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30 Ways to Decorate Candle Holders

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Have you ever considered adding some flair to decorate basic candle holders or jars to make a statement in your room? It seems like a little magic added to any space! Adding some flair to those plain candlesticks can transform the atmosphere, whether you’re lounging around the house or organizing a major celebration.

Imagine this: those relatively simple candle holders could look average, but with a little creativity, they could become striking decor elements that change the atmosphere of a room. It’s incredible how much potential can be featured in such basic objects! They can become something that not only draws in attention but also creates the ideal environment and mood by including a dash of uniqueness.

Where to Buy Candle Holders from?

The best part of candle holders is that they can be found effortlessly everywhere from your crockery storeroom to the thrift store. You can reuse them and can even upcycle the old mason jars, jam containers and many more and give them an entirely new look according to your preferences.

If not at home, Dollar Tree has the best and cheapest collection of glass candle holders, metal candle holders and decoration stuff. Don’t overlook the online giants—Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair have an abundance of sizes, materials, and styles to explore from the comfort of your own home.

But wait, the real magic lies in those craft fairs and artisan markets. That’s where you’ll discover those one-of-a-kind, unique candle holders that not only spruce up your space but also support local talent. With Dollar Tree, online options, and these charming local spots, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Preparation of Glass

It’s important to properly prepare the glass before decorating your candle holders creatively. To start, thoroughly clean the glass with warm, soapy water to get rid of any grease or grime. For a comparable cleaning result, you can also use cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. Make sure the glass is dry after washing it before beginning the decorating process. By enabling your selected paints or decorations to adhere properly and appear amazing, this step creates the foundation for a successful decor.

Paints to Use on Candle holders

The appropriate paint is essential when you’re painting your candle holders. Consider using acrylic paints; they have a large color selection, adhere well, and dry quickly. Alternatively, you might use enamel paint designed especially for glass or spray paints. It has a glossy sheen that pops and is long-lasting. Oh, and there are glass markers or posca paints specifically designed for glass surfaces. They provide vivid hues and frequently require a brief baking time to solidify the pattern. Just make sure the paint you select is suitable for your material so your creation will continue to remain beautiful for a longer period.

Here’s a pro tip: before executing fully, always try a small test patch to make sure it’s the look you want in your candle holders. You will also love the tinting method for glass painting.

Decorating Candle Holders

What’s cool is that decorating candle holders isn’t just about making them visually appealing. It’s your chance to express your style and create that warm, inviting ambience we all love. You’ve seen those beautifully adorned candles at events, right? They’re not just decorations; they tell stories and bring a unique charm to any occasion.

So, in this guide, we’re diving into some fun and easy ways to spruce up your candle holders and candle jars. It’s all about adding your personal touch and making any space or event stand out!


Handcrafted Candle Holder Creations:

DIY Ideas from Scratch

Creating homemade candle holders lets you add a unique touch to your space. Start by choosing materials that match your style and the atmosphere you want. Try out various things like repurposed wood, glass jars, metals, or even natural elements such as driftwood or stones. Throughout the process, sense the satisfaction of making exclusive candle holders that mirror your style, and bring a cozy and stylish vibe to your home. Here are a few candle holder ideas that you can craft from the start to the finish and turn your imagination into reality.

DIY Modern Wooden Centerpiece Candle Holder:

This modern and unique candle holder by The Pond’s Farmhouse made from spare lumber lying in the storeroom, and crafted from scratch will add warmth and brightness to your house or any special event. This is a bit trickier but fun to make.

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Clay Mushroom Candle Holder:

Make any shape tealight holder using air dry clay just like this cute mushroom and paint it with acrylic paints. Find instructions to make this clay mushroom candle holder by craftionary.


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Candle Holder with Coconut Shell

This amazing and out-of-the-world idea will leave the observer’s jaw dropped because of its elegance and charm. This cute candle holder crafted by Dheeraj of Coco Crab is one of a kind.


Resin Candle Holder

Resin is a popular craft because of its beauty and diverse uses. Follow Into Resin way of crafting candle holders from epoxy resin and make your space cozier and prettier.


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DIY Rainbow Oven-Bake Clay Candle Holder

These cute and vibrant candle holders are made from oven-baked clay and can brighten up your space like nothing else. Try this Average but Inspired tutorial to know how.


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DIY Cute Cupcake Candle Holder

These scrumptious and delightful cupcake candle holders are made with molding plaster and some decoration stuff. This easy and quick way shared by Marianne Songbird would be appreciated by all.

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DIY Wavy Polymer Clay Candelabra

This exquisite Candelabra by Mikyla Creates will be ready in just 20 minutes and will make an elegant centerpiece for your lounge. Try this DIY craft now to impress your guests!


DIY Candle Holder with Wooden Cubes and Slices:

Use wooden slices and cubes and make this candle holder efficiently by following Rocio’s way. It is surely going to light up your space like no other!


Upcycled Candle Holders

Making candle holders out of commonplace objects is more than simply a craft project; it’s an Eco-friendly method to add a personal touch. Consider giving worn-out wooden objects, wine bottles, or even mason jars a makeover. It all comes down to letting your inner artist out! Adding a little paint, creativity, or ornamentation to your candle holders may make them quite beautiful and infuse your house with new life. Upcycling is a great way to use things you might have previously disregarded to brighten up your area and is not just about being environmentally good. Here are some ideas to make candle holders out of these used objects.

