Make Clay Heart Shaped DIY Napkin Rings

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Learn how to make elegant rose gold clay heart shaped DIY napkin rings. These napkin holders are perfect for a date and wedding table as well.

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, nothing beats simplicity of fresh roses and heart touches.

Earlier I shared a cool stone DIY glass vase to display your beautiful bouquet of roses. Today, we are making clay hearts centerpiece and heart-shaped napkin rings.


Heart shaped

Make Clay Heart Shaped DIY Napkin Rings

Use these adorable air dry clay hearts to add feature on your table with candles. These are great as plate toppers and if you like use them as napkin holders. These are very easy and quick to make. Here’s a video demonstrating the process:


You will need:

  • Air dry clay
  • Blade or clay tools to cut and shape.
  • Jar filled with water to wet the clay as you work.
  • Scale to measure the length of string to form hearts.
  • Wax paper to place the pieces to dry overnight
  • Acrylic paints you can use any color. I am using metallic gold mixed with bronze metallic powder for rose gold color with shine. Another great option is rub n buff wax metallic finish.
  • Paintbrush to paint on clay.
  • Modpodge to seal the piece and protect from normal wear and tear.


Draw a heart outline on a piece of wax paper for your reference.

Now take some air dry clay about the size of a ping pong ball. Roll it into a ball and then wet your hands. Now roll it into a string with your hands and then continue on the table.

Make sure that it is equally rolled at all intervals.

Now with the help of a scale measure the string about 9 inches in length and mark it.

Use a blade to remove the excess of clay string.

Place it on your heart outline. Before forming the string into the shape of a heart, tap it to wet with some water all over. This step is important to avoid clay from breaking as you bend it to form a heart shape.

Once you are satisfied with your clay heart, use a water dipped basic brush to brush and smooth away any hand prints or marks.

Now place it on a dry piece of wax paper to dry for 24 hours.



For the double hearts chain, simply loop the second heart through the first before you join and smooth the tip of your heart to close the opening.


Clay heart

After the hearts are firm, use a paintbrush to paint them. The paint dries in about 15 minutes. Coat it with modpodge to seal the hearts.

To make the rose gold paint mix metallic gold acrylic paint with bronze mica powder. See the video for the quantity and mixing technique.


That’s it!


Heart shaped DIY souvenir

Enjoy your beautiful clay hearts valentines day dining table statement pieces. These are so adorable to give as a souvenir as well!


In the picture: Rose gold silverware


Heart shaped plate topper





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