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Styling bookshelves and bookcases with images and photos

Styling bookshelves and bookcases at home by yourself is easier than you think! With the right tips, tricks and advice from DIY home decor experts styling bookshelves and bookcases can become hassle-free. With that said, this collection of styling bookshelves and bookcases with images and photos is going to make everything simple and easy. You will find ideas for basic living room shelf styling, kitchen shelves, bedroom shelves and bathroom shelves. Along with styling tips according to seasons as well. There’s a special treat for bookworms to know how to showcase there love for reading in the best way by organizing and styling bookshelves. And also what a difference attention to bookcase back can bring to styling it!


Styling bookshelves and bookcases


Styling bookshelves and bookcases a home decor guide at craftionary.net


Basic Knowledge of Styling a bookcase and bookshelf


how to decorate a mantel

 How To Decorate a mantel by Honey and Fitz

A basic Mantle styling technique explained in 5 simple steps. It cannot get easier than:

  1. Big center piece
  2. Movement
  3. Visual weight
  4. Layer art and photos
  5. Add accessories of varying heights


how to decorate shelves

 How to decorate shelves by Home Stories A to Z

Beth has given a general idea on how to decorate a shelf while making it functionally accessible. Great tip on using thrifty, dollar store and home decor store accessories and mixing them up for a grand display on a budget.

Styling bookshelves and bookcases

shelf styling ideas and tips

Styling Shelves Ideas and Tips

unknown source

The blogger has created a flow of colors and shapes from bottom to top to create a unison view of the shelf instead of creating 4 different layers. A combination of single big showpieces with group of small pieces is the rule of thumb to shelf decor.


how to style shelves on a budget Styling bookshelves and bookcases

How to Style Shelves on a Budget by Pretty Providence

A guide on exactly how not to get out of your pockets to create an eye catching shelf? The idea is not to overthink the presence of the items. Start clean, get out all your things, collect pretty things that will add interest, buy your color themed books from thrift stores and yard sales, and try different things.


 Seasonal Variation In Styling Bookshelves


christmas shelf decor

Christmas shelf decor behr holiday hues by Just a Girl and her Blog

If you’re confused about where to start while styling bookshelves than how about you pick a theme like this Christmas sign board. Once you start everything else falls right into place.


Coastal Summer Shelf Decor

Coastal Summer Shelf Decor

This summer calm your nerves with this soothing idea of a coastal styled shelf using most of your summer collectibles. The above shelf redesigned with a new theme.


 Styling Bookshelves in Different Rooms


how to decorate boys bedroom shelf

How to decorating boys bedroom budget by Home Talk

Melody teaches you how to win over your teenage boy’s heart by remaking their room while staying in the budget zone! The shelf is the best attraction and collection display in your teenager’s room.


lily's budget nursery shelf

Lillys budget nursery by Project Nursery.com

Every room needs a gorgeous view. Lily has created a beautiful shelf for her baby girl’s nursery. She has improvised things found in the house with cute stuffed animals to create a simple and pretty corner.


Styling bookshelves and bookcases

how to decorate shelves farmhouse kitchen Styling bookshelves and bookcases

How to Decorate Shelves in a Farmhouse Kitchen by The Turquoise Home

By using the basic styling techniques the blogger has created a vintage farm house style visual to her floating shelves in the kitchen. Use of wreath, vases, frames, canvas, and anything pretty you find is the essence of styling anywhere.


ways to make your open kitchen shelves look better

Styling tricks for open kitchen shelves by Apartment Therapy

A complete guide to converting the messy looking open shelves in your kitchen to well organized, and properly styled shelves.


Building Styled Shelves


floating corner shelves

Floating Corner Shelves by Not Just a House Wife

A small room does not necessarily have to be empty or congested, Stacy has used a small corner and built these floating corner shelves to give the dining room a brighter look.


$15 chunky wooden floating shelf

DIY wooden floating shelves by Desert Domicile

A powder room should be accessorized with the right elements for you to show off your creativity. This tutorial tells you how to fancy up your powder room by building these floating shelves with just $15 in your pocket.


Styling bookshelves and bookcases

Ideas and Tips on Styling Book Shelves


6 ways to master your book case decor Styling bookshelves and bookcases

Bookcase decoration ideas by Elle Decor

Learn from the experts on how to turn your book shelves into a piece of art? Follow the 6 tips and feel the magic:

  1. Your favorite books
  2. Tall accent pieces
  3. Picture frames
  4. Faux or natural greenery
  5. Sculptures and objects of interest
  6. Beautiful boxes


how to stage a bookcase

How to Stage a Bookcase? by Studio 7 Interior Design

A 2nd expert advice always comes in handy to confirm the choices you make. Find out how experts do it with in budget using a color scheme, painting bookcase (bookshelf), adding books, grouping and regrouping accent pieces and finally not getting tired of redoing if it doesn’t bring satisfaction.


how to style book shelf

How to Style a Bookshelves by The Budget Decorator

Different bookshelves have there own unique quality, and style. Decorating a bookshelf has to do with personal and custom style, collection, feel and taste. Best rule here is to do what you love to do!


styling ideas for arranging and organizing bookcases

Styling Ideas for Arranging and Organizing Bookcases by Traditional Home

The idea presented here, is that of arranging different bookcases according to different types of moods and persona. Find the right kind of bookshelf organization technique for your mood.


How to style bookshelves Styling bookshelves and bookcases

How to Style Bookshelf by The Decor Fix

Styling a shelf is easy if you know the basics from A to Z.

  • Display a collection
  • Try color grouping
  • Layer objects
  • Incorporate artwork
  • Stack books vertically and horizontally
  • Stage and walk away
  • Add the odd ball



color coded bookshelf Styling bookshelves and bookcases

Color Coded Bookshelf by Hammer and Heels blog

A simple trick of color coding your book shelves goes along way in making your room look organized and welcoming.



a surprise office refresh

A Surprise Office Refresh by The makerista

While renovating her office, Gwen surely emphasized a lot on her bookcase. She has explained in detail, how she hustled through the techniques.


Styling bookshelves and bookcases

Beautiful bookshelf backs


Black baked bookcase DIY decor Styling bookshelves and bookcases

DIY black backed bookcase by Monica wants it

Use patterned or plain bold colored wallpaper or contact paper and create drama in your bookcase styling. You can also use grasscloth, which has more textural-look.

Burlap back bookcase decor

DIY project burlap backed bookcases by Driven by decor

Use thumbtacks to incorporate burlap or fabric on the bookshelf back and see a plain bookshelf come to life.


Different patterns bookcase back Styling bookshelves and bookcases

Using patterned contact paper on bookcase by ideal home magazine

Different patterned contact paper in a color theme (color scheme) glued to the back of bookcase in random squares creates a beautiful visual scene for decor.


DIY industrial cart bookcase

DIY industrial cart bookcase by shanty to chic

A free plan to create this beautiful movable cart that becomes a stylish bookcase addition to this living room with open back.


Stencil painted backed bookcase styling

Herringbone bookcase craft room makeover by lolly jane

Craft room bookcase revamped with stencil paint to make it look pretty and vibrant. You can use bold colors, chalkboard paint, and even magnetic paint to create unique and extraordinary bookcases. Use bins, boxes and baskets and vintage organizers to create interest while staying practical.


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I hope these ideas helped you decide what style to use on your bookshelves and bookcases? Some links were broken and therefore removed. If you come across the original source please leave it in the comment.


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Styling bookshelves and bookcases with images and photos

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