DIY Leaf-Decorated Candle Holder:

This autumn-themed candle holder by CraftsyHacks is beautiful and appealing. With some easily available decoration stuff, you create this magical piece with ease.


Candle Holder with Narrow Wine Bottles and Flowers:

How lovely and elegant these candle holders look which are made with just two basic items that too are always readily available! See Mona Concept’s procedure here.


DIY Copper Pipe Candle Holders

This DIY copper pipe candle holder by The Navage Patch is a striking creation that will add a lively touch to your dining table or any spot you choose to display it!


Ornament Candle Holders:

Want to utilize your Christmas Ornaments? Here’s the best idea to upcycle them in the most adorable way you can ever imagine. Try this Purple Hues and Me method to make one!


Candle holders with Wine Glasses:

These sophisticated yet easy-peasy candle holders by Home Good diys are a must for this season. You can try them out for any grand event too!


Candle Holders with Wooden Skewers:

Upcycle the wooden twigs by punching them into circular trays and make these candle holders effortlessly. Follow the method by Ikea hackers.


Candle Holders with Upside Down Bowls:

Up-cycle those unused or too much-used bowls by turning them upside down and painting them to create this extraordinary piece of art! Follow Miguels’ method to know how.


DIY Candle holder with Stones and bowl:

Use stones lying on your craft shelf or buy them from Dollar Tree and make this beautiful candle holder to impress people around you! Follow Lots of glitter and shi’s technique and give it your touch!



Candle holders with used Jars, Bowls, and Christmas Ornaments:

This up-cycling method by Rocios Design is as beautiful as the winter season. Use empty jars and bowls, stuff them with leftover Christmas ornaments and create this beauty to spruce up your space!


Easy Ceramic Plate and Bowl Candle holder:

To make this elegant centrepiece, just stick together a plate and a bowl and throw in some pearls and flowers. Tada!! Your party/wedding-themed candle holder is ready. Follow Peter, Mom and Dad’s method to know how.


Brass Pottery Barn Candle Holders:

Use foam cones to create the dupes of expensive candle holders by following the budgeting couple’s way. Place these candle holders either on your mantelpiece or in the dining room to infuse your home with a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


DIY Glam Candle Holders:

Add glam and style to your space or event with this elegant decor by A Cozy Casita. These beauties can be crafted with Rhinestone sheets and an old vase with a lid.


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Candle Holders with Glass Jars and plastic bottles:

Turn your dull plastic bottles and glass jars into these bright candle holders to elevate the decor game of your space. Follow Glam with Isis’s easy and fun technique.


DIY Candle Holders with Golden Straws:

Craft these astonishing candle holders using golden straws and glass containers and leave your visitors pondering about it with Gloria’s design procedure.


Candle holder from Mosquito Repellent Container:

This Rangoon Studio’s tutorial is about turning your electrical mosquito repellent container into an elegant candle holder. This one is truly incredible!


Decorative Touches for Candle Jars/Holders

There are countless ways to personalize your candle holders, such as painting, incorporating ribbons, or adorning them with beads. Trying out different materials and designs allows you to craft exclusive and visually appealing candle setups that mirror your style, bringing a special ambience to any room.

Here are a few ideas to upgrade/decorate your candle jars to make them look more appealing.

DIY Color Block Candle Holder

Paint this wooden candle holder by following Christene Holder’s way and add a luxurious look to your lounge.


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DIY Candle Holder with Paper Doily

Follow Crazy Craft Lady’s tutorial and turn your plain candle jar into a decoration piece effortlessly.


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Rope Wrapped Candle Holder

Uplift your Candle holder just by wrapping a rope around it. Their style embodies a relaxed, effortless, and summery vibe that suits any decor seamlessly. Follow Yvonee Pratt’s tutorial to learn how.


DIY Caned Candle Holder:

Decorate your Candle holders by covering them with a cane and raise your decoration game within no time. Read Mandy’s guide to know more.


Marble votive candle holders using nail polish:

These cute marble votive candle holders would leave you confused about whether to gift them or decorate them at your place. Use totally the Bomb way to try this with your loved ones.


DIY Wooden Pottery Barn Candle Holders:

Use Country Chic Cottage’s method to make these gorgeous wooden pottery barn candle holders by using wooden candle sticks, slices and cups.


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Decorating Candle Holder with dried oranges:

Follow Herrlich dining method and turn your rusted metallic iron holder into an adorable piece of art, using dried orange slices, this season while staying within budget.


DIY Artichoke Candle Holder with Wooden Spoons:

Upgrade an ordinary glass candle jar to an exquisite centerpiece by Mel Llyods way by just using wooden spoons!


Rhinestones and Lace Candle Holder:

This glamorous yet easy candle holder by Dezi is perfect for outdoor events like anniversaries and bridal showers. Try them and impress your guests!


As our journey through crafting candle holders ends, remember: the true charm lies in the individuality you impart to each piece. Whether you’re upcycling everyday items or starting from scratch, the thrill of creating special pieces that showcase your style and imagination is incomparable.

Written by: Sabah Waqas

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