Make Your Own Christmas Snow Globe

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Make your own snow globe with DIY Christmas snow globe tutorial and instructions. Follow these steps to craft snowman snowglobe in just 5 minutes.

Christmas snow globe

To DIY snow globes all you need is a container, holiday themed accessories, glitter, and a medium that makes it flow. Put the things together and you have a unique homemade snow globe. Personalize snow globe with your interests. It can be a nativity snow globe or a custom snow globe with snowman and Harry Potter inspired accessories for instance. These make great gifts for holidays.


I made a waterless snow globe with fishbowl which is perfect for your Christmas centerpiece. To make this quick winter craft that is equally fun for kids and adults you will need:


Note: Glitter, accessories, and plastic snowglobe supplies are from Dollarama.



  • Disassembled the snow globe and use hot glue to stick the accessories to the lid of the snow globe.
  • Tilt the globe upside down. Add about 1/3 of the bottle or 3 oz of Elmer’s liquid glue.
  • Add 3-4 tbsp of glycerin
  • Add glitter. I added a small pack of assorted winter colors glitter.
  • Now fill the rest with water.
  • Place the lid with accessories and tightly fix it in place. This is important to create an airtight closing. Consider closing the snow globe near the sink to avoid mess from excess water pouring out during this process.
  • Now secure the outer lid in place.


Shake away and enjoy your magical snow globe.


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