood.
hand painted kitchen sign
Then I fill in my letters with plain black acrylic paint. The grooves from the pen help the paint stay within the letter’s perimeters. (You can see that some of my paint was pulled off by the tape…that’s fine since I messed her up with some sand paper later!)
hand painted kitchen sign
After the letters were completely dry, I went a little crazy with the palm sander.
hand painted kitchen sign
My husband drilled three holes in the back for hanging it.
painted kitchen sign using printer
And there she is! Although a wee-bit crooked in this photo, this is where she went in my breakfast area.
painted kitchen sign

~The French Market~ Kitchen Sign

hand painted kitchen sign
 Thanks Kristi. I love the hand painted kitchen sign. It looks fantastic in French.
Check out her cute blog for amazing projects like:

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  1. Shatzi @ Love and Laundry says:

    I love it!! Such a cool technique.

  2. Doreen says:

    Very beautiful sign! I love the French wording, especially since we just got back from Paris! I already subscribe to Kristi's blog (love her ideas) as well as Craftionary. So much inspiration! I've pinnned this sign. I create altered art.

  3. Nicole Estes says:

    Very cool sign and such an awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Shelia says:

    Kristi you did a great job. It is so nice to read your guest post. Blessings,Shelia


    What a great tutorial! Thank you Hani and Kristi!

  6. traditionalpainter says:

    Found this tutorial via twitter, very cool. It is fascinating how techniques have changed. As a painting craft apprentice back in the day we used to use an epidiascope which was like a projector to beam designs onto surfaces. Then we would pencil the lines straight onto the wall etc, dodging the light. Now print it out and trace. That's progress.

    Another approach where you can use literally any piece of timber (new, varnished or waxed) and know the basic paint layers wont ever deteriorate or lift disastrously, is to use chalk paint and then distress and wax the finished job, or varnish it for exteriors. cheers.

  7. Marilyn Clark says:

    Love this….you are such a creative lady! 😀

  8. Cindy says:

    LOVE this!

  9. Kim says:

    Once I’m in Photoshop elements where to I go to do a document…can’t seem to find the right spot.? It keeps wanting a pic to work with.

    1. Hani Shabbir says:

      Hi there, I am not really sure, this is a guest post you can ask the guest poster by going to her blog and contacting her. Hope that helps!

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