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30 Best Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

Best creative plastic spoon projects comprises of ideas to make crafts with spoons. Repurpose, recycle and reuse plastic spoons into making DIY projects for home and garden. There are also ideas for kids plastic spoon crafts. Great for keeping them busy and bring out their creative side.

Some of these projects are extraordinary and sensational. Ideas like plastic spoon chrysanthemum mirrors, clocks, vase, wreaths, flowers and holiday decor like Christmas trees are very popular. Let’s have a look at all these stunning ideas.

Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

creative plastic spoon ideas home kids craftionary.net

Best Plastic Spoon Ideas


Creative Plastic Spoon Home Decor

Plastic Spoon Wall Decor

diy plastic spoons mirror
diy plastic spoons wreath
creative plastic spoon chrysanthemum clock
creative plastic spoon mirror
best creative plastic spoon mirror tutorial

DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror from plastic spoons. unknown source

Make Plastic Spoon Kitchen Decor

framed plastic spoons
plastic spoons kitchen wall art

Plastic Spoons Wall Art created for kitchen using acrylic paints.

She found these plastic spoons that look like real metal from amazon. unknown source found via pinterest

DIY Plastic Spoon vases

plastic spoons flower rose vase

Anthropologie vase knock off with plastic spoon flower.

plastic spoons vase

Gold plastic spoon vase.

unknown source via pinterest

creative plastic spoon artichoke vase
diy painted plastic spoon project

Creative plastic spoon vase craft. unknown source


Creative Plastic Spoon Kids Crafts

plastic spoon flowers tulips

Make Flowers with plastic spoons.

via luanne-abookwormsworld.blogspot.ca

plastic spoons maracas kids craft

Make plastic spoon maracas. unknown source

plastic spoons flower garland
plastic spoon puppets kids craft
plastic spoon garden markers kids craft
plastic spoon butterflies kids craft

DIY Paper plates and plastic spoon butterflies.

via krokotak.com

plastic spoon bugs on a branch kids craft
plastic spoon ants
diy plastic spoons craft

DIY Decorative Plastic Spoons


Creative Plastic Spoon Garden Projects

plastic spoons bird feeder
plastic spoons bird feeder

Recycle plastic bottle and plastic spoons bird feeder.

Spoon hummingbird feeder via shabby beach nest


Creative Plastic Spoon Holiday Decor

spoon trees Christmas decor

DIY Christmas Trees made from plastic spoons and styrofoam cones.

plastic spoons Christmas tree

Creative Plastic spoon Christmas tree made from cardboard cone and painted plastic spoons.

chocolate fudge spoons

Easy chocolate fudge spoon recipe.

These easy treats are perfect for any dessert table. And they may also make fun party favors.

chalkboard spoons wreath

Make a plastic spoon chalkboard wreath for Thanksgiving.

Cut a black poster board and glue forks on the edge of the board. When they have dried, glue plastic spoons on top. Alternating between white and orange color. Write your message with chalk and hang with a piece of ribbon.

via partycity.com


Creative Spoon Projects

creative plastic spoon markers
creative plastic spoon hook rack
sensational plastic spoon door handles

DIY Spoon Cabinet Handles

I hope you enjoyed these creative plastic spoon projects.

They may not be the best ideas for decorating a house, but they sure are crafty.

I also found some ideas to make plastic spoon lamps and candle holders. But I am not including them in the roundup.

Reason being they seem hazardous to me.

diy creative plastic spoon craft projects craftionary.net

Note: Some of the sources are missing because I could not find the original link. If you know, leave a comment and I will gladly update it.

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4 responses to “30 Best Creative Plastic Spoon Projects”

  1. Donna Wilkes says:

    Hani, these projects range between fun to fabulous. Love the laurel wreath! Pinning and sharing.

  2. kaitlyn tamboli says:

    im going to do the vase with the plastic spoon flower for my schools stem project

  3. Zenni Nguyen says:

    So creative for used spoons. I am in a cafe business and am trying to solve the plastic spoon problem. Reading this article feels very helpful. It both solved the problem of excess scoop and decorative products for my shop. Thanks and great article.

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30 Best Creative Plastic Spoon Projects

